"Here's How to Put an End to Confusion About Health and Nutrition Once and For All, and Find a Diet and Health Program That Works For You!"

From: Frederic Patenaude
Montreal, Canada

Dear health-seeking friend,

We know there's a state of mass confusion in the raw-food, vegan movement, and I I'm willing to bet on the fact that you're probably still wondering who's right and who's wrong.

Let's face it: it can get pretty confusing. There is so much contradicting information about health and nutrition out there, that it’s sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Sometimes we wonder: is there really truth among all of that, or is it up to the individual to "find out what works for him/her"?

Here are some examples of the confusion:

- One author says we should eat a low-fat, high-fruit diet; the other one says we should eat a low-fruit, high-fat diet. Who to believe?

- Some say we shouldn’t worry about protein at all and others maintain that it’s hard to find enough quality protein in a raw vegan diet.

- Some say we should avoid fruits that are “hybrids,” such as bananas.

- Some people seem to thrive on raw-vegan diets, while others don’t. Why?

- Authors who used to recommend a simple raw vegan diet now are trying to sell us a whole bunch of supplements — and say that they are essential to our health.

- The low-carb diet is becoming very popular, while a while ago the best thing in the world was the low-fat diet...

If you think that with time, you’ll just “figure out what works for you,” read this:

- Many people are still struggling after decades with their diet. You think that with time you’ll just “get it together”? Not necessarily. Fine-tuning is important, and if you don’t learn how to do it, you may still be struggling after years on the diet.

- The success rate of all those who try to eat raw-food diet without proper coaching must be less than 1%! Most people quit after some time, or struggle for years without finding a balance.

- Although there are so many health benefits associated with a raw vegan diet, there are also health hazards. For example, dental problems are very common in raw-foodists. In fact, the dental health of the raw-foodist population is much worse than that of the general population, which is already bad to begin with! It’s important to recognize those issues and understand why they occur.

After publishing a number of interviews and articles on this website presenting the raw vegan diet in a more balanced perspective, I got hundreds of e-mails of people thanking me for this information. Many said that this information freed them, but now they’re still wondering what to eat.

"What Happens If You Follow the Wrong Advice"

There are plenty of self-proclaimed health gurus who have convincing ideas and inspiring books. However, the programs they promote fail to work in the real world.

The following WILL happen to you if you follow the advice of health experts who don't really know what they are talking about:

---> For one, you will lose of lot of time. You’ll be trying different products that don’t work, wasting your money and your health while not even coming close to reaching Perfect Health.

---> On top of that, you will end up in a worse position than you were before.

  • Lack of energy and motivation.
  • Extreme weight loss, or unexpected weight gain (or the inability to lose weight)
  • Symptoms of blood sugar problems
  • Candida, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue

All of those symptoms that could be the direct result of listening to the wrong people!

A real health program should look at all different aspects of health, not just diet or fitness.

Free 4-Day Mini-Course

"The Top Most Important Secrets
for Achieving Perfect Health"

---> This 4-day mini-course reveals exclusive information from the Perfect Health Program!

In this mini-course, Frederic Patenaude interviews Dr. Graham who discusses his principles of Perfect Health and shares more information about the Perfect Health Program. In it, you will learn:

The Perfect Health Program Revealed
  • Lesson 1: How to achieve Perfect Health, and how weak links in your health compromise you.
  • Lesson 2: The four hidden causes of indigestion and the most overlooked aspect of fitness.
  • Lesson 3: Overcoming diabetes, candida, blood sugar problems, and losing or gaining weight.
  • Lesson 4: Becoming a high-energy person, and how to live healthy in an unhealthy world.

The subscription is FREE and only available through this offer.

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"Very Few People Understand Health and Incorporate It Into a System That Works"

Doug GrahamSeveral years ago, I was very confused about health and nutrition.

I used to have the strongest cravings. I was never fully satisfied and I was always hungry. I used to wonder: maybe it's because I'm not getting enough nutrients? Maybe it's because raw foods are not right for me? This confusion went on for years and years.

Then I met a man that totally changed my world. His name is Dr. Graham, and I went on to study for an entire year with him through his different high-end courses and programs, and this is how I was able to go from constant low-energy and confusion to high-energy and great clarity about health and nutrition.

So I have asked Dr. Graham to create the Perfect Health Program with me because he has always impressed me by his deep knowledge of health, and also his incredible success in using his program with thousands of people.

He has been refining his science for over 30 years. His program works for top-athlete AND very sick people. (Dr. Graham trains athlete AND helps very sick people recover their health). His program is supported by science. His program works.

"Now I Got Dr. Graham to Spill His Beans About All of His Health Secrets"

Dr. Graham has got this health thing down to a virtual science. You've never read or seen anything like this before. He's tested it, perfected it. Now I got him to spill his beans about all of his health secrets.

In this life-changing program, Dr. Graham will reveal his complete health system, one that works, not only in theory but also in practice.

A system that looks at ALL aspects of health, not just nutrition, and that finds its support in REAL SCIENCE.

Are you ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

The Perfect Health Program

To order your copy *immediately*,
please click here now.

Maurice Ottey

"I've struggled with adapting a 'raw' lifestyle with being an insulin-dependent diabetic".

After listening over and over just a few times to the Perfect Health Program I've brought my blood sugar levels to 135. Now, that's great for someone who averaged 270 daily, at 51 years old. I'm on target to move it down to more respectable levels.

Dr.Graham cut through all of the current and past words and everyday language that media and just plain folk like you and I use to confuse ourselves.

