"I Woke Up One Day and Realized I Had No Energy, Blood Sugar Problems and
a Mouthful of Cavities...All Caused by
These Common Mistakes!"

"After 14 Years of Experience, Veteran Exposes the
Biggest Raw Food Controversies...Discover How to Increase
Energy, Strengthen Digestion and Avoid Dangerous Deficiencies"

From: Frederic Patenaude

Dear confused health seeker,

If you're easily offended, this letter is not for you. But if you're searching for proven health answers and a
raw food lifestyle that works in the real world, keep reading.

After 14 years of experience, I'm ready to reveal the truth other raw food gurus don't want you to know.

On a beautiful late afternoon in 1998, I was walking down a hill in sunny San Diego, California.

I had been a 100% raw-foodist for over two years, and thought I was on the best diet in the world, one that would bring me optimal health and longevity.

Yet that fateful day, as pretty as it was, a mysterious ailment struck me and left me crippled in bed for a month.

All of a sudden and without warning, all of my energy was drained out of my body. I felt so weak that I could barely walk a few steps without feeling exhausted. On top of that, my blood sugar was completely out of control.

Before this day, I never told the story of what really happened and how I almost destroyed my health on the raw food diet. Now I am ready to reveal it all and expose some of the most well-kept secrets of the raw-food movement that other raw-food leaders don't want you to know.

This mysterious illness lasted a few months and included many other frightening symptoms.

Even when it was all over with, I still did not feel the benefits that were promised to me by the raw food gurus. I was looking for better health, less sleep, more energy and vitality… and yet I needed more sleep, had less energy and was increasingly worried about my long-term health.

I thought 100% raw was the only answer… yet my health was still in obvious decline, and I was only 22 years old!

Yet, a few years later, I was still not doing any better. To add insult to injury, I eventually developed almost 40 cavities after a few years of strict raw-foodism.

The story I'm about to tell will not only expose all of the lies, misconceptions and controversies about the raw food diet, but also reveal in details the truth that many other raw-foodists try to hide… which is that the raw-food diet, when done improperly, can lead to horrible health problems.

Although I've written many books on the raw food diet, including my popular book The Raw Secrets, I've never told my entire story. I was afraid that some of the raw-food gurus might be upset if I told everybody what really went on behind the scenes.

But after nearly destroying my health following the wrong advice, and having seen hundreds of others do the same, I'm ready to break my 14-year silence and expose the lies and debunk the most damaging myths that are spread in the raw-food movement in a way that has never been done before.

Who Is This Guy, and How Can What He Says Be True?

14 years ago, I was an unknown 21 year-old French Canadian with a passion for health and raw-foodism, who decided to move to California to learn with the best of the best about the raw food lifestyle.

I did not just passively do this diet on my own, but rather I worked with the top raw-food leaders, such as David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Juliano, David Jubb, and many others.

I was truly behind the scenes of the raw-food movement, and over the years have had the chance to witness the dramatic difference between the ideal of raw-foodism and the reality.

Often people ask me, "Fred, maybe you just had a bad experience… everybody is different. Maybe what didn't work for you works for other people."

To that I say: Yes! But what doesn't work doesn't work in general. It's just that some people are slow to show symptoms and negative results.

In 1997, I was a young raw foodist in a personal quest for health. This is me with David Wolfe and Stephen Arlin, authors of Nature's First Law.

What About You?

Maybe you're new to the raw food diet, or maybe you've been playing with the concept for many years.

In either case, you probably find the variety of approaches too confusing.

Some suggest juicing, others suggest blending. Some suggest that fruit is best, others say to stay away from fruit. Some say to eat no fat at all, while others say we should have a lot of healthy fats. Some recommend a vegan diet, while others say we can't be healthy unless we eat some animal products.

It's like looking at the signpost at an intersection that says "Health" and 20 signs are pointing in all different directions!

I've been involved in the raw food movement for over 14 years. I've spent years of trials and errors. I have over 25,000 readers to my weekly ezines, and I've written over 50 books and courses on the subject.

There are essentially a few scenarios that are likely to happen to you as you continue your raw food path:

  1. You try a little bit of everything. The most likely scenario is that of endless trial and error, trying a little bit of everything during years of painful transition, without ever finding a balance and true long-term health.
  2. You follow one path. You decide to go either 100% raw, or mostly raw, and then follow one raw-food guru and do everything they tell you to do. If you're lucky, this may work out, but I have seen the vast majority of people crash and burn in the long-term by following the wrong type of raw food advice.
  3. You give up. The vast majority of raw-foodists eventually just give up, going back to a Standard American Diet or one that includes a little bit of everything. Unfortunately, they quickly realize why they decided to go raw in the first place: that regular diets simply don't work and make you feel sick and tired!

