"Get Started on the Raw Food Diet With the Most Complete Set of Raw Resources Ever!"

--By Frederic Patenaude

The power of raw foods is not only one of the most well-known "rejuvenation" secrets of celebrities and Hollywood stars (such as Demi Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Sting, Edward Norton, Carol Alt, and many others) it is also a concept that has the potential of giving you what you're looking for: incredible health, increased energy, and a youthful and slim body.

Please answer the following questions truthfully. Check the marks if you answer "yes".

A Health Survey

You have amazing energy. You wake up in the morning ready to go, and you rarely feel ups an downs in your energy during the day.

Your skin looks great. People often comment how clear your skin is.

You're at your ideal weight. Your friends envy you and ask you what kind of diet you follow.

You don't feel deprived when eating. You can eat as much as you want and not gain weight.

You fall asleep easily. You rarely suffer from insomnia. Your sleep is deep and sound.

You have regular bowel movement and rarely experience constipation or indigestion.

You look younger than most people of your age.

You have greater than average fitness even when you don't exercise regularly.

Your eyes are clear and bright. People often comment on how bright your eyes are.

You feel happy for no reason. You don't need coffee to stimulate you or alcohol to make you laugh. You are never depressed.

You can easily focus and concentrate for long hours without feeling tired.

You are in touch with your intuition. You "instinctively" know when something is good for you.

What is your score? How many boxes did you check?

How to Get a Perfect Score

Let's be honest. Chances are that if you're reading this, you did not check all 12 boxes. In fact, you may be wondering if it's actually possible to experience all these benefits.

So what does all this mean?

I created this list because those are the most common benefits people experience when they eat raw and living foods.

I receive testimonials all the time from people all over the world who have experienced the power of raw and living foods, and I noticed that the benefits I mentioned above are the ones almost everybody who tries this way of eating experiences. Here's one that was sent to me recently:

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson
saralena77 @ yahoo.com
Salt Lake City, Utah

"I could not believe that I was actually doing it"

"I purchased your book about a month ago, when I decided to change my diet to improve my health. I had, for a long time, wanted to eat mostly raw for health reasons; but it always seemed too difficult and out of my reach. After reading your book (in one day) I decided to just "see if I could do it for one day."

After one day of eating all raw, using the advice and helpful tips from The Raw Secrets, I felt so good inside, that I decided to keep going for as long as I could.

I could not believe that I was actually doing it, and it really gave my self confidence a boost. It was nowhere near as impossible as I always imagined it would be to eat this way. I noticed an improvement in my skin texture right away.

I have suffered from acne since my teenage years. I kept waiting for it to go away, but it never really did. But after eating mostly raw for just a few days, I noticed a drastic reduction in the oiliness of my face. And it has only continued to improve over the last 5 weeks since I began this journey.

I have also lost 15 pounds so far. I still have about 15 more to lose, but I am confident that it will happen.

I have also noticed an unexpected change in my attitude toward life since I changed my diet. I am more positive more of the time. And I feel more alert. Others can see a difference in me as well.

One friend asked me how I lost weight so quickly, and when I told her, she decided to change her diet too. I am a living example of the powerful effect of the foods we eat. I am so grateful to have found your books and your website to help me transition into a mostly raw diet with very few problems."

Are You Feeling Confused About Health and Nutrition?

There is so much contradicting information about health and nutrition out there, that it’s sometimes hard to find out what's true. .

After publishing a number of interviews and articles on this website presenting the raw vegan diet in a more balanced perspective, I got hundreds of e-mails of people thanking me for this information. Many said that this information freed them, but now they’re still wondering what to eat.

If you're reading this, you probably already know about the raw food diet. So before I tell you about my program, and before I go into more details about how you can do this practically in the real world, I want you to review the top 6 reasons you might NOT think that this diet is for you, or that you think you already know enough about it on your own.

The reason I’m doing this upfront is because I want to get your resistance out of the way so you don’t self-sabotage yourself by not taking action now. 

So based on my surveys and experience, here are the 6 most common reasons for this confusion.

Confusion Reason #1: "I don't know if I can get enough nutrients and protein with just raw foods."

Frederic's Response: You can get not only ENOUGH protein on the raw food diet, but by eating raw foods you'll get the best quality amino acids (the building blocks of protein).In my book "The Raw Secrets" I discuss how you will actually get MORE nutrients on the raw food diet, and give you specific guidelines on what foods to eat to get the best nutrition. I also tell you about the TWO important nutrients you have to watch for... no matter what diet you're on.

Confusion Reason #2: "I don't want to limit my diet to just raw foods."