Maurice Ottey
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Sally Negus

"The Perfect Health Program has BLOWN ME AWAY."

Since the program, I have been 90% raw and following Dr. Grahams 80-10-10. The results have been nothing short of miraculous! Energy level, bowel functioning and an unfamiliar sense of calmness are beyond welcome.

Having experimented with other Raw food gurus programs that clearly did not work, I finally found something that actually works! The value in dollars was SO much greater than what I got. What an amazing gift.

Sally Negus
Licensed Massage Therapist/Colon Hydrotherapist.  
Central St. Husson, N.H.

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In The Perfect Health Program, You Will Learn the Following and More:

CheckmarkDiscover the six crucial parameters of healthful eating necessary in order to experience boundless energy. Let me tell your right off the bat that those six parameters are the basis of a diet that really works. And it doesn't matter it's a raw-food diet, a vegan diet, or the Blood Type Diet.

CheckmarkA proven way to put the symptoms of hypoglycemia into your past in a matter of days. You should know right now that hypoglycemia problems have little to do with how much sugar you eat, but rather how well that sugar is assimilated. Several factors limit this absorption, and we explain how it works.

CheckmarkWould you like to build a beautiful body without spending hours at the gym and without having to use expensive protein powders? Dr. Graham will tell you how, step by step.

CheckmarkYou can lose or gain as many pounds as desired and learn to successfully control your weight once and for all. First of all, we'll show you that any attempt to lose weight by going on an exercise program or severely limiting your calories is going to fail.

CheckmarkThe secret to get the natural motivation to start an exercise program THAT YOU LOVE! We'll tell you upfront that not having motivation to start or following through with an exercise program is the most natural thing in the world. You are normal. Now you just need to know how to generate that motivation naturally.

CheckmarkHow to double your energy levels: and we’re not using a metaphor here: they can REALLY double. Dr. Graham will show you how.

CheckmarkThe sad and dangerous truth about the various detox programs on the market today.

CheckmarkDo you need supplementation? Do you have any idea how to tell if you do, or how to discern how much to take? Discover the answers and learn the dangers of taking supplements.

Checkmark All you need to know about a simple method that allows you to eat a raw-food diet and have a real social life too. You don't have to be an outcast.

CheckmarkDiscover the one critical aspect of fitness that is the most commonly overlooked by almost every professional.

Who is Dr. Doug Graham? Here are a Few Facts:

Yellow Arrow Dr. Graham has been teaching people how to achieve Perfect Health for over 30 years. He is the author of numerous books, CDs and information products. He teaches world-class seminars and retreats all over the world.

Yellow Arrow Dr. has trained professional and Olympic athletes from almost every sport, including tennis legend Martina Navratilova, NBA player Ronnie Grandison, and the Norwegian national bicycling team.

Yellow Arrow Dr. Graham has worked with thousands of people, including many famous people such as Demi Moore and Mark Victor Hansen (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul).

Yellow ArrowDr. Graham helped thousands of sick people get back to health and has dealt with the widest range of health conditions. He ran a health center for over 10 years, helping the sickest of the sick to get well. He has been consulting privately ever since.

Yellow Arrow Dr. Graham has followed a raw-vegan diet for twenty-five years and has been vegetarian for over thirty years. He is living proof that eating whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic food is the way to achieve vibrant health and vitality!

Yellow Arrow Dr. Graham has been successful on his health program for longer than almost anyone in the movement. You could waste a lot of time listening to people who don’t even know where they are going yet, being totally new to this and already touting themselves as “foremost experts.” Dr. Graham, on the other hand, has created a complete program that has proved itself over and over again and that has been refined to an absolute science.

Yellow Arrow . Dr. Graham has the technical training that makes him a true health expert, being a chiropractor and doctor of Natural Hygiene. He also has had thousands of hours of professional training in nutrition, biology, chemistry, and other health sciences.

Yellow Arrow Dr. Graham has not had a sick day since Dec 15, 1980.

"74 Year Old Man Regains 20/20 Vision After Years of Myopia"

Yesterday I went to my optometrist physcian for an eye examination. I have been on the raw vegan diet for 2 years and that's when I had my last eye examination. My vision was 20/30 and has been for a few years. This time my vision was 20/20! The doctor and I were both taken aback. On my last examination I had a slight tendency toward macular degeneration. That also disappeared. The doctor was so amazed that he hinted at doing a study, especially since I'm 74 years old.

Since starting the new way of eating 2 years ago, I have lost and maintained a 20 lb loss, my blood pressure dropped 18 points. My hair is thicker, my nails are better, my urine is clear, my energy and endurance have improved. I play racquet ball 2 times a week and easily keep up with the younger player. I also play golf twice a week during the playing season. My wife has also noticed that my complexion is so much better. Thanks to your books and the Perfect Health Program!

Bernie Gurstein
Hayden Lake, ID


The "meat" of the Perfect Health Program is a series of 12 MasterClasses that were recorded last summer as part of our LIVE Perfect Health Series. When you order the Perfect Health Program, you will receive 12 CDs containing the recordings for the entire program.

—Here's an overview of what you will learn—

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #1

A Diet That Works!
Defining the Ultimate Diet and
Step-By-Step Methods for Achieving It.

The Perfect Health Program Are you sick and tired of:

Going from one diet to another?

-Not finding balance in your eating habits?

-Not being able to overcome bingeing and addiction?

-Not getting the results you desire?