With all the confusion in the raw food world, it may seem impossible to find the truth.

Fortunately, today you can for the first time hear the candid revelations of a raw-foodist who has been there and done everything, and debunks the biggest myths and controversies.

I'm proud to announce the release of:

Raw Food Controversies

How to Avoid Common Mistakes That May
Sabotage Your Health

Raw Food Controversies cover

  • My shocking story finally told! Exactly what happened that made me almost destroy my health on the raw food diet, from vegetarian, to vegan, to natural hygiene, to raw and back all over again, trying every diet under the sun. Learn from my mistakes to avoid them!
  • Food combining exposed: The truth behind food combining, is it necessary or is it a useless set of rules?
  • Natural Hygiene: Discover the deadliest mistake. Why most natural hygiene diets don't work, and what to do about it.
  • How to deal with winter on the raw food diet. If you live in a cold country, you will want to read this!
  • Surprising facts about sleep: how to have more energy, sleep less and feel better waking up every day.
  • The true story of the incredible dental problems I had on my first years on the raw food diet (almost 40 cavities) and how I managed to stay decay-free ever since.
  • Why did certain raw food advocates such as TC. Fry die so young? Surprising facts are finally revealed.
  • The truth about detox: Why most of the time it's not detox, how to tell if it is.
  • The truth about raw food recipes: an insider story's inside of California's number one raw food restaurant and my shocking revelations on the unhealthy lifestyle led by its raw food advocates.
  • What are the top three foods you should NEVER eat raw (and why).
  • My mysterious raw sickness: how I got incredibly sick and almost died from eating the raw food diet the wrong way. Exactly what happened to me and how to make sure the same doesn't happen to you.
  • The truth about cravings: why most raw-foodists have cravings and what to do to be free from junk food addiction.
  • The death of raw-foodists: the fatal mistakes that people made that led to the unfortunate death of some dear raw-foodist friends, and how to avoid them.
  • The truth about the liver flush: Scientific proof of what actually happens when you do a liver or "gallbladder" flush.
  • The raw curse: how the body becomes extremely sensitive to drugs and cooked foods on the raw food diet, and the one thing you must tell your doctor if you're going to undergo any operation or hospitalization!
  • How to fast and not to fast: The never-told-before story of my 23-fast in Costa Rica. Exactly what happened and how you can use fasting to your advantage, if done properly.
  • Is low-fat cooked better than high-fat raw? Find out the pros and cons of eating 100% raw versus a mostly raw diet.
  • What I eat now: what I eat on a typical day, and the best tips I have found to increase my energy and long-term success on the raw-food diet.
  • My thoughts on feeding children on the raw food diet, and why they can't thrive on low-fat raw vegan diet.
  • The SIX supplements you should NEVER take, no matter what.
  • What you should know about B12, and how to avoid this dangerous deficiency.
  • Superfoods exposed! What you need to know raw cacao, honey, green juice, green powder, coconut oil, agave nectar, acai, spirulina, maca, goji berres, seaweed, and more!
  • What raw-foodists should know about DHA and other essential fatty acids: can you get them on a raw vegan diet?
  • Important facts you should know about vitamin D, especially if you live in a Northern climate.
"Magnificent, Informative Book"

Frederic! You wrote a magnificent, informative book! As I mentioned yesterday, I really like the fact that you were so honest and open in telling the world about your unique experiences with the raw food movement. I was surprised to learn that you have spent three years with David Wolfe and company, that you have gone to Gabriel Cousens' Tree of Life (I’ve read and enjoyed all his books), met so many interesting people and had lots of exceptional experiences with the raw foods. I admire your vast knowledge in spite of your young age and your ability to write in a very captivating way. Now I tend to believe more what you wrote because I see that you did not start eating like this yesterday!

- Fern Click To Listen:

"I love your honest approach and advice"

I totally loved the book!!! I could not put it down! It's amazing how I could relate to so many things but didn't know why they were happening until I read your book. I love your honest approach and your advice. I loved to read of your adventures as well (your heartbreak and all). It was extremely educational and it helped me a lot with understanding where I was going wrong with my raw eating. Thanks so much for writing it! I also enjoyed reading about your journeys and all that you experienced; you have some really good stories. Please update me on any other new literature from you - I am a BIG fan of yours!!!!!