Frederic's Response: You don't have to limit yourself to just raw foods in order to get the benefits! Many people eat only 50% raw foods and receive tremendous benefits. As long as you know which are the most important foods to eat, and the ones you should avoid, and you learn how to do this diet properly, you will succeed no matter how much raw foods you want to incorporate in your diet.

Confusion Reason #3: "I cannot seem to avoid cravings for bread and chocolate, or other cooked foods."

Frederic's Response: Cravings are a big issue and it seems most people cannot avoid cravings for foods such as bread, chocolate, pasta, etc., when they go on a diet. The truth is that if your diet is balanced and contains enough calories and nutrients, you will not crave cooked foods or junked foods. If you follow a raw food diet and have cravings, you're doing something wrong!

Confusion Reason #4: "I don't know how I could have a social life on this diet."

Frederic's Response: You don't have to be an outcast in order to be healthy! You can still go out for dinner, enjoy the company of your friends and enjoy delicious foods, while at the same time reaping all the benefits from the raw food diet. I included in my booklet, "36 Tips to Succeed on a Raw Food Diet" great ideas to maintain a great social life while eating a very healthy diet too.

Confusion Reason #5: "I think I would have to give up too many things I love."

Frederic's Response: If your idea of raw foods is limited to just salads and fruit, think again. There are so many delicious meals you can prepare that will blow you away. And the best thing, they don't have to be complicated or take a lot of time to prepare. In my books "Raw Soups, Salads & Smoothies," and "Instant Raw Sensations," I included hundreds of easy, delicious raw-food recipes that you will want to make over and over again.

Confusion Reason #6: "I'm not sure how I can get enough energy just eating raw foods."

Frederic's Response: The most important benefit that the raw food diet can give you is increased energy. However, you have to know certain important concepts in order to experience this benefit. In my book "The Raw Secrets" as well as in my course "How to End Confusion About Nutrition," I talk about how you can experience boundless energy with raw foods. I tell you which foods to eat and in what proportion, and which combinations to avoid in order to at least double your level of perceived energy.


Are you Already Eating Raw? Are You Getting the Benefits or Are You Still Struggling?

Read the introduction from the book "The Raw Secrets":

"Radical ideas have much more power than common advice. But in their power lies the danger. Like an explosive charge, radical ideas must be handled carefully.

The raw vegan diet is such an idea. It can save your life. It can help banish “incurable” conditions. It can help you feel great all the time. It can give back your joy of living. It can give an entirely different direction to your life or turn it upside down.

But the practical application may be difficult. Pitfalls line the path of raw eating. Many people have fallen into them — and they will continue falling into them until they know what these pitfalls are, and how to spot and avoid them.

Some people are damaging their health by eating the raw food diet incorrectly. Mostly, this is because they received poor or confusing advice. This book is my antidote to the false information that is being spread in the raw food movement, hurting people as it goes. This is the book I wish someone had handed to me in 1997 when I started on this path.

My dietary adventures have led me to write The Raw Secrets. Even though I had experienced benefits in eating a raw food diet immediately, my personal experience with it has not been an instant success story. It has been one of the most positive things I have ever undertaken — but it has also been a struggle. So before revealing my findings, I wish to share with you my story."

To read the rest of this introduction, click here.

"My Energy is Through the Roof"

I have studied numerous resources on raw eating. Yours is by far the best I have found. I purchased the starter kit a few weeks ago, delving right into the downloadable eBooks and MP3's.

I had been doing raw for about a week by that point. Once I read your information I had a much better handle on how to go raw in a healthy way.

Not only have I dropped some excess weight, my energy is through the roof, my clarity the best it has been in some time, and my gratitude for finding you beyond compare.

I can highly recommend your information to anyone who is serious about getting the right information in an easy to understand format. I am looking forward to "cooking" up some of your great recipes for friends and family over the holiday season.

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

"Inspiring and Educational"

I recently ordered the Raw Health Starter Kit and though I haven't even finished going through all of the material yet, I have been very impressed so far.

I read Raw Secrets and was impressed by the information presented and the scientific explanations behind the information. I have changed my diet some over just the last few weeks and will continue to do so based on this information. I have tried some of the Green Smoothie recipes and even created a few of my own and I have loved them all.

What a great, easy, and tasty way to get nutrients from raw, whole foods! The material that I have gone through has been very inspiring and educational. I look forward to continuing to elevate my knowledge and my diet from this program and I certainly don't have a single regret in purchasing this product.

Khaiyah Mass
From Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

"Simple and Easy to Read"

I purchased the Raw Starter Kit when I was only a few months into my raw food journey. At that point I wasn't as well informed on the subject and was still trying to take my cooked food addictions. I would say the 'Raw Secrets' was the most informative and helpful part of the kit(although the rest of the information supplemented it).