Then don't miss out on this most essential conference.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #1

Yellow Arrow A complete, step-by-step explanation of how to use six easy-to-define parameters of healthy eating to completely change your diet and your health, no matter what diet you're on! These six parameters are crucial. Dr. Graham will go in detail about each one and make sure that you understand them.

Yellow Arrow Nifty tricks to create a diet that will totally support your health goals.

Yellow Arrow What are the foods to which we are biologically adapted, and how you can tell.

Yellow Arrow The one thing no one told you about perfect health. What is perfect health and how can we achieve it?

Yellow Arrow The most important distinction to make between health accumulation vs. disease prevention and suppression.

Yellow Arrow How to tell if your diet is working for you. Dr. Graham will give his definition of the optimal diet.

Yellow Arrow The shocking truth about unhealthy foods that are often praised as “whole foods,” but in fact are not. (This includes a lot of food that are sold in health food stores as "super natural").

Yellow Arrow The big lesson Dr. Graham learned about what happens to food when they are cooked.

Yellow Arrow The undisputed FIRST STEP you need to take BEFORE you try to change your diet in any way.

Yellow Arrow Why you should forget everything you learned about the vegetarian diet. Dr. Graham explains in simple terms whether or not a plant-based diet is optimal.

Yellow Arrow Exactly how fat consumption affects digestion.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #2

Do You Know Your Weak Link?
Hidden Factors That Can Destroy
Your Nutrition and Health Potential.

The Perfect Health Program You may think that your diet is ok, but what about all those other factors of health?

--> Hidden weak links that you've not paid attention to may be ruining all the benefits you are expecting to get from a healthy diet.

Don't let that happen to you.

You will learn in conference #2 that the weakest link in your nutritional program limits the effectiveness of the entire program.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #2

Yellow Arrow Exactly what are weak links and why they matter. Dr. Graham will explain that your health is limited by its weakest link, and why it pays off to pay attention to those weak links first, instead of focusing on the areas where our health is already okay.

Yellow Arrow The latest findings on the link between fitness and nutrition. You will learn why it is impossible for an unfit person to be well-nourished, no matter what diet they are on.

Yellow Arrow The one crucial area of health that almost EVERY person skips -- with often tragic results!

Yellow Arrow Exactly how sleep influences your nutrition and overall health.

Yellow Arrow The shocking truth about sunshine. Is sunshine a health builder or an influence to be avoided?

Yellow Arrow Exactly how much sunshine you need, and totally useful strategies to avoid skin problems from sun exposure.

Yellow Arrow How you can get the best air possible. Learn what is the role of pure air in the overall health pictures.

Yellow Arrow Useful emotional strategies and tricks can you use to get the most from your food.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #3

"The Four Hidden Causes of Impaired Digestion
That Most Influence Your Nutrition.

The Perfect Health Program If your digestion is anything but perfect, you need to hear this conference.

You are not what you eat. You are very much what you digest, absorb, and assimilate.

Most people participate in all four causes of impaired digestion that you will learn in conference #3. No wonder digestive aids are the number one selling OTC and prescription drugs.

Don't settle for anything less than perfect digestion, and finally get rid of gas, constipation and any type of digestive problems.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #3

Yellow Arrow Learn the four factors that play the biggest roles in impaired digestion and the proven strategies for overcoming each of them.

Yellow Arrow Exactly how does overeating result in less than optimal digestion and what you can do to avoid it.

Yellow Arrow The tricks to making your digestion silent (you won’t even be aware you have organs! If you are aware of them, there's a problem...).

Yellow Arrow The ONE shortcut that allows you to turbo-boost your digestion and bring your energy levels to new heights.

Yellow Arrow How a compromised digestion can dramatically affect your health.

Yellow Arrow Insider tricks about food combining. Why food combining matters but also how you can learn to by-pass many of the rules of food combining and make it really easy to follow.

Yellow Arrow How to tell if you should transition slowly or fast to the Perfect Health Program.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #4

Learning From Top Performers:
How to Become Fit and Strong

The Perfect Health Program Don't you want to be fit? Even if you don’t earn your living performing a specific sport, well-rounded fitness is a universal goal! No one wants to have glaring omissions in their abilities to perform.

In this conference, you will learn to identify the secrets from top performers and the five facets of fitness and how to train to develop each of them.

You don’t know how to get started? You think you’re an out of shape old-timer? Dr. Graham will teach you how to reach your true potential having more fun and energy than you ever had in your entire life.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #4

Yellow Arrow The hidden link between fitness and nutrition: why an unfit person can never be healthy.

Yellow Arrow From out-of-shape old-timer into top athlete.... How to know what’s possible.

Yellow Arrow Learn why just going out to do some cardio and lift weights at the gym isn't at all a good fitness program. When you do that you're missing out on some very important aspects of your fitness such as flexibility, neurological development and endurance training.

Yellow Arrow Learn exactly what the 5 essential components of fitness are, and how to incorporate each one into a fitness program.

Yellow Arrow The THREE ways to your fitness are the acronym FIT: Frequency, Intensity and Time. Learn exactly how to use this principle to make dramatic improvements in your fitness program.

Yellow Arrow Find out EXACTLY how much time do you need to put into your fitness program. Here we'll get into the specifics. Exactly how much time should most of us spend in fitness activities in order to get the results we expect.

Yellow Arrow The WORST mistake you can make when you exercise is to forget to include a proper warm-up and cool-down. Dr. Graham will reveal his strategies to make sure you NEVER get injured again in any type of sport of fitness activity.

Yellow Arrow The secrets of designing the body that you want. Learn how you can get good muscle definition.