- Alexandra

"I finally consider I have my feet on the ground with my food choices"

I loved the book - filled in so many blank pockets of missing knowledge I was unaware of, both regarding the history of the raw food movement and shedding light on the weaknesses and strengths of eating this way. My value system regarding what to eat has totally changed and I finally consider I have my feet on the ground with my food choices.


Answers to Almost Every Raw Food Controversy!

Contrary to the hype of other raw-food books, I don't falsely claim that my raw food story has always been a success story. When people tell you that raw-foods changed their lives for the better, they are often either very new to it, or often conveniently forget to mention their years of struggle.

The truth is that most raw-food experts are not 100% raw and many of them are not even vegan, and they remain vague and secretive about the reasons behind their choices.

I've worked behind the scenes and I can tell you why that is. In my book, I hold no secret from you and tell you things the way they are, not the way I wish they had been!

The book Raw Food Controversies features my entire story, spanning over 14 years of experience, but focusing on my early years of struggle with raw-foodism.

The book reads like a novel and everyone who has read it says it's a page-turner. Throughout the book you'll find several informative sidebars that will debunk many of the raw food controversies in more detail.

I may not have all the answers, but most of the main raw-food controversies that are of interest to you will be addressed in the book and accompanying DVD, including:

The Fruit Controversy!

Apple with tapemeasure

This is a common controversy, but an important one.

Some people say it's okay to eat 10 to 30 bananas a day, while others claim we should eat no fruit at all and survive on a diet of greens and sprouts.

In Raw Food Controversies, I dispel once and for all the myth that fruit is bad for you, addressing important concerns such as:

  • How to stabilize your blood sugar on a raw food diet, even if you eat a lot of fruit!
  • Should we worry about the high-fructose content of certain fruits?
  • Is it possible to gain weight eating too much fruit, when fruit sugar is converted into fat by the liver?
  • And more!

Fat Controversy!

Avocado on white

Next to fruit, the fat controversy is also an important source of confusion in the raw-food world.

In Raw Food Controversies, you will discover:

  • Is it possible to eat too little fat? Why our bodies need a certain amount of fat for vital processes like producing hormones, and how to make sure to get enough of those important fats.
  • Why even "good" fats such as those in avocados and nuts can be bad in large amounts, and how to find the perfect balance.
  • What every vegan should know about omega 3 fatty acids and important fats such as DHA, that are critically important for brain function. Discover what are the best plant sources of these fatty acids.
  • And more!

The All-Raw vs. Cooked Controversy!

Another big controversy is whether a 100% raw-food diet is necessary for health or eating some selected cooked foods can be harmless or even beneficial.

In the Raw Food Controversies, I finally bring light to this important issue by presenting both sides of the story.

  • Discover that sometimes one size doesn't always fit all.
  • The difference between a 100% raw food diet and a mostly raw diet: how each approach has its advantages and disadvantages and how to decide which one is best for you.
  • Find out what makes the most difference in health and longevity. Useful facts you should know about what really makes the raw-food diet work, so you don't focus your attention on things that are a complete waste of time.

The Dental Health Controversy!

Apple with tapemeasure

I developed almost 40 cavities in my first few years on the raw food diet, and my experience is not an isolated one.

The truth is out there: Raw-foodists on average DO have more dental problems than the rest of the population. Don't let other raw-food gurus convince you of the contrary… your health may suffer!

In Raw Food Controversies, you will discover:

  • How fruit can rot your teeth! I currently eat a lot of fruit and have zero dental problems, but it wasn't this way until I learned these important lessons.
  • Exactly what you need to know to avoid long-term dental problems on the raw food diet.
  • Why raw foods can cause dental erosion, and how I can eat large amounts of pineapple without problems, following a few simple techniques.
  • How to ensure that you have strong bones, without bone loss or weak teeth.
"Your book saved me from the worst to come"

Thank Goodness… Somebody has found the answers! I tried [tips shared in the book] after reading Raw Food Controversies.. Wow! It's working I'm not sick! I've increased my calories by eating more fruit. Before I went on the raw food diet I weighed a 186 pounds, I'm 5'3. Now I weigh 114 pounds. I was stuck at 150 pounds for a long time. It's amazing how much fat can be inside the body, even at a low weight. I have more energy than ever!

