No “Superfoods” -- Please

Up to reading that article, the only "super-food" I was consuming was spirulina and only because I like the taste in smoothies. Incredibly enough, I started having breakouts of "rosacea" 3-4 months ago, without even knowing it was a specific condition until I read the following article. It only came and went away a few times. Since then, I have eliminated spirulina from my diet completely.


Is there any danger in taking supplements? By Roger Haeske

You bet there is. Many health conscious people, including raw foodists, regularly take mega doses of vitamin supplements, without thinking twice about it. Almost everyone just assumes that taking vitamins, minerals and other superfoods are healthy for you. They assume there are absolutely no adverse health conditions because you don't even need a prescription for them.

But this is really something that requires more thought. Below I'm including a link to an article about recent studies done on taking mega doses of beta carotene in order to reduce the risk of lung cancer. It turns out that taking the beta carotene actually increased the risk of lung cancer and one of the trials was stopped a year and a half early because it isn't ethical to continue using these human subjects as guinea pigs. I've also heard of several other studies in which supplements were actually dangerous to your health.

Are you a guinea pig? Are you constantly testing supplements and superfoods? I must admit that I was a guinea pig. I've tested all sorts of supplements, vitamins and tried several therapies. I'd say that virtually all of them were a complete waste of money.

Nothing has improved my health as much as two completely natural things. Eating raw foods and fasting. No supplement, superfood or therapy ever came close to producing the wonderful results that an optimal raw food diet or water fasting brought me.

There were however several times when these supplements, superfoods and therapies actually made my health worse. I'll give you one quick example. I used to mix quite a bit of Spirulina into my smoothies every day. I loved the taste of it in a smoothie. At the time I didn't know it but I had developed red blotches on my face (rosacea) because of taking Spirulina. I also found out that seaweed produced the exact same effect on me.

It took me one year of not eating Spirulina for the rosacea to completely disappear. Funny thing is that I just saw a website about rosacea and they say it cannot be cured. I guess I proved them wrong. I've seen another heavy Spirulina user with the same red blotches on her face.

The reason I stopped taking Spirulina and seaweed is that Dr. Douglas Graham and Prof. Rozalind Gruben said in a talk that they both contained vitamin B12 analogues. This means that they can actually block your body's ability absorb B12. I don't know if that was the contributing factor to the rosacea, but I know I need to stay away from these so called superfoods if I want super-health. I must admit, I still eat small amounts of seaweed, but it's not something I overdo.

I recently spoke to a man who got horrible results from a liver flush. This man was very sick already. The liver flush put him into a severe life or death crisis. He did a liver flush a little over two weeks ago. He hasn't been able to sleep since that liver flush. He's in agonizing pain. The flush somehow affected his body so that now he can barely breathe. He describes it as having an elephant sitting on the right side of his chest. He can only take very shallow breathes and every breath is painful.

Can you imagine not being able to sleep for 15 days? This man is in incredible pain. I am praying for him and I directed him to contact a doctor of Natural Hygiene as well as a spiritual healer I know.

The problem with these therapies and supplements is that we don't know what will happen. They are enervating and they are not natural. In fact, they more often than not interfere and delay the body's healing process.

Loren Lockman an expert on Natural Hygiene has stated a powerful reason not to take mega doses of supplements. Our body can only handle so much of any nutrient at a time. If we take in too much it has to be removed. It enervates your body by creating an extra detoxification load. The supplement actually becomes toxic and if it can't be eliminated it must be stored away in our fat cells or between our joints.

There are many more reasons not to take supplements. The only time I'd recommend them is if you know you are deficient in a certain nutrient (are experiencing deficiency symptoms) and you need to supplement to get you back to healthy levels. I am not completely against supplements but they have to be taken with caution and only when necessary to your individual situation.

I can tell you what has been found in studies. Raw fruits and vegetables are the healthiest things you can eat. The decision to do studies on supplements is usually because some healthy group of people who don't take supplements have a high level of a certain nutrient in their blood. So the researchers think that by taking a supplement (instead of eating the whole food) with that nutrient, that they should be able to have similar health protections.

The healthiest groups of people in thousands of studies are the ones eating the highest percentage of fruits and vegetables. Here's a line from our Raw Health and Happiness Society: Success Principles. "Fruits and vegetables, not supplements, are the super-foods for humans."

You need the whole food, with it's thousands of nutrients, of which most are unknown by science, to experience radiant health. This has been the formula for success for the human race for millions of years. Supplements are a recent experiment. You can't get health in a pill.

Our bodies are incredibly complex and intelligent machines. Imagine if you just bought a $200,000 Lamborghini sports car. Would you just open up the hood one day and start unscrewing stuff, removing wires, etc? I don't think so, who would want to take a chance of ruining it?

Your body is infinitely more complex than a Lamborghini and infinitely more valuable to you. There is no human on the planet that knows enough about the human body to be its mechanic. No doctor or no 10,000 doctors combined intelligence can do what your body does on a daily basis. You have 15 trillion cells and each is doing approximately 1,000 functions in any one moment. The intelligence required to run our bodies is staggering.

Taking supplements and doing therapies is like trying to do the job of a Lamborghini mechanic and you don't even know what a wrench is. Plus this Lamborghini is the size of a planet and has a 15 trillion more moving parts than a regular Lamborghini. The only safe thing to do is to provide the conditions of health. Eat raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Get enough rest, sunshine and exercise. Drink pure water and breathe the best air possible. Lastly make sure you have a great mental diet so that you maintain emotional balance. Those are some of the major health factors, there are however other ones.

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