Yellow Arrow The crucial aspect that most people skip is that they wait too long after exercise to eat, because they think they are "not hungry". Dr. Graham will explain exactly when you need to eat and what you need to eat for best result after which type of activity.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #5

The Secrets of Neuro Training:
the Forgotten Aspect of Fitness

The Perfect Health Program Neurological training is no more important than any other facet of fitness, but it is the one that is commonly least emphasized.

In 40 years of coaching athletes and non-athletes, Dr. Graham has found that neuro training is most likely to be a person's weak link.

The odd thing is, neuro training is usually considered to be the most fun-to-develop aspect of fitness.

Learn to incorporate this valuable feature of fitness and watch your overall fitness and fun grow as you reach new performance highs, no matter how old or fit you are!

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #5

Yellow Arrow Learn exactly what neuro training is, and why it should matter to you, even if you are not an athlete.

Yellow Arrow Discover the sad reality: how the lack of neuro training development can hold you back and other areas of development.

Yellow Arrow The best way to create a powerful and fun neuro training session, without any special equipment.

Yellow Arrow Ingenious tricks to create a neuro-training session that can be done in 5 minutes or less.

Yellow Arrow A complete list of all the various abilities that neuro training entails. (You'll realize quickly how important for your long-term well-being this one aspect of fitness is, especially as you age!)

Yellow Arrow Do you know other types of activities supply enough neuro training that you need? Dr. Graham will explain how to make sure the activities you are doing is giving you enough neuro training.

Yellow Arrow Why in the world something called "neuro training" matters and why it can be more fun than other types of activities!

Yellow Arrow Surprising examples of how to create a neuro training session, even if you think you don't have any time for it.

Yellow Arrow Exactly how much time you should spend on neuro training session to get the results you desire.

Yellow Arrow Where to find special equipment for neuro training, and why you don't need to spend more than a few bucks on it. We'll give you the resources that you need.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #6

Overcoming Candida, Hypoglycemia,
and Other Sugar-Metabolic Disorders

The Perfect Health Program If you believe you suffer from a sugar-metabolic disorder, or you know anyone that does, PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS PRESENTATION.

Candida can be overcome quickly and effortlessly.

You can put the symptoms of hypoglycemia into your past in a matter of days.

Even most cases of diabetes are easy to correct.

Learn how to eat and live in a fashion that will support your optimum health and put and end to all sugar-related problems.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #6

Yellow Arrow Learn once and for all the hidden truth about hypoglycemia, candida, and diabetes.

Yellow Arrow Discover the one shortcut that allows you to beat those sugar-metabolic disorders.

Yellow Arrow Learn how you can monitor your blood sugar without machines.

Yellow Arrow What to eat to control blood sugar. Discover when you should eat fruit, when you should eat vegetables, when you should eat other foods, and how much of each.

Yellow Arrow Why you must incorporate certain exercises in order to over come candida, hypoglycemia and sugar-metabolic disorders. Diet is not everything! You must pay attention to other health factors also.

Yellow Arrow The one thing no one told you about candida, and why do people get candida in the first place. (HINT: it's got nothing to do with sugar!)

Yellow Arrow A surprising discovery about the hidden relationship between sugar-metabolic disorders and chronic fatigue.

Yellow Arrow A proven plan to finally overcome hypoglycemia, candida and diabetes. We'll tell you what should you eat to overcome these problems.

Yellow Arrow Why we don't believe in "one size fit for all" and how to individualize the program to work for you, based on your own needs and health history.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #7

Achieve Your Perfect Physique:
How to Healthfully Lose, Gain, and Maintain Weight.

The Perfect Health Program Wouldn't you just love to never feel the need to step on the scale again and know that your weight was staying exactly where you wanted it?

Once you learn the rules of the weight game it is easy to play to win.

In this teleconference, you will learn to successfully lose, gain, and control your weight and achieve the physique of your dreams once and for all.

This is one of the most important conferences in the Perfect Health Program and we guarantee that the new perspective you will gain on this subject will be life-transforming!

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #7

Yellow Arrow Learn the shocking truth about weight: why the actual number of pounds you weight has very little meaning in determining if you're at a healthy weight or not.

Yellow Arrow Discover an easy way to determine how much you should weigh, and what is a healthy weight for you.

Yellow Arrow New research shows the overlooked and critical relationship between weight and body fat percentage.

Yellow Arrow What are the three types of weight you can gain or lose as an adult, and why it's not healthy to lose a bunch of weight all at once.

Yellow Arrow How you can healthfully lose weight without ever gaining it back! (HINT: the program you're on shouldn't make you feel like you're starving to death!)

Yellow Arrow If you wish to gain weight, Dr. Graham will explain you what you should do in order to successfully gain healthy weight.

Yellow Arrow Learn the untold brutality of weight loss programs that guarantee rapid and immediate weight loss, and why you should never consider them even for a second!

Yellow Arrow Why exercise is NOT in most cases a good way to lose weight. Most people simply don't have the fitness abilities to lose a lot of weight simply by exercising.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #8

How to Become a High-Energy Person
***Even If You Have Chronic Fatigue***

The Perfect Health Program Who doesn't want more energy?

Being a high-energy person is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed in life, take care of your loved ones, and protect your future.

In this teleconference, you will learn how you can have more energy, and learn to manage even better the energy you already have!

Once you understand where your energy comes from and in what pursuits it is used, becoming a high-energy person is a relatively simple matter.