Everything that you said in your book was happening to me...I was so sick for 3 days I ended up seeing the doctor, couldn't eat, very weak, and your book arrived. Thank you I believe it saved me from the worst to come. I decided to apply the information through out your book like reading about Albert Mosseri in his basic principles of Natural Hygiene. It was breath taking when I read about your Personal Journey, I loved it! I also related to the Raw Foodists not realizing I too have been a Gourmet Pusher making beautiful dishes loaded with so much fat and salt which I now believe is unhealthy and dangerous.. I own 75 Raw Food Books, I'm starting over with low fat raw book recipes.

I felt so tired all the time. I couldn't understand it… I have been a 100% faithful on the Raw Food Diet...I thought I was eating healthy, but now I know I'm eating healthy, because I feel so fantastic inside, I'm back riding my unicycle and juggling and doing the things I thought I never would be able to do at 52 years old. It's so simple to eat simple! Raw Food Controversies book has changed my life and my teeth... I applied the information from the book to my own teeth with bleeding gums and other problems I was having. Wow! I have stopped the gum bleeding and my checkups are improving! There's just so much this book did for me that I could write forever! Thank you for getting the information out to all of us on your Personal Journey, it has stopped me in my tracks and has opened another door for growth. My husband Brian had brought this book for me and he to is starting to apply the book as well. Small simple steps of eating raw simple low fat meals that is... The beginning to improves health.

Sincerely, Margaret Crockett
Click To Listen:


The Long-Term Health and Deficiency Controversy!

I know, I know, we see lots of vegans and raw foodists who really don't look all that healthy. Some people think that the raw food diet might be a good cleansing diet for the short term, but might not work for everyone long term.

What is the truth?

In Raw Food Controversies, you will discover:

  • How a raw food diet can supply nutrients such as DHA and B12 that vegans often are lacking.
  • Why B12 deficiencies are more widely spread than is commonly believed, and how to recognize the first symptoms of a B12 deficiencies.
  • How to feel 100% sure that you're giving your body everything that it needs.
  • How to make sure some ten or so years down the road that you didn't overlook a very important aspect and thereby irreparably jeopardize your health.

The Animal Food Controversy!

In my years of trial and error with the raw food diet, there are times I seriously doubted the validity of the vegan diet. On several occasions, I went back to eating animal products such as eggs, dairy products, fish and even meat.

In Raw Food Controversies, you will discover what I learned through these experiences:

  • How a vegan diet can be healthy as long as you pay attention to these essential factors.
  • The most common mistake vegans make that hurt their long-term health.
  • The only circumstance where eating some animal foods may be useful to some people.
  • Why most animal foods are not even a reliable source of vitamin B12.
  • And more!

The Calories Controversy!

Woman with scales

Some raw-foodists claim they can literally live on only a few hundred calories a day, while others say that you can eat all you want and not gain weight.

In the Raw Food Controversies, you will discover:

  • Why calories actually still matter, and how mastering calories is an important key to succeeding on the raw food diet.
  • How many calories the average man and woman should eat on a daily diet, and why often stuffing yourself with fruit is not always the answer.
  • Why some people who claim to eat only a few hundred calories a day on the raw food diet are not telling the whole story (and some shocking "behind the scenes" stories about famous raw-foodists I met).
  • My meeting with a breatharian: The two people I met who claimed they could live on air and wrote books about it, and what they really ate to survive.

"Personal and Thought Provoking"

Hi Frederic I have read Raw Food Controversies and loved it! It was extremely honest, personal and thought provoking. Very well written, easy to read, informative and at times quite emotional. I like the way that factual information is presented in shaded boxes making it easy to refer to at any time. I plan to re-read it soon. Well done!

- Karen M

"Solid, Practical Information"

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this book! It was a fun read and so full of good, solid PRACTICAL information. It was also helpful in my understanding exactly where you're at and why. Too often, you find others speculating about how various authors actually live their lives, without any real knowledge. With this book, you've offered the "transparency" to (hopefully) put a lid on any need for gossip.

With love, Shelah Segal

"I Was Blown Away By Your Honesty"

Hi Fred I have read your Raw Food Controversies book & I was blown away with your honesty & the information in this book. Your experiences along the raw food journey have opened my eyes to the mistakes & misunderstandings of other raw foodists. The over use of supposedly healthy fatty foods is prevalent in the raw food movement & too much of one nutrient is of course bad for you but they tell you that nuts, avocados & olive oil is good for you. Because of your experiences as set out in Raw Food Controversies, I understand too much of a good thing isn't necessarily healthy. Thanks so much Fred for your Book!!!