'Raw Secrets' put heaps of information in a simple and easy to read and understandable format! I LOVED IT! I think from the time of purchasing it, my raw food journey has been much smoother (i.e. I no longer crave cooked food, and also feel more confident, with the new found information, that I have made a positive lifestyle choice). THANK YOU FREDERIC!

Dana Shchyrytsya
From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"Fred's observations and advice are spot-on"

After having a mixed experience eating all-raw foods and reading numerous websites and cookbooks about the subject, I decided to give the RAW HEALTH STARTER KIT a try.

I was skeptical after participating in some other raw food programs, including a local delivery service, because although I felt a million times better than when I was eating cooked food, I was still getting sleepy and sluggish at times.

The RAW HEALTH STARTER KIT is honestly the best money I've spent going raw, and I wish I had found this website first. I think Fred's observations and advice are spot-on and the way to be a healthy, supercharged raw-foodist.

His recipes are fantastic and incredibly simple; even my non-raw fiance has taken to making some of the salads and smoothies.

Perhaps the best thing about Fred is that he is non-dogmatic about raw food, and at the same time firmly rooted in science and practical common sense. Anyone who wants to eat more raw food would definitely benefit from this kit, not just raw-foodists, and given how poor the nutritional information is out there I recommend this to anyone who simply wants to eat better.

Danica Radovanov
From Los Angeles, California, USA

Raw Health Starter Kit

After years of hard work, I've been compiling a complete set of resources to get you started on the raw food diet — no matter where you're at (beginner or advanced!).

This complete "Starter Kit" is not available anywhere else" and would cost you much much more to purchase separately.

It includes:

- My best-selling book "The Raw Secrets: the Raw Vegan Diet in the Real World"

- My course, "How to End Confusion About Nutrition"

- My recipe book "Instant Raw Sensations"

- My menu planner "Best Foods on the Planet"

- Tons and tons of other bonuses and resources not available anywhere else.

Free Online Mini-Course

"Health & Energy With The Raw Vegan Diet"

The Health & Energy With The Raw Vegan Diet Mini-Course
  • The biggest mistake most raw foodists make when first going raw (Day 2)
  • Some surprising facts about protein: how much you need and what's provided in a raw vegan diet (Day 4)
  • How to recognize food combinations that are not as healthy as they seem (Day 13)
  • Why "raw" is the natural human diet - you'll be surprised by the answer! (Day 1)

The subscription is FREE and only available through this offer.


Note: I greatly respect your privacy and will never sell or share your email address with anyone. Never.

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Starter Kit Component #1:

The Book "The Raw Secrets: The Raw Food Diet in the Real World"

As soon as you order the Raw Health Starter Kit, you will be able to download this internationally acclaimed e-book — which is the most complete guide on the raw food diet available anywhere! We will also send you the hard-copy version in the mail.

"Brand New 2nd Edition"

The Raw Secrets

In 2002, I released my book "The Raw Secrets," which has quickly become the #1 classic on the raw food diet.

After over a year of work, I've re-published the book in a brand-new, hard-copy, completely revised and expanded 2nd edition!This second edition includes:

- Brand-new, ground-breaking chapters

- Revised versions of chapters found in the first edition.

-Many changes throughout the book.

Although the first edition of the book was great and propeled thousands of people to raw success, I still felt that the book needed work. As I continued my studies, I decided it was time for a complete rewrite of the book.

I'm now proud to present to you:

"The Raw Secrets: The Raw Food Diet in the Real World — 2nd Edition, Completely Revised and Expanded"

By popular demand, this book is now available in brand-new, gorgeous hard-copy edition, as well as in e-book version.

In the Raw Secrets, you will discover:

CheckmarkDiseases and conditions caused or aggravated by bread and grain consumption.

CheckmarkThe most overlooked and important causes for lack of energy.

CheckmarkWhy certain foods are poisons and drugs, and how to find out which ones are.

CheckmarkAn absolutely effective and low-cost way to give up bad habits.

CheckmarkAll about a healthy diet that doesn’t require you to buy special products.

CheckmarkSure signs that the diet you’re on (even if it’s raw) is not working for you.

CheckmarkThe easiest (and best) way to transition to a raw food diet.

CheckmarkWhy you don’t need to eat 100% raw to achieve excellent health, if you don't want to.

CheckmarkThis insider secret to eating a raw food diet in the north.

CheckmarkWhy most raw-food diets are unhealthy and what to do instead.

CheckmarkThe one key principle to achieving a higher level of health, no matter what diet you’re on!

Tommie Burchard
The Raw Secrets Makes It Possible!