In this conference, you'll learn to break the cycle of lethargy, lack of desire to exercise... the vicious circle that goes on and on.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #8

Yellow Arrow Learn the surprising truth about the true source of energy. What are the secrets behind energy and where it comes from? Once you understand this, you'll realize that most of what you think you know about energy is false!

Yellow Arrow Learn the critical difference between energy and fuel. Why energy doesn't actually come from the food you eat. (It will be surprising to discover the practical application of this principle!)

Yellow Arrow What to do when you don't have motivation to exercise? How to break the cycle of lethargy and lack of desire to do anything.

Yellow Arrow The most common mistake most people make when they try to evaluate if they're getting enough sleep. Discover exactly how much sleep do you need each day

Yellow Arrow A complete, step-by-step explanation of what are the best times to eat to experience higher levels of energy.

Yellow Arrow How to finally overcome fatigue after eating certain foods (even health foods such as fruit).

Yellow Arrow What you must know about exercise, sleep, and the food you eat. (Avoid the critical mistake most people make when it comes to exercise!)

Yellow Arrow A simple system to know what foods to eat and at what time of the day.

Yellow Arrow Discover what to eat, morning noon and night, to fuel your enthusiasm and the fitness activities that will invariably accompany them.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #9

The Greatest Method Known to Heal Any Disease
***Are You a Candidate For a Fast?***

The Perfect Health Program Fasting has been used for thousands of years throughout the world to help the body heal from every imaginable condition.

Knowing the essential facts about fasting could save your life, or that of a loved one.

At the very least, knowing these facts will help you understand what kind of fast could help you and when to consider it in your life.

In this teleconference, you will learn the most essential facts about the greatest method known to heal any disease — fasting!

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #9

Yellow Arrow How you can use fasting in certain situations, even if you don't know anything about it or have doubts about it!

Yellow Arrow Dr. Graham ran a fasting retreat for over 10 years, and during that time he worked with over 2000 patients who got well through the proper use of fasting and raw food nutrition. Maybe fasting (for a short or long time) would be of great benefit to you. In this conference, you will learn if you are a candidate for a fast.

Yellow Arrow Learn the insider stories about what happens during a fast (HINT: the results can be pretty impressive).

Yellow Arrow When and why you should or should not fast at home

Yellow Arrow Find out where to go to get the best fasting experiences occur.

Yellow Arrow Why certain people should NEVER fast — find out if this applies to you.

Yellow Arrow Discover the different degrees of fasting, and learn how to use this to your advantage.

Yellow Arrow The WORST mistake you can make if you try to fast on your own or even under supervision.

Yellow Arrow Discover what conditions respond best to fasting, and what you can expect on your fast.

Yellow Arrow Find out when home fasting appropriate, and when is it not.

Yellow Arrow A surprising explanation of why most people who fast are actually not hungry throughout their fast. You'll find out that fasting is NOT starving, and can do the body a lot of good when done properly.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #10

Learn to Detox! The Surprising Truth About Cleanses,
Flushes, Colonics and Detoxification.

The Perfect Health Program There are so many detox programs out there, it's often confusing. How do we know who to believe?

Everyone wants to be internally clean. But the problem is that most people have no idea how to detoxify, and that most "detox programs" on the market are actually complete frauds!

In this controversial teleconference, Dr. Graham will explain how you can detoxify naturally, and how to avoid the damage of most detox programs.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #10

Yellow Arrow The best way to be able to successfully detox. Learn how to create your own detox program that is cost-effective and doesn't require the use of harsh substances.

Yellow Arrow Why you should NOT consider getting colonics. Dr. Graham will reveal disturbing facts about the problems colonics can do to you.

Yellow Arrow Learn the shocking truth about the damage that can be done from using many products on the market used for detoxification purposes. You'll learn why most of what is sold to this effect is actually very dangerous!

Yellow Arrow Discover how detoxification happens within the body, and how you can successfully detox.

Yellow Arrow Find out what is the best water to drink for detoxification.

Yellow Arrow How to tell if you are “clean."

Yellow Arrow An actual example of what would be an ultimate detox program. (You'll find out how you can achieve detoxification in a short period of time).

Yellow Arrow All about a simple method to avoid becoming toxic again, once you have gone through a good detox program.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #11

Shocking News About Stimulants & Supplements,
How to Overcome Any Addiction.

The Perfect Health Program In this ground-breaking teleconference, you will learn several important points about common mistakes most people make when they try to eat naturally and take care of their health.

This is extremely important because most people, in the name of health, do things that are hurting them!

Also, Dr. Graham will share his strategies for overcoming addictions, bingings and cravings.

After listening to this teleconference, you will be armed with the right tools and motivation to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle — all the time.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #11

Yellow Arrow Learn a little-known way to determine which foods are harmful, and how to automatically make healthy choices.

Yellow Arrow End the confusion about supplementation! Learn if there are certain supplements that one should take, and how to tell.

Yellow Arrow Do you know the most glaring flaws in most diets, including the raw-food diet? Dr. Graham will explain how to avoid being fooled by greedy health promoters.

Yellow Arrow Learn exactly why certain foods should be classified as drugs (you'll be surprised to realize how common they are!)

Yellow Arrow A proven step-by-step method to finally free yourself from any addiction, little or small.

Yellow Arrow Learn why certain popular foods rush the aging process, and how to identify and avoid them.

Yellow Arrow Learn why most condiments cannot be considered health foods, and how to tell which ones should be on your plate and which ones you should avoid like the plague!

Yellow Arrow A fascinating discussion on how long it takes to really live healthfully.

