“Discover How to Overcome Degenerative Diseases
and the Natural Solution to Most Health Problems”

“From the Man Who Completely Changed My Health and My Life Forever… and How He Asked Me to Share His Secrets With the World Before He Died”

After Years of Work, I’m Finally Launching a Unique English Translation
From the Best Works of My Biggest Mentor… Albert Mosséri

by Frederic Patenaude

It was September, 1996, and I was about to make a discovery that would change my life forever. Without this discovery, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You wouldn’t be reading these lines.

I was a young guy of 20 years old, who had recently decided to become a vegetarian. But yet, I was hungry for more information. I had a thirst for more knowledge about natural health!

Back in those days, the Internet consisted of a small handful of poorly designed websites, so if you wanted to dig deep, there was only one place to go: the public library.

At the library I found many books on health that expanded my knowledge and introduced me to new concepts. Book like “Fit for Life” by the Diamonds, or “Food Combining Made Easy,” by Dr. Herbert Shelton, among many others.

All the books had great information and seemed to add a new piece to the puzzle.

Over the next few days and weeks, I kept looking through the stash of books on health my library had, and reading them. And one day, I found IT.

The book that changed it all for me.

A small, unassuming book by an author I had never heard of: Albert Mosséri.

The book was in French, my native language. But it looked like no other book I had ever seen.

On the cover: A selection of fruits in a bowl, along with chestnuts and two squash. The title “Eat Nature, Nature’s Health.” This is a translation of the original French title, which also sounds strange in my native tongue. This was the “Tome 2.” Where was “Tome 1” I wondered? Nowhere to be found.

I opened the book and started reading. The writing was unlike anything else I had read before. The concepts: totally revolutionary, outrageous, different… and yet, it was all backed by the strongest logic. It was obviously written by a man of extensive culture and strong convictions. A bright mind of a different generations, like we rarely find today.

What Was So Revolutionary About
That Book That Changed My Life?

First of all, it read like a novel. It was exciting and new, and it came from an author who had not just theorized some health concepts, but had actually tested them by living it since the age of 18 (he was in his 70s when I discovered the book), and then on thousands of patients at his health center in France.

The book was full of personal stories and life experiences that went beyond what you’d find in an armchair philosopher’s book.

A few of the concepts I was introduced to in this book that changed my world:

I was so enthralled by this book that I immediately tried to find the first volume.

My library and local book stores didn’t have it. So I wrote to the author himself to order it. I had to send a money order from the post office.

4-5 weeks later… the book came in the mail along with a hand-written note by the author himself: Albert Mosséri!

I was so excited.

Over the next few months, I ordered all of his books (over 25 in total) and read them several times. I corresponded with Mr. Mosséri himself. He always took the time to write thoughtful responses back.

I was so excited by these discoveries that I wanted to go to France and work with the author himself at his fasting center. But then I found it that he had closed it down recently and was working on writing instead.

I swore that we would meet one day, but in the meantime I decided to head somewhere else: California, where I would spend the next few years working in the budgeoning raw food movement.

Who’s Albert Mosséri and How Can
He Help You and Your Health?

In my opinion, Albert Mosséri is one of the greatest health writers of all time. He’s better than TC Fry, Herbert Shelton, the Diamonds, or any other health writer I know.

Unfortunately, his work has never been available in English (until today!) and although I’ve incorporated many of his teachings into my own, I feel that the English-speaking world has missed a LOT by not having this information available.

Albert Mosséri was born in Egypt in 1925, in a French-speaking family. He lived his youth, studying as an engineer, in this country until political instability forced him out.

Mosséri experienced great health problems when he was very young. He had bad digestive problems and a lack of energy and concentration, which impaired him in his university studies. At the age of 18, he swore to find a natural remedy to his illness, and went on a quest that led him to spend almost a year in India. He found what he was looking for around the age of 25, and worked for the rest of his life to share his timeless advice on health.

He and his family left for France in 1961, where he lived until the end of his life, in 2012.

Mosséri started the first natural hygiene movement in the French-speaking world and his influence resonates until this day. Mosséri has taught me and can teach you:

My Meeting With Mosseri in 2010

After years of correspondence, I finally met my old master on a trip to Paris in 2010. He had clearly lived his life in service of his cause. His material possessions were very few, but he still lived in the same house where he used to have his fasting retreat, with his many fruit trees in the backyard.

We had the chance to do a few interviews, and I found him to be extremely smart and bright, and well-spoken, in spite of the fact that he claimed to never speak English! His mind was 100% there.

Unfortunately, he died two years later, but before he died, he asked me again on the status of my translations of his work.

In our letters, we had talked about releasing his work in English. We wanted to do a compilation of his best work from different books. I worked on it on and off. At some point, I tried hiring a translator to help me, but I found that no one could really grasp the subtleties of his writings.

It took me a while… but I finally did it! Today, I’m proud to release:

The Mosséri Archives

The Timeless System for Ultimate Health

This program is compiled from over 35 different chapters of over 20 books by Albert Mosséri. I’ve revised the translations several times and combined them in the right order to create a system of health that is 100% relevant today.

In this program, you’ll discover:

What’s Unique About the Mosséri’s Archive

Mosséri is my biggest mentor, and unfortunately, his work is not available in English. So I made it a major project complete these archives.

Not only the books aren’t available in English, but they’re also hard to find in French as well!

Unless you speak French and have purchased ALL 25 of Mosséri's books, it's unlikely that you've seen this information before!

I edited those translations multiple times and reorganized them into a system that made sense.

The Mosséri’s Archive include the following…

Mosséri’s System for Optimal Health — $27 value

This eBook includes some of my favorite chapters by Mosséri, including:

The Human Specific Diet, and Dealing With Problems — $27 value

This eBook goes deeper in exploring the ideas diet, and how to deal with problems when trying to live it in the real world. Some chapters include:

The Fruitarian Ideal — $17 value

Is it possible to live on a diet of fruits only? Mosséri has a unique take on the question. Here’s a sneak peak of this eBook:

BONUS: Mosséri’s Encyclopedia of Natural Foods — $27 value

In one of Mosséri’s hard-to-find books, he had a complete overview of every single common fruit and vegetables, and their health properties, and what to do with them. A few things you’ll discover:

BONUS: The Ideal Diet According the the Laws of Nature — $10 value

This is a summary of the Ideal Diet according to Mosséri’s System: a good and handy cheatsheet that you can refer when you don’t have time to go through all the eBooks.

Live 2-Hour Video
"How to Apply the Mosseri System" - $47 value

For the launch of the Mosséri Archives program, I’ve decided to also share with you a unique video presentation on the Mosséri System and how I apply it in my own life.

This two-hour video includes:

Get the Mosséri Archives Now

I’ve worked for years to release these translations, so this is a unique opportunity for you