Regards Sue

"One of the Best Books on Nutrition"

Raw Food Controversies is one of the best books on nutrition I've ever read. Once I've started to read it I couldn't lay it down. I'm very thankful that you've shared your whole story as it is extremely helpful for all those who are at the beginning of their journey to a healthier life. With the help of your book they can avoid all the mistakes you and the people you met made. It's also very helpful for people who already are raw vegans but have difficulties to stay healthy on it. Thank you for this book!

- Therese G

"An Amazing Experience That Changed My Point of View on the Raw Food Lifestyle"

Reading "Raw Food Controversies" by Frederic Patenaude was an amazing experience that changed my whole point of view about the raw food lifestyle and my own approach. Through reading about his journey, I was able to take all his experiences into mine, keeping the best approaches and avoiding the harmful ones. It's been great to have Frederic Patenaude as a personal guide & trailblazer. The valuable information in his story has influenced me more than any of the many books i have read so far...

- L Perry

"You've Offered the Transparency to Put a Lid on Any Need for Gossip"

Hi Fred, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this book! It was a fun read and so full of good, solid PRACTICAL information. It was also helpful in my understanding exactly where you're at and why. Too often, you find others speculating about how various authors actually live their lives, without any real knowledge. With this book, you've offered the "transparency" to (hopefully) put a lid on any need for gossip. Thanks for putting it all together. Hope to see you and Veronica in South Florida again this winter.

With love, Shelah Segal


The Gurus Controversy!

Meditation, lotus, graphic

You've heard the rumors! Some important raw-foodists are no longer raw or vegan anymore!

If you want to know both the extent of the lies how many raw foodists are actually practicing what they preach, you should read The Raw Food Controversies. Here are some topics that are covered:

  • What shocked me when I first met real-life raw-foodists and discovered that many of them lived a life that was significantly different than what they advertised.
  • How raw food gurus literally make stuff up and promote it as truth in their books, without having any proof whatsoever to back it up.
  • Why some raw-foodists are afraid to tell you what they eat in a typical week, hiding under the presence that "their diet is constantly changing."
  • Exactly what I eat in a typical week, including what I cheat on and why.

The Proof Controversy!

Every raw food enthusiast claims their ideas are scientific and they proclaim themselves experts in the field just like that on the merit of eating raw for more than a few months… yet their scientific evidence is lacking.

I have over 80 scientific references from peer-reviewed reputable science journals in the Raw Food Controversies.

In some cases, I bring you some ideas that come from my own experience and while I don't have any scientific references to back it up, at least you will know which ones those are and can make up your own mind.

Are You Sabotaging Your Health By Making These Common Mistakes?

Over the years, I've heard many responses to the concerns I have brought about some of these raw-food controversies that I would like to see debunked. Many people experience one of the following:

1) Fear — Instead of just trying out the raw-food lifestyle, people get stuck because of all the confusion, and end up not taking any action at all! Many wake up ten years later, still sick from the foods they eat, but are too confused to know what else to do.

2) Denial — Some people, especially if they are new to the raw-food lifestyle deny that any of the issues I bring up have any validity. They barely have a few months or years of experience, and are convinced that whatever they are doing right now will continue to work for the years to come. I have seen this kind of attitude often do more harm than good!

Raw food is simple, as long as one is aware of some key issues that are addressed in details in the Raw Food Controversies.

It took me a long time to decide to write this book because frankly, I was afraid to expose the personal details of my life and my trial and errors.

But after having seen so many people fail with the raw vegan lifestyle, I have decided that telling my story would help a lot of people avoid the mistakes I made.

The raw food mistakes I present in this new book are common, yet many people following a high-raw or all-raw diet are completely unaware of them.

Although there is not one single diet that will work for everybody, there are basic principles that will, and this is what I focus on in the book.

What's Included?

In addition to the book Raw Food Controversies, which is over 400 pages long and filled with useful information and entertaining stories, I have also included the following to create a complete package that and will answer all your questions and set you on the right track for success.

Raw Food Nutrition Explained!