Yellow Arrow Learn a surprising truth: It is impossible to be physically addicted to chocolate or actually any other substance that is harmful to the body. Instead, what most people mean by "addiction" is something entirely different.

Perfect Health CD Masterclass #12

The Best Raw Food Diet:
How to Make it Work in the Real World!

The Perfect Health Program Now you are committed to eating as much raw food as possible and eventually reaching your all your health goals, we will show you how to make this diet work in the real world!

Learn to eat exactly as Nature intended, and the develop strategies that will still allow you to still have a great social life.

This conference is one of the most important ones in the series because it brings everything in perspective and balance.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Perfect Health CD Masterclass #12

Yellow Arrow Learn how quickly you can transition from a cooked-food diet to live, raw-food program, and what strategies to use in order to make that transition effortless

Yellow Arrow How to have a REAL social life while eating differently (HINT: you'll still be able to order food at the restaurant, go to business lunches and have fun for God's sake!).

Yellow Arrow How to design a successful program. We're talking about a diet that gives you energy, is delicious, is easy to prepare, and that you can do no matter where you live or what your budget is.

Yellow Arrow What foods to eat on a daily basis to get the maximum benefits from the program.

Yellow Arrow More details will be given on Dr. Graham's 80-10-10 raw-food program. You'll learn the insider tricks on creating a successful live raw-food program.

Yellow Arrow How to deal with sticky social situations and family members or friends who give you a hard time for eating differently. You'll learn how to graciously handle the situation while develop the skills that will make you a social magnet.

Yellow Arrow The live-raw-food-program explained step-by-step. We'll crunch a few numbers with Dr. Graham as he explains how much of each food group you really need.

Yellow Arrow Learn how you find more people who think the same as I do. (HINT: It's easier than you think!)

***Is This the Program You've Been Looking For?***

When we created the Perfect Health Program, we wanted to make sure that it covered all of the most frequently asked questions about health. After doing surveys among a large number of people, we discover that the following issues were really common. They are all answered in the Perfect Health Program.

CheckmarkIf you are underweight, how "bulk up" healthily while getting enough protein and fat in your diet.

Checkmark How do you easily manage and control sugar cravings.

Checkmark The Perfect Health Program is applicable for all ages, for people in good health and not so good health.

Checkmark How to be sure that you are getting enough nutrients (calcium, protein, minerals, vitamins, etc.) from food alone without the use of supplements.

Checkmark The Perfect Health Program is simple enough to follow. We'll show you how to get started in a simple way.

Checkmark Learn how you can still spend time with family and friends on Holidays without falling into the trap of eating their foods.

Checkmark How to build muscle, burn fat and be athletic on the raw food diet.

Checkmark How to FINALLY beat cravings, once and for all, and never fall off the wagon!

Checkmark Comprehensive information about candida and how to get rid of it.

Checkmark Actually finding out the motivation to apply the tools we teach you in the Perfect Health Program

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"My Strength and Stamina Improved!"

“I have been on a raw diet for approximately one and half years. The changes I have experienced have been exciting, but after listening to the Perfect Health Program I discovered that I can make even greater improvements in my health!

Dr. Graham's communication style was easy to grasp and most of all motivating. I found on the Perfect Health Program that my strength and stamina improved and that my cravings for fatty foods was decreased. I learned the importance of balancing as many different aspects of my lifestyle as possible. I will get more return on my investment by not spending most my energy on just one or two aspects of health. Dr. Graham does more than tell you what to do - he tells you how to do it! Thanks Dr. Graham.”

Dr. Craig M. Boyle, D.C.
Sitka, AK

“The Perfect Health Program covered all the questions I had about eating a raw vegan diet.

Like so many eating raw, I was having cooked food cravings too. You taught the key to overcoming cravings. I tried it and it really works! Finally, I have the missing puzzle pieces to make this lifestyle a success. I love the balanced approach you have for healthy living. By the way, my husband and I are having a blast with neuro training!

Martha and Rick Josey
Newton, NC

***By ordering the Perfect Health Program NOW, you also get the following***

Perfect Health Bonus Digital Book #1

"Transcript of LIVE Question and Answers on the Perfect Health Program"

The Perfect Health Program Bonus Book The Most Essential Questions on the Perfect Health Program Answered.

When we first offered the Perfect Health Program, the 100 attendees listened to each teleconference LIVE, and then sent us their question after each teleconference for material that they felt we didn't cover during the series.

Also, after the entire event, we had another session of 3 hours of questions and answers.

The result is this amazing bonus e-booklet which a transcript of over 10 hours of questions and answers on the Perfect Health Program.

If your questions haven't been answered during the series, they probably will be in this book.

VALUE: $97

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Bonus Book #1

Yellow Arrow Learn exactly how much sunshine you need for optimal health. The latest findings on the subject will be exposed.

Yellow Arrow Is it necessary to do lab work on the Perfect Health Program? If so, how should we interpret the results? (The answer will surprise you!).

Yellow Arrow Surprising research reveals the fundamental errors behind metabolic typing and the blood type diet.

Yellow Arrow How to get rid of parasites. Learn the only proven way to completely eliminate these nasty critters from your system (and I'm sure you don't want them in there!).

Yellow Arrow How to live in a cold environment and eat a raw-food diet.

Yellow Arrow How to raise a baby on a raw-vegan diet. Specific recommendations.

Yellow Arrow What you should do if you have a low-body temperature.

Yellow Arrow The thing no one told you about dental health and how to make sure your teeth get better when following the Perfect Health Program.