"I was totally confused with all the information out there when my daughter first approached me about the raw food diet. She was telling me about how a lot of the "recipes" required dehydrating for a day or two at a time. It sounded so complicated that I was totally against trying it. The concept still appealed to me so I started searching the Internet and found Frederic Patenaude and The Raw Secrets. Today, I am 29 days at 100% raw and I couldn't have done it without the simplicity of The Raw Secrets."

Tommie Burchard
Dayton, TN, USA

Click Play to Hear Tommie's Full Story:

The Best Money I've Spent Going Raw!

"After having a mixed experience eating all-raw foods and reading numerous websites and cookbooks about the subject, I decided to give the RAW HEALTH STARTER KIT a try. I was skeptical after participating in some other raw food programs, including a local delivery service, because although I felt a million times better than when I was eating cooked food, I was still getting sleepy and sluggish at times. The RAW HEALTH STARTER KIT is honestly the best money I've spent going raw, and I wish I had found this website first. I think Fred's observations and advice are spot-on and the way to be a healthy, supercharged raw-foodist. His recipes are fantastic and incredibly simple; even my non-raw fiancee has taken to making some of the salads and smoothies. Perhaps the best thing about Fred is that he is non-dogmatic about raw food, and at the same time firmly rooted in science and practical common sense. Anyone who wants to eat more raw food would definitely benefit from this kit, not just raw-foodists, and given how poor the nutritional information is out there I recommend this to anyone who simply wants to eat better."

Danica Radovanov
From Los Angeles, California, USA

Kate Sturgess
"A Truly Great Book"

"The Raw Secrets literally transformed my life. I'd been spending a fortune on recommended supplements and 'superfoods', and following a 100% raw diet, but I didn't feel healthy and felt disillusioned.

"Your book was like a ray of sunshine. Suddenly everything made sense. I'd been eating far too much fat, and not enough fruit,and life was a misery trying to make complicated recipes all the time which didn't even hold enough calories.

Your book has made the raw diet much more attainable and enjoyable. Eating simply really makes sense. Thanks for a truly great book."

Kate Sturgess
Buckingham Bucks

"The arthritis in my hands vanished"

"Dear Frederic, since ordering the Raw Starter Kit life has definitely changed for the better. I am 61 years old and had thought that I was eating well and was a bit dubious about such a different way of eating but I gritted my teeth and began to follow the eating pattern that you recommended.

In only a few weeks I noticed that I no longer had hot flashes, my asthma had disappeared (I no longer take any medication which I was taking for 14 years) and the arthritis in my hands vanished. I have noticed too that the liver spots on my hands have faded and are now almost non existent.

When I did the pinch test on my hands previously the skin stayed erect but now it goes back down immediately. I feel as if there is a glow about my skin and the dentist has commented that my teeth are in better condition. I highly recommend the Raw Starter Kit for a healthier, fitter and longer life"



"The Raw Secrets is the Best Book Ever Written on the Raw Diet"

Yellow Arrow The Raw Secrets will help you live sustainably on the raw vegan diet and overcome the problems you may have encountered in doing so.

Yellow Arrow Based on logical principles, the raw vegan diet still often falls short of expectation. Instead of improvements in their health, many people see deterioration. Others experience less rejuvenation than they anticipated, or find themselves unable to maintain balance in the long-term. This results solely from a lack of understanding of the guiding principles of natural diet, from the widespread misinformation about it, and the gross errors that follow.

Yellow Arrow The 28, succinct chapters give unique insights on many topics affecting those considering a high-raw or all-raw diet. Each holds dozens of tips to help you eat a pure, simple, nourishing diet.

Yellow Arrow If you are tired of the same, boring, repetitive information found in nearly every other book on the raw vegan diet, then you're in for a surprise!

Yellow Arrow If you seek groundbreaking research and a fresh perspective on raw eating, you will find them in The Raw Secrets!

A word from the author, Frédéric Patenaude

Frederic Patenaude Dear friend,

There are times when trying to prove the value of something isn’t even necessary, because the product in question has already proved itself.

This is the case with my book, The Raw Secrets — one of the rare books in the raw-food movements people absolutely rave about.

Here’s, for example, a letter I received recently:

“Dear Frederic,

I wanted to thank you for changing my life.

I started on the raw food path (or so I thought) in September 2004. I decided it was the right choice for me after experiencing acne and hyperpigmented skin patches over 30% of my body.

For six month, I was combining all the wrong foods and seeing little results. Then I stumbled onto your site and read “The Raw Secrets”; I was instantly relieved and overjoyed.

Today, I am a totally renewed person. I look better than ever and feel amazing. I can't wait for “Instant Raw Sensations.”

I have tried every recipe in your “Raw Soups” book and I love most of them. I have two green smoothies each day and I can't live without these.