Raw Food Nutrition Explained - Bonus

"Discover How to Balance Your Diet to Get All the Nutrition You Need and Ensure Long-Term Success With This DVD"

In addition to the book Raw Food Controversies, I have created a bonus DVD, called Raw Food Nutrition Explained, that will answer many of the questions about the practical and nutritional aspects of the raw-food diet you may still have, including:

  • Exactly what to eat on a day-to-day basis, and how to create menu plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • How to make sure you are getting everything your body needs and more on long-term deficiencies and how to avoid them
  • The effects of transition after going raw: how to interpret the symptoms
  • How to achieve your ideal weight and maintain it easily on a raw food diet.
  • How to balance out a 100% raw food or mostly raw diet, and how each approach can work as long as you follow these simple tips.
  • And more!

This bonus DVD is a $49.95 value and is available as part of our main package for the Raw Food Controversies.

"An Excellent Resources for the Beginning to Intermediate Raw Fooder"

By the way, I thought the "Raw Food Nutrition Explained" DVD was very well thought out and organized and was really an excellent resource for the beginning to intermediate raw fooder. I really, really liked it! It's a really excellent introduction to raw food nutrition and the low fat raw vegan diet.

One of the things I like, and the reason I've bought a lot of Fred's products, is that he's concrete and is among the more scientifically/logically minded people. I felt that this DVD really showcased all those strengths and hence was very valuable and packed with good information.

- Bella :)


"All Of Your Raw Food Questions Answered!"

Even with all of the detailed information contained in Raw Food Controversies, it's possible that some of your questions may not have been answered.

This is why I'll be conducting a series of two live teleconferences for anyone who orders this book during the launch.

These two teleconferences will also be recorded and transcribed (as an eBook) and made available to you in case you miss the live call and for your future reference.

This series of teleconference is a $97 value and will be available for FREE to anyone who orders the main package for the Raw Food Controversies, but only during the launch!

Here are some of the many topics that will be addressed in details during these teleconferences, in addition to any other question you may have:

  • What to think of Chinese medicine and the idea that cold raw foods are considered hard on the digestive system. I'll talk about people with weaker digestion and how they can optimize their raw food diet.
  • The challenge of "social convenience" finally discussed in a realistic way! Most people have few problems staying on this diet when they are alone, but certain social situations can be difficult. Often, the advice given by some raw-foodists is simply is not practical. I'll tell you what I personally do about it.
  • How to optimize your diet based on seasons, especially if you live in a Northern climate.
  • What to do if serious digestive issues are preventing you from digesting certain raw foods.
  • Exactly how to transition from cooked to raw, with each step explained briefly, including the 3-5 SIMPLE recipes that most people really like!
  • Why certain people have problems with eating too much fruit, and what to do to optimize your diet until the body is able to handle a higher volume of fruit.
  • How to keep working out on the raw food diet and see your muscles and strength increasing rather than getting weaker.
  • What to think of some ex-vegans who truly saw some health improvements by including some animal products in their diet. Why I choose to remain mostly vegan, but still acknowledge these issues and offer some key solutions.

The live teleconferences bonus will only be offered during the launch… you save $97 by ordering now and get to participate in the live teleconferences!

Take Action For Your Health Now

When I first got started on the raw food diet, there was no book available like the Raw Food Controversies. Everybody just pretended that raw-foodism was the ultimate diet and that nothing could possibly go wrong as long as you ate raw.

I have learned the hard way, and I want to help you avoid the same mistakes I made and the health problems I got as a result.

Do you care for your dental health?

Do you want long-term health and avoid dangerous deficiencies?

Do you want optimal health now? Including great energy, stable blood sugar and optimal digestion?

I would like to offer you a challenge. If you're skeptical, I want you to still give my program a try.

60 Day No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Read the book at your own pace. Watch the Video and listen to the teleconference, for a full 60 days from the date of purchase.

If before the end of that time, you aren't 100% convinced of the quality of my information, simply return the package and contact our staff at www.replytofred.com. I'll personally make sure you get an immediate refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Remember, it took me a lot to decide to write this book. But in the end, I felt the truth needed to be out there, even if it made a few people angry.

Are you ready to take your health to the next level and clear your confusion about health and nutrition?

I'm looking forward to hearing your success stories and wish you the best health and success,

Frederic Patenaude

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Raw Food Controversies cover

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This package only includes the digital version of Raw Food Controversies, with all the bonuses. It includes:

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  • My recipe book Instant Raw Sensations, the best recipe book to get started with easy and tasty recipes! ($19.95 value)
  • My book The Raw Vegan Coach— This book answers any question that may not have been covered anywhere else. ($19.95 value).

Price of Gold Package: $67
Total value of books: $64.95
Total: $131.95
Your price: $67

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