Yellow Arrow What to do if you are underweight, and why eating more isn't necessarily the best thing to do in this case.

Yellow Arrow An actual example of why many diet and health gurus out there are actually misleading people, simply because they don't even have a program that works that they follow themselves.

Yellow Arrow A little-known facts about bananas and the glycemic index. Why most of what you know about the glycemic index isn't accurate in the first place.

Yellow Arrow All about a simple method that enables you to improve your digestion or increase digestive "fire".

Yellow Arrow What to do if you've lost a lot of weight and you have some loose skin to get rid of. Dr. Graham will give you his best exercise recommendation to deal with that problem.

Yellow Arrow A fascinating discussion on meat eating, answering the question as to why certain types of monkeys eat meat.

Yellow Arrow Why you should never, EVER, get in the habit of fasting one day a week. Learn why this practice is actually very depleting and not beneficial at all in the long run.

Yellow Arrow At least 3 different ways you can measure yourself your body fat percentage, and why it's important to do so.

Yellow Arrow A generally unknown fact about chlorine in tap water.


Yellow Arrow Chiropractic Care, Saunas

Yellow Arrow Flax seeds, Counting Calories

Yellow Arrow Babies with Eczema, Nuts, Seeds & Avocados,

Yellow Arrow Air Quality, Sunscreen,

Yellow Arrow Hereditary Diseases , Low Hydrochloric Acid Levels

Yellow Arrow Distilled Water and Seaweed, Vitamin B12

Yellow Arrow And Much More!

Perfect Health Bonus eBook #2

"Dr. Graham's Natural Health Compilation"

NOTE: This bonus will be available for download as soon as you place your order!

Natural Health Compilation
12 articles that will change your perspective on nutrition and health!

This bonus booklet features 12 amazing articles by Dr. Doug Graham on topics such as:

-Building a beautiful body

- Nutrition and energy.

- How to get enough nutrients


-Empty calories, and more.

This series of article sells for $60 on Dr. Graham’s website, and is yours for free when you order the Perfect Health Program.

VALUE: $60

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Bonus eBook #2

Yellow Arrow A shocking expose on disinformation spewing forth in a continual mass media marketing blitz about sugar. Why natural sugar is an essential need for the human body, as long as you get in from the right sources.

Yellow Arrow Learn the dangers of eating certain types of protein foods which are treated by the blood, lymph, and liver as “foreign invaders.” (HINT: This is scary stuff but you should definitely know about it).

Yellow Arrow A step-by-step explanation of which foods exactly provide the necessary proteins in the right proportion in a raw-food vegan program.

Yellow Arrow Why there's no such thing as a "slow" and "fast" metabolizer, the way this theory is being used to promote certain foods or supplement.

Yellow Arrow The shocking truth about some foods which are touted as "health foods" but are in facts nothing more than stimulants, akin to coffee or drugs.

Yellow Arrow How to learn to be able to literally sculpt your body, just like an artist, to achieve the physique you desire, and that without spending hours at the gym.

Yellow Arrow Why you cannot evaluate whether you are "overweight" or "underweight" or even at a "healthy weight" simply by taking your weight alone in account. You'll learn that your weight alone is a poor indicator of whether or not you are at a healthy weight.

Yellow Arrow An actual example of how most leaders in the raw-food movements are actually creating health problems in people by giving poor and misleading recommendations.

Yellow Arrow How to make your exercise sessions efficient so you can be done fast and get results.

Perfect Health Bonus eBook #3

"FAQs on the Raw Food Diet"

NOTE: This bonus will be available for download as soon as you place your order!

FAQs on the Raw Food Diet
Find out the truth about the healthiest diet in the world!

Finally, there's an easy resource that answers all of your most important questions on the raw-food diet!

This booklet took years for Dr. Graham and his contributors to compile and is now available in an easy-to-read format exclusively with the Perfect Health Program.

It will be a resource you will want to refer to over and over again, and one that you can lend to all your friends and family members so that they have a clear idea of what you're doing!

VALUE: $20

Here is Just a Small Sample of Things You
Will Learn in Bonus Booklet #3

Yellow Arrow Why there is no essential nutrient in meat, grains, legumes, or dairy that is not also available in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and in a form that is easier to digest.

Yellow Arrow The deadly errors to avoid when going on a raw food diet. Why most raw-food diets are totally unsustainable and actually harmful in the long-run.

Yellow Arrow How to know exactly how many fruits and vegetables to eat each day, and how to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need on a raw-food diet.

Yellow Arrow Why some people start losing weight right away on a raw food diet while others take several months before significant weight losses begin.

Yellow Arrow Why many people fail on the raw diet due to the intensity of emotions that can arise from, and the emotional attachments to cooked foods, and what to do to avoid this.

Yellow Arrow A complete explanation of how applying heat to foods provides no nutritional benefit to the food and is detrimental to the person ingesting the cooked food.

Yellow Arrow How to avoid getting gas from eating raw food.

Yellow Arrow What to think of hybridized foods. Why problems arise when fruits are hybridized for purely commercial reasons, and what to do to be able to eat these fruits without consequences.

Yellow Arrow A step-by-step explanation of exactly what to eat on a raw-food diet in order to experience all the positive results (optimal weight, rejuvenation, increased energy, etc.).

Yellow Arrow What to do if you've been taking medicines and how to tell if this is compatible with the raw-food diet.

Perfect Health Bonus #4

"Weekly Reminders and Automatic E-mail Coaching for 1 full year!"

