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“I’m very eager to start drinking green smoothies, but I have a question about how to make one.

“The percentage of fruit to greens is recommended to be 60:40. I was wondering if this is by percent weight or percent volume?

“For example, if I weighed out 60 grams of fruit and 40 grams of greens, would this be correct? Or do I fill the blender 60% with fruit and the other 40% with greens (which would be the percent of volume)?

“If it weren't for your E-zines I know I wouldn't be receiving enough education about the raw foods diet! Thank you so much for everything. I'm looking forward to reading the second version of "The Raw Secrets".”
- Tina

ANSWER: It's approximate, based on what you put in the blender. I don't rely on those ratios. I use more fruit myself.

Usually, for 4 bananas I'll put about 2 cups of greens.


“I wanted to thank you for your green smoothie ideas! I was a bit skeptical and it took me a while to try the apple/kale/lemon juice combo, but I really, really enjoyed it! As you mentioned, it is often challenging to get the amount of greens we need. I love greens and I love them cooked as well as raw. However, you are so right in saying that people usually use a lot of oil and seasonings to make them taste great. This is a fabulous way to get your greens without adding any seasonings and oil.” - Alicia


“In the two last e-zines you talked about about food combining and sequential eating both good for our digestion and our health.

“But for some time, followed by family Boutenko, you have been promoted green smoothies as a very healthy kind of food.

“My question is: are green smoothies really healthy and not contradictory to the rules of food combining and sequential eating?”

ANSWER: Food combining and sequential eating rules go together. Sequential eating is a little more “advanced” (or simple, depending how you look at it...).

You should read both articles again, I think. My point was that if a food combination can be bad, the sequence in which we eat foods can also be bad, or more optimal.

The combination of green vegetables with fruit is a good one. The sequence of eating fruit and then greens or greens and then fruit is also good. Therefore, it’s still a good think to mix greens and fruit, if you’re going to mix anything at all!


“Hi, Frederic -- Thank you again and again for your newsletter. I am SO enjoying my green smoothies. They are great in that now I am eating entire kale leaves, instead of just the juice. My current favorite is 5 kale leaves, 2 pears, and maybe a few strawberries. It feels very nutritious to me, and I thank you for giving me a new way to eat healthier. When trying to eat correctly and lightly (not overloading the body with food) it seems difficult to get everything in. The smoothies seem to be one good answer. ** One question - are grapefruits all right with greens? I didn't see any recipes with them. I love grapefruit, and I've missed it... All the best.” - ER

ANSWER: Grapefruits are perfect with greens, but I prefer sweeter fruits.


“I thought that blending fruits and greens affected the nutrients inside of them. Is this not the case? Being able to eat them in blended meals would be a dream (alleviate the time-related difficulties of all that chewing). Are we sacrificing any of the vitamins and minerals?”

ANSWER: There is some oxidation happening when we blend -- so there is a minimal vitamin loss (but no mineral loss), but many nutrients are made more available in the process, because the foods have been broken down in small particles. So I think it's a good tradeoff.


“Hi Frederic,

“I thought your readers might be interested in the following recipe that I've discovered which incorporates those incredibly healthy wild greens into the diet:

“- Either an inch or 2 inches crossways slice of juicy ripe pineapple or a small ripe juicy mango.

“- Large bunch of wild dandelion leaves.

“Blend with just enough water to make the smoothie.

“Absolutely delicious and very refreshing!

“Gary UK”

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