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The Raw Secrets

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson
saralena77 @
Salt Lake City, Utah

"I could not believe that I was actually doing it"

"I purchased your book about a month ago, when I decided to change my diet to improve my health. I had, for a long time, wanted to eat mostly raw for health reasons; but it always seemed too difficult and out of my reach. After reading your book (in one day) I decided to just "see if I could do it for one day."

After one day of eating all raw, using the advice and helpful tips from The Raw Secrets, I felt so good inside, that I decided to keep going for as long as I could.

I could not believe that I was actually doing it, and it really gave my self confidence a boost. It was nowhere near as impossible as I always imagined it would be to eat this way. I noticed an improvement in my skin texture right away.

I have suffered from acne since my teenage years. I kept waiting for it to go away, but it never really did. But after eating mostly raw for just a few days, I noticed a drastic reduction in the oiliness of my face. And it has only continued to improve over the last 5 weeks since I began this journey.

I have also lost 15 pounds so far. I still have about 15 more to lose, but I am confident that it will happen.

I have also noticed an unexpected change in my attitude toward life since I changed my diet. I am more positive more of the time. And I feel more alert. Others can see a difference in me as well.

One friend asked me how I lost weight so quickly, and when I told her, she decided to change her diet too. I am a living example of the powerful effect of the foods we eat. I am so grateful to have found your books and your website to help me transition into a mostly raw diet with very few problems."


Kate Sturgess
"A Truly Great Book"

"The Raw Secrets literally transformed my life. I'd been spending a fortune on recommended supplements and 'superfoods', and following a 100% raw diet, but I didn't feel healthy and felt disillusioned.

"Your book was like a ray of sunshine. Suddenly everything made sense. I'd been eating far too much fat, and not enough fruit,and life was a misery trying to make complicated recipes all the time which didn't even hold enough calories.

Your book has made the raw diet much more attainable and enjoyable. Eating simply really makes sense. Thanks for a truly great book."

Kate Sturgess
Buckingham Bucks


"The Analysis of the Subjects is Very Careful and Logical"

"Dear Frederic,

I bought your book "Raw Secrets" which I consider a very important book in the raw sector.

It has helped me a lot to understand all the serious aspects about raw food. It also offers helpful information about how to adopt the raw habits.

The analysis of the subjects is very careful and logical. I have to read it some times and then try to adopt the more I can.

Aris Tragoustis



Instant Raw Sensations

"More confident than ever..."

“I want to congratulate you on a job well done with “Instant Raw Sensations.” I also devoured the information from the additional book “Simplified Raw Menu Plans for All Seasons.” I liked how easy it was to understand how to be healthy and succeed on a raw foods diet. I was also entertained and liked your sense of humor!

“I feel so lucky to have come across your website early on in my raw foods journey. I was making a lot of mistakes in the first few months, so I'm grateful to have learned from you. I've never felt more confident about this diet than I do today.”

Simi Valley, California

"Thank you for changing my life..."


Dear Frederic,

I wanted to thank you for changing my life.

I started on the raw food path (or so I thought) in September 2004. I decided it was the right choice for me after experiencing acne and hyperpigmented skin patches over 30% of my body.

For six months, I was combining all the wrong foods and seeing little results. Then I stumbled onto your site and read “The Raw Secrets”; I was instantly relieved and overjoyed.

Today, I am a totally renewed person. I look better than ever and feel amazing. I can't wait for “Instant Raw Sensations.”

I have tried every recipe in your “Raw Soups” book and I love most of them. I have two green smoothies each day and I can't live without these.

The more I learn from you, the more inspired I am to live my best life! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge


"The Easiest Way to Eat Raw"


"I Just received "Instant Raw Sensation" and "The Best Foods on the Planet" booklet. I just love it. This is without a doubt the easiest way to eat raw foods.

"I'm so glad you published this since I have had problems knowing just what to eat on a daily basis to give me the nourishment I need. These two books will definitely be my bible from now on.

"Once again, thank you for your efforts in showing us how easy a raw food diet can be."

Ilse Lostvogel
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Green For Life

"Don't Waste Any Time!"