The more I learn from you, the more inspired I am to live my best life! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.”

Peace be with you,
G. R.

Since I’ve published The Raw Secrets in 2002, I’ve received hundreds of RAVE REVIEWS and comments from people thanking me. Here are some more:

“I just finished The Raw Secrets and I want to thank you for writing it. You have done the burgeoning raw food movement a great service by pointing out the mistakes of raw-fooders and exposing misconceptions that would lead them to failure.”
Nora Lenz
Bellevue, Washington

“Hi, I got the book "Raw Secrets" and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've already read it twice and I wish I had read it a long time ago. I've been trying to go raw for a year and have had all the problems you described in your book. Thanks so much for writing the book!”
Leatha Day

“Your latest book The Raw Secrets became available just in time to clear the path ahead for me. I was truly drowning in misinformation.”
Tom Szelagowski

“I've just finished The Raw Secrets — the best 'raw' book I've read so far. Great work! Can't wait for your next book!
Joanne Scovill

“I am really glad I bought your book The Raw Secrets. There is so much practical advice and reading in words what I was already instinctively feeling has been very important. It is so non-mainstream that it is sometimes difficult to trust my own inner intuition!! Many thanks. I'm already reading some parts for the third time. I seem to find new gems each time.”
Jayne Jubb

Starter Kit Component #2:

"The Raw Food Diet E-Book Bonuses"

This collection of incredible and useful e-books will be available for download as soon as you order the Raw Health Starter Kit.

These e-books will be sent to you in our Starter Kit CD-ROM in a printable, PDF format so you can get started immediately!

Bonus #1 Recipe Book: Raw Soups, Salads & Smoothies

Raw Soups, Salads and Smoothies
A great recipe book, delivered to you in an electronic format — Raw Soups, Salads, and Smoothies contains delicious raw food recipes that are both tasty and simple to prepare.

In addition to the recipes, you will also find useful and detailed information on the art of preparing raw soups, salads and smoothies, as well as a complete description of some of the ingredients used in the book. Contains over 60 completely original, all raw food recipes.

VALUE: $19.95

Bonus #2 "36 Tips to Succeed on a Raw-Food or Vegan Diet"

36 Tips to Succeed on a Raw-food or Vegan Diet

My new e-book 36 Tips to Succeed on a Raw-food or Vegan Diet — a very enlightening booklet filled with my best tips and pieces of advice that I’ve been gathering over the years. This is a $19.95 value and will be available with this offer for a very limited time

VALUE: $19.95

Bonus #3 "A Compilation of Incredible Magazines on the Raw Diet"

Just Eat an AppleThis unique compilation features almost 200 pages of information, articles, recipes, tips, questions and answers, testimonials, letters from the readers, resources, that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

A unique compilation, now available as downloadable e-books.

In this Unique Compilation, you will discover:

CheckmarkWhat's wrong with herbal medicines: the truth about herbal remedies no one told you

CheckmarkThe only true remedy for a cold or flu that works.

CheckmarkHow to transition to a healthy raw diet, the easy way

CheckmarkJust Eat an AppleWhy grains are not our natural food.

CheckmarkHow someone got rid of nail fungus on a raw diet.

CheckmarkHow to recognize the first signs of diseases.

CheckmarkWhat is our natural diet.

CheckmarkWhat to think of the blood type diet

CheckmarkThe most important thing about deficiencies no one told you.

CheckmarkWhy raw-food diets fail and what to do about it

CheckmarkResources for healthy skincare products.

CheckmarkWhat's happening with raw vegan communities.

An Incredible Resource!

I spent one year working on those magazines, and I really selected the best articles I could. The quality of the information is outstanding and represents a very high value to all health seekers.

VALUE: $39.95

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Starter Kit Component #3:

"Recipe Book: Instant Raw Sensations!"

This extremely useful recipe book will be sent to you by mail, and the accompanying menu planner is included in our CD-ROM.

Instant Raw SensationsAs you already know, most recipe books eventually become relics in the kitchen. Why? The recipes are too complicated, long to prepare and contain ingredients you don’t have or don’t know where to find! Raw-food recipe books also often require several expensive kitchen appliances. And what about that huge mess you have to make in the kitchen, slaving for hours just to prepare that one dish?

Enter: Instant Raw Sensations. Finally a book with recipes that are easy to prepare and ingredients you can easily find. Most recipes can be prepared in less than 10 minutes with a simple cutting board and blender. And guess what? They taste amazing too!

What’s different with this book?

CheckmarkIt’s designed to be useful to you! You won’t find a boring introduction or a chapter on “why I made this book,” or “why eat raw foods.” Just pure fun, pure useful stuff.