Weekly E-mail Lessons and Action Reminders
You and I know that even with the best intentions in the world, we often fall short on our commitments in life, and that includes doing the things you need to do in order to reach Perfect Health.

What's the point of ordering our program if you're not going to use the information in it?

With that in mind, we've decided to give you as many chances as possible by offering you weekly e-mail lessons and action reminders for 1 entire year!

VALUE: $197 (But priceless)

These weekly e-mail lessons will include the following benefits:

Yellow Arrow You will decide when you want to start the weekly e-mail lesson program. It's entirely up to you. Once you decide to start, you will receive 1 e-mail lesson every week for 52 consecutive weeks.

Yellow Arrow These lessons will include essential quotes from the Perfect Health Program, enabling you to further "digest" the information.

Yellow Arrow Occasionally, we will include audio lessons from the Perfect Health Program, so you always keep that material fresh in your head!

Yellow Arrow We will include tips and action steps that will help you reach your goal of Perfect Health faster.

Yellow Arrow We will offer you useful resources that you can use to bring you further and further on this quest.

Yellow Arrow More importantly, receiving these weekly lessons, quotes and audio clips will prove to be a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation!

Yellow Arrow By reviewing the material from the Perfect Health Program on a regular basis you will incorporate it at a very deep level until it almost becomes second nature to you!

To wrap it up, let’s look at the total value

Get your hands on the Perfect Health Program and finally experience the vitality that you deserve.

Remember that Dr. Graham normally charges $600 per hour for his consultation time. To attend one of his high-end events, you’re looking at spending at least $2500 (not including travel costs).

Dr. Graham has agreed to create this series of 12 teleconferences at a price anyone can afford.

CheckmarkThe Perfect Health Program — 12 Masterclasses with Dr. Graham — These teleconferences originally sold for $45 Each as a series. Each class is sent to you on a CD for easy listening and reviewing.

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #1: Defining the Optimum Diet and Step-By-Step Methods for Achieving It.

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #2: Factors That Influence Your Nutrition and Health Potential.

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #3: The Four Causes of Impaired Digestion That Most Influence Your Nutrition.

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #4: Designing and Implementing a Comprehensive Fitness Program.

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #5: Neuro Training: the Missing Link In Most Fitness Programs.

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #6: Overcoming Candida, Hypoglycemia, and Other Sugar-Metabolic Disorders

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #7: Permanent Weight Control: How to Healthfully Lose, Gain, and Maintain Weight

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #8: How to Become a High-Energy Person Even If You Have Chronic Fatigue.

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #9: The Role of Fasting In Optimal Health. Are You a Candidate For a Fast?

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #10: The Surprising Truth About Cleanses, Flushes, Colonics and Detoxification.

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #11: Stimulants, Supplements, Condiments and Raw Drugs: How to Overcome Your Addictions To Anything.

Yellow Arrow Masterclass #12: The Rational Raw Diet: Living In the Real World.


Checkmark BONUS #1 The Most Essential Questions on the Perfect Health Program Answered: $97 (this bonus is available as an instant download)

Checkmark BONUS #2 Dr. Graham's Natural Health Compilation: $60 (this bonus is available as an instant download)

Checkmark BONUS #3 "FAQs on the Raw Food Diet" $20 (this bonus is available as an instant download)

Checkmark BONUS #4 "Weekly Reminders and Automatic E-mail Coaching for 1 full year!" $197

Your Price: $197.00

So, Are You Ready To Take That First Step To Health?

That first step into lifelong health and boundless energy is often the most frightening one to take — but think of it this way:

Once you take that first step, all you have to do is keep walking along the path we'll lay out for you in the Prefect Health Program — and before you know it, you'll be telling others how wonderfully this is working for you... and teaching THEM everything you know!

So, again, I must ask you: what is holding YOU back (or should I say … “robbing” you) from the Perfect Health you always deserved, in fact, which is your birthright?

You're Fully Protected With
Our Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that the program "Perfect Health Program" is the very best courses you'll ever come accross that I do not hesitate to offer you this powerful guarantee:

60 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

For 60 days (from the date of purchase) go through the material in the Perfect Health and start to putting to use all of the secrets that you learn.

If at the end of that period, you honestly don't feel this is the very best program on how to achieve perfect health that you've come across, and that this program will help you increase your health and energy significantly, just contact me, and I'll refund you 100% of your money.

This is a simple and straightforward guarantee that I'm offering with great confidence because I know the program will deliver. There's no "fine print" here. You have to be thrilled about the program. If you're not going to benefit from this course, I would prefer to buy it back from you.

That's a promise.
Fred's Signature
Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude

PS: Are you wondering why I don't hesitate to offer you this guarantee and put all of the risk on my shoulders? Simply because I'm 100% convinced that you will love the program and will get amazing results from it, like thousands of people before you who have tried it have. And I want to make the decision process as easy and worry-free as possible, by taking all of the risk in case you don't like it.


The Perfect Health Program

Ordering the PERFECT HEALTH program is guaranteed to bring you tremendous value.

You can spend years surfing the Web looking for free information on health and nutrition -- like other people do – spending years figuring out what works and what doesn't. But doesn't it make a lot more sense to skip that time wasted and learn directly from a top expert in the field?

If you answered "Yes," and you want to snowball the growth of your health, starting right now, with a proven game plan that triumphant athletes and ordinary people have used repeatedly, then don't wait anymore. The Perfect Health Program is guaranteed to help you increase your energy levels and help you reach your true potential as a human being.

Choose your option:

Option #1 — Digital Download — $297



Option #2 — Home Study Version — $397




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