I got your Green for Life Program and I was really impressed by this new and exciting information on greens. Learning this information has made me start incorporating more green smoothies and greens into my life and my family's life. Already we are feeling benefits - more energy, cleansing. Plus the peace of mind knowing I am providing the best nutrition to my non-raw children. And it tastes great!

I am ready to share this information with many friends on a Standard American diet that are facing health challenges but refuse to consider the raw diet. This is a way for them to start feeding their bodies what they need but its not too radical for them.

This information is invaluable to anyone who wants to get healthier - regardless of their current diet. There's no denying the nutrition you're getting and there's no denying how great it tastes! Don't waste any time

Megan Gaetano
Spokane, WA

"My Cravings Just Stopped!"

Frederic, Thanks for the teleconference with Victoria Boutenko! As the seminar began, I increased the amount of greens I was including in my green smoothies, and something amazing happened. My cravings STOPPED. Bang. Just vanished. H

I have lost 5 pounds so far, still trimming. Apparently I was having to eat way too much fruit before, to satiate my appetite, because my body was really craving minerals. Now that I'm eating lots of greens in the smoothies my cravings have stopped, I require much less fruit, and my body is satisfied and trimming down. Thanks for a great seminar. Keep up the good work!

Rick Josey 

rickjosey @ 

"I am starting to see my gums healthy!"

Patricia MirandaMy Name is Patricia Miranda I live in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Thank you so much for letting me partipate in this teleconference. It was so fantastic. Victoria had much she had to say I learnt so much. I have experienced tiredness for a long time and problems with teeth and gums that I thought they would never become better.

And this is so fantastic because I have bleeding of my gums for years and years. My dentist had no answers on how to fix that problem. I am already seeing results. In two weeks since I listened to Green for Life, I am starting to see my gums healthy and also I have more energy. Thank you again!

I am feeling more healthy now like is kind of freshness in me that I didn't feel before.

I also went to the doctor for checkup and she was amazed to see my cholesterol level so healthy, not only my bad cholesterol was so low, but my good cholesterol was high she was amazed by the good results.

I am 54 years old and I feel and look years younger. My skin has no winkles and this is a mixture of genes and healthy raw lifestyle.

I have been into this raw eating since 2003 and has really embraces this way of eating. When I listened to Victoria Boutenko talk about her experience and her knowledge I have learnt so much and has giving me the encouragement to contimue in this path.

Thankyou again for all you are doing Frederic in educating people to be really healthy.

My family and I came to Australia long time ago from Chile.
This new chapter in my life is wonderful because feeling healthy feels natural.

Patricia Miranda

pmi21490 @

"I feel so much more alive and whole"

I just started on the greens since I heard Victoria Boutenko and Frederic Patenaude describe the process and benefits a few days ago. I must say that this is definitely the right food. Everything they said just fell into place.

I had been on a raw food diet for over a year and felt that I was missing something. My nails were getting brittle and I was often sleepy. In the few days that I have been following the recommendations, I feel so much more alive and whole. I really thank the two of them, Fred and Victoria for not getting stuck in a raw food dogma rut, but having the courage to experiment and see what really does work. It's all about our health, not our egos! Both of them live that principal. 

Stephanie Burns

stephanie_burns @ 



"You have no idea!"

You are the only reason why I started eating raw foods, and let me tell you, it has changed my life 180 degress!

For starters: I have no idea how it happened nor how it came to me, but somehow I read your website, and only because of you I have been eating raw foods for about seven weeks now and it's caused me to lose 30 pounds since! I started out at 235 lbs and I'm down to 205 lbs to date! That is AWESOME! I also have more energy, look a lot better and feel a lot better about myself. And I'm not done yet! I'd like to lose another 10 or 15 pounds.

Another thing that has really helped me was your tip about the five tibetan exercises, I'm up to nine reps and I can really tell the difference! So much so that I'm doing them at morning and before dinnertime! I do not know if that counts as 18, but I could probably do more, I'm kinda following their suggestion to pace yourself...

To top it all off, I have purchased you course " How to make a living doing what you love" and I can not wait to get started! I already know what I love, and that is being a raw foods vegan and a musician!

Not only that but I feel like I'm totally blessed with Abundance!And it's coming from the most unexpected sources. This is no coincidence!