CheckmarkThe recipes are time-tested and are the kinds you’ll find yourself making over and over again. This is a recipe book you'll want to keep forever!

CheckmarkThe recipes are easy to prepare! Effortlessly, you'll be putting together the best raw-food recipes in a flash.

CheckmarkIt’s not a book that’ll end up collecting dust after a week. I guarantee that you’ll be using it on a regular basis!

CheckmarkThe recipes are clearly explained and use ingredients that are easy to find, not some sort of weird seasonings from China. There's no jumping from page-to-page to make that special sauce that you need for that one recipe!

CheckmarkThe recipes will appeal to everybody — from the experienced raw-food person to any mom and pop with standard taste buds.

Checkmark Most recipes can be made in 10 minutes or less, some in 5 minutes or less!

CheckmarkTo make almost every recipe, you only need a cutting board and a blender! No dehydrator or special equipment required.

CheckmarkThe recipes in Instant Raw Sensations are healthy and easy to digest! I follow proper food combining in almost every recipe. They are designed with my expertise as a raw chef and my knowledge as a health educator combined.

"The Easiest Way to Eat Raw"

"I Just received "Instant Raw Sensation" and "The Best Foods on the Planet" booklet. I just love it. This is without a doubt the easiest way to eat raw foods.

"I'm so glad you published this since I have had problems knowing just what to eat on a daily basis to give me the nourishment I need. These two books will definitely be my bible from now on.

"Once again, thank you for your efforts in showing us how easy a raw food diet can be."

Ilse Lostvogel
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

What’s in the Book?

Here’s an overview of the book:

Yellow Arrow Smoothies & Shakes Revisited — In this section you’ll find creative ideas for your smoothies. I guarantee that those creative recipes are some “never-seen-before” stuff that will surprise you!

Yellow Arrow Fruit Soups — Oh my good, you’ll love those recipes! I’ve been making those awesome fruit soup for months now, and they get better and better each time. Really, you should jump to that chapter as soon as you receive the book!

Yellow Arrow Green Smoothies (The Greener, the Better) — This is a great chapter with recipes that you won’t find in any other recipe book. Are you ready to get energized with green smoothies?

Yellow Arrow Raw Vegetable Soups to Make You Invincible — Those go beyond the simple gazpacho. They are the simplest, yet tastiest raw soups you’ll ever encounter!

Yellow Arrow Some Great, Satisfying Salads — Another cool chapter filled with my best salad recipes. The kinds that you won’t be able to find in a restaurant anywhere!

Yellow Arrow Dressings You Never Thought Were Possible — Finally, easy dressings that are healthy for you! None of my dressing recipes contain oil, yet they are all super delicious, satisfying and easy to prepare.

Yellow Arrow Dips, Pâtés & Side Dishes (When you want something substantial) — Those are some creative recipes for dips and pâtés. Fresh and easy to digest, those were my rules when designing those recipes.

Yellow Arrow Let’s Get Fancy (or Not) — This is a fun section with creative recipes such as the “Take-No-Prisoners Submarine Rolls”! Yet, they follow the same rigorous guidelines of quality as everything else in the book.

Yellow Arrow No-Compromise Desserts — For that special occasions, I found some really cool dessert recipes that take 10 minutes or less to prepare. Ready to impress your friends and family?

Yellow Arrow 2-Ingredient Recipes (More of the simple stuff everybody likes!) — That’s my favorite part in the whole book! All the recipes use 2 ingredients only, yet are super tasty and creative. I guarantee you will be surprised by those ideas!

Yellow Arrow The Best From the Chefs — I’ve asked several raw-food chefs and experts to give me their favorite raw sensation. But wait, I told them to send me their best stuff only, and to follow the guidelines in my book: fast, tasty, easy, and creative! Contributors include award-winning chef Chad Sarno; Cherie Soria, founder of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute; Doug Graham, raw-food expert and trainer of world-class athletes; Paul Nison, author of “The Raw Life”; Rhio, author of “Hooked on Raw”; Shazzie, author of “Detox Your World”; David Norman, owner of the amazing Bonobos Restaurant in New York City; Karen Knowler, of The Fresh Network in the UK, and author of “Feel-Good Food”; and many more!

Also Included in the Raw Health
Starter Kit CD-COM

The booklet The Best Foods on the Planet:
Simplified Menu Plans for All Seasons.

This special bonus will be the perfect companion and to prepare daily raw meals and menus.

This complete and consise guide contains:

- Menu plans for EVERY season.
- Menus for transition, for a 100% raw diet, for a 75% raw diet, menus for athletes, for detox, weight loss, and more!
- A complete list of available raw foods to help you make your purchases.

This $19.95 value will be available for download on the Raw Health Starter Kit CD-ROM.

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Starter Kit Component #4:

Also included in our CD-ROM:

"More Raw Secrets + Bonus Teleseminar and E-Book"

More Raw Secrets: Advanced Health Secrets for Raw Food Enthusiasts!

This 2-part teleclass has sold for $49.95 and right now is only available through this or other selected offers.

By ordering the Raw Health Starter Kit now, you can get it for as part of starter kit CD-ROM.

In this 2 part teleclass, I expand on the concepts found in the book The Raw Secrets and give you more advanced step-by-step information to take your health to the next level.

You will get to access 1 professional e-book transcript as well as 4 downloadable audio files.

In More Raw Secrets, I discuss:

- Transitioning to the raw diet the easy way
- How to get rid of cravings for unhealthy foods
- How to find out if your body is normal and if your diet is working for you.
- The easiest way to have more energy now!
- And more!

***Special Bonus***

$100+ Value!!!

I have recorded over 4 hours of questions and answered that go beyond the content offered in Raw Secrets and the Raw Health Starter Kit.

In the Starter Kit CD-ROM, you will get access to the audio recordings of these sessions of Q&As as well as a professional transcript, organized by topic for easy reference.

Note that I never offer private consulting and I rarely offer *free* teleconferences.

This is your chance to get answers to your most burning questions on the raw diet, health, and self-improvement!

PS: I reserve the right to remove this bonus at any time in the future.

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Starter Kit Component #5:

"Audio CD on Health and Energy With Raw and Living Foods"

"How to Increase Energy, Achieve Your Ideal Weight and Get Started on the Raw Food Diet"

In addition to all of the material you've read about on this page, I’ve also put together a very-content rich program that will give you a complete set of techniques and tools for improving your health with raw foods.

If you’re new to the raw food diet, you’ll find this audio program to be a great introduction to this diet and you’ll learn what there is to know to get start. If you have some experience with it already, I think you’ll find the information that I’m going to share with you very valuable to clear out any grey areas you may have about the diet and the nutrition aspect of it.

Here are some topics discused:

- Benefits of the raw food diet explained
- Exactly how to transition and what foods you should eliminate and add first
- What are the most important raw foods to eat on a regular basis
- The raw food pyramid, what it should look like
- How you can eat a raw food diet without running into deficiencies
- Look at the protein issue
- Foods to avoid for deficiencies
- How to overcome cravings
- How to achieve your optimal weight, How to lose and gain weight
- How to eat raw foods on a budget
- How to increase your energy
- Food Combining
- Raw food diet in the winter
- How to keep the motivation.

Value: $37

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***Extra Bonus***

$49.95 Value!!!

As part of your order, I will throw in an exclusive bonus that is no longer available anywhere on my site.

It's a program called "How to End Confusion About Nutrition". We have included it in the Starter Kit CD-ROM.

- What Everybody Needs to Know About Vegan and Raw-Food Diets, and How to Find Out a Diet That Really Works For You!

PS: I reserve the right to remove this bonus at any time in the future.

Starter Kit Component #6:

As Part of the Raw Health Starter Kit...

“Get Constant Support and Motivation to Achieve Vibrant Health With Raw Foods With Our Monthly Program”

With the Raw Health Starter Kit, you're not going to be left on your own trying to figure out how to use the information.

We're going to give you a FREE 30-day trial to our monthly program, “The Monthly Raw Food Mentor Club”. As part of this program, you will receive:

- Your monthly raw-food menu planner that takes out the guesswork of figuring out what to eat on this diet!
- Monthly and exclusive ebooks and audio interviews
- Your quarterly member's only mailed newsletter for even more support and motivation
- Discounts on all of our products

As soon as you order the Raw Health Starter Kit, we'll give you your FREE 30-day trial. You can access all of our programs, this month's menu planners and take full advantage of what's already in the member's area.

If you love this program, keep it and stay a member. Your paid subscription will automatically commence at the end of your trial period. There's nothing else for you to do. Every month, you will get access to a new raw-food menu planner as well as our upcoming and exclusive programs, and get your member's newsletter at no additional cost, and you'll automatically be charged only $24.95. You have the option to cancel at anytime you want with no questions or hassles.

If you try out the Monthly Raw Food Mentor Club and you DON'T love what you get and feel you cannot get IMMEDIATE benefits from the Mentor Club material, you can cancel and get to keep all of the material that's available in the member's area FOR FREE just for trying it out.

[You can read all about the Monthly Raw Food Mentor Club by clicking here for a page that will explain the details. This page can be closed as soon as you're done and you can come back here to order the Raw Health Starter Kit and get your free 30-Day Trial to the Monthly Raw Food Mentor Club monthly program.]