I just wanted to let you know that you are making a difference, you are very positive and that is a very contagious sate of mind!

Your messages always radiate positive feelings, so keep up the great work!

I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Best regards,

Narciso Sotomayor
narciso AT


"The Perfect Health Program was by far the most amazing and enlightening of any information I have read or listened to.


"I want to say thank you for sharing this information! Thank you for seeking the truth and being willing to share it with those of us who also just want to do what is best for our bodies and spirits."
Cheryl, USA


“Thanks so much for your newsletter - I appreciate your efforts in providing common sense info to we who are on the journey.” Thanks again,
Claudia M.


"Your honesty is going to make us all healthier regardless of what percentage raw we are. Congratulations on your desire to tell it like you see it. I may not know what I believe yet, but appreciate learning what you believe and discussing in a rationale manner the fallacies and truths of raw foodism"
Michelle Reeves


"Many thanks for a great book and brilliant recipes."
Julia in Norfolk, UK


“I just want you to know that of all raw-food teachers out there, I trust you the most.”
Jose Luis Herrera, USA


“The confusion in the raw food community is vast. I thank you for your clarity and research.”
Bill Seaberry, Mt. Shasta, California


“I just want to thank you for your balance view of diet and nutrition. Thank you for thinking outside the box and not towing the party line. Your writings have been real helpful.”
Sam, USA

“Thanks for taking the time to speak with me on the phone.
Each day I learn more and more. I am now alive and am no longer a walking dead. Your book changed my life and I feel great.” Thanks, Robert


“I can't wait until your Home Study comes out! Your newsletters are so interesting and informative. Thank you for your eye opening and fact filled newsletters which I have found invaluable.”
Anita, Australia


"Thank you so much not only for publishing your articles and interviews, but for presenting your perspectives in such a clear and mature way. As the nutrition world is so full of fanatical idealists (why? I don't know), it's very refreshing whenever I find someone speaking of diet in such a grounded manner."

"Thank you for your efforts to educate. I am grateful, and find your information helpful."
Janet, USA


"Your clear-eyed approach and willingness to say you've changed some views based on experience and evidence is refreshing. The raw vegan movement desperately needs grounding in reality."
Holland, California


"Thanks for the unpopular, courageous, honest approach to such a controversial topic."
Leslie O. USA

"It's impossible to thank you enough for the inspiration and information that you have provided in my life. I appreciate your work very much."
Carolyn N., USA


"Dear Frederic,
I just wish to say a BIG thank you for your tireless searching and bringing forth all these different opinions and ideas. I believe that what your work is contributing to the Raw Food 'world' is one of the best things that could have happened to it! Sincerely"
CK ON, Canada



"Thank You so much for showing me a better way in learning a new language"

March 30, 2009


My Name is Christhopher (Raja) Alphonso-Bacchus!! All the way from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and how are you!!! I ordered the "How To Learn A Langauge In A Flash" for multiple reasons. See I come from a English dominate speaking region where all my life all I knew was English. My Families all speak primary in English, it got to me in a point that I don't have to be like the first 50 people who think that same road path.

So I decided that communication is the perfect key to understand others, see people are coming to Toronto already knowing and communicating in English and it doesn't seem right if I don't show any fair interest in there tongues, so why not learn to communicate back with them... I've started to learn and study Spanish as a 2nd Language which I want to become very much Fluent in. I'm studying using an Self-Teach Course book called Living Language plus a Spanish Dictionary which I think is one of the best called Collins for extra vocabulary pick-ups. Then I want to learn Portuguese as a 3th Language to become as well Fluent in, Spanish & Portuguese just to let you know are part off my Hertiage. Now French since it's the 2nd official Language of Canada, I would take that an interest also since I lacked it in Elementary and Secondary School. Italian good choice due of the fact of my love for Italiano!! Another Language which I would take interest for is Japanese because of the Ancient Culture that has been brought amoungs it's people for so many centuries.

So Self-Teach, Dictionaries, and CD-Roms are right now my choice to learn. I don't see why I've to stick with one language just because it's International wise. So Frederick Thank You so much for showing me a better way in learning a new language.

OK Then BYE!!!

Christhopher (Raja) Alphonso-Bacchus






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