Limited Time Bonus:

You will also get a desk of my Smoothie Cards mailed to you with your order!

Just pick out a card from the desk each day to learn how to make a new delicious smoothie from my recipes.

You Will Have Access to All These Resources

The Raw Secrets Raw Soups, Salads and Smoothies
36 Tips to Succeed on a Raw-food or Vegan Diet

The e-book: The Raw Secrets: the Raw Food Diet in the Real World.

Downloadable immediately with Hard-Cover Version Sent in the Mail. Ebook version also sent on CD Rom.

List Price: $24.95

The e-book "Raw Soups, Salads and Smoothies."

Downlodable Immediately and included on CD-ROM.

List price: $19.95

The e-book "36 Tips to Succeed on a Raw-food or Vegan Diet"

Downloadable immediatel and included on CD-ROM.

List price: $19.95

Instant Raw Sensations End Confusion About Nutrition Just Eat an Apple

The book "Instant Raw Sensations" Will be sent in the mail and companion menu e-planner: "Best foods on the Planet" included on CD-ROM.

List Price: $29.95

Digital Course: How to End Confusion About Nutrition.

Included on CD-ROM.

List Price: $49.95

Magazine Compilation: Just Eat An Apple (200 pages of information)

Included on CD-ROM.

List price: $39.95

The course "More Raw Secrets" "Advanced Health Secrets for Raw Food Enthusiasts"

- Includes audio files
- Professional e-book transcript

Included on CD-ROM.

List Price: $49.95

The program "Question and Answer Marathon"

- Over 4 hours of audio
- Professional e-book transcript

Included on CD-ROM.

Value: $100

Audio Program

"Health & Energy With Raw and Living foods"

- Exclusive audio program
- You will also get access to the transcript sent to you.

Shipped to you by mail.

Value: $47

Also Included:

A FREE 30-Day Trial to the Monthly Raw Food Mentor Club


- Monthly raw food menu planners
- Exclusive ebooks and interviews
- Printed and mailed newsletter
- Member discounts

Value: $24.95 plus $400+ worth of material found inside!

Yellow Arrow Total Value if Bought Separately: $351.65 + shipping

Yellow Arrow Your Price for the Raw Health Starter Kit: $129 plus shipping

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Free Bonus CD on How to Create Passive Income in the Natural Health Movement

Here' the deal:

Are you also interested in making extra money in the field of health by starting your own website?

I've included a special bonus as part of the Raw Health Starter Kit Offer, which is actually not available anywhere else on my site.

It's an audio program on "How to Create Passive Income in Health - Get Started With Your Own Business"

If you're one of the next 100 people who order, will add this special CD program to your order.

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You're Fully Protected With
Our Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that the program "Raw Health Starter Kit" is the very best program on the raw food diet you'll ever come accross that I do not hesitate to offer you this powerful guarantee:

60 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

For 60 days (starting from the date of purchase) go through the material in the Raw Health Starter Kit and start to learn all my raw food secrets.

If at the end of that period, you honestly don't feel this is the very best program on the raw food diet that you've come across, and that this program will help you increase your health and energy significantly, just contact me, and I'll refund you 100% of your money.

This is a simple and straightforward guarantee that I'm offering with great confidence because I know the program will deliver. There's no "fine print" here. You have to be thrilled about the program. If you're not going to benefit from this course, I would prefer to buy it back from you.

That's a promise.
Fred's Signature
Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude

PS: Are you wondering why I don't hesitate to offer you this guarantee and put all of the risk on my shoulders? Simply because I'm 100% convinced that you will love the program and will get amazing results from it, like thousands of people before you who have tried it have. And I want to make the decision process as easy and worry-free as possible, by taking all of the risk in case you don't like it.

Try Now Risk Free
"Raw Health Starter Kit"

Are you ready to kickstart your health, and find out exactly how you can use the power of raw foods to experience boundless energy, detox and rejuvenation, and reach your ideal weight, even if everything you've tried before (including other types of raw diets) hasn't worked?

NOTE: We will ship your CD-ROM and books immediately, but you'll also have access to some of the programs immediately after placing your order.

Choose your option:

Option #1 — Regular Customers —$129



Option #2 — Raw Food Mentor Club Members —$79.95


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NOTE: A Monthly Raw Food Mentor Club membership is only $24.95 per month, and it includes our exclusive monthly printed newsletter, monthly raw food menu planners, recipes, interviews, and discounts on our product. Click here to find out about becoming a member and you'll be able to order the Raw Health Starter Kit for only $79.95 from the member's area.


PS: Instead of buying all of these books seperately, better to get them all at once and save money. Why pay more than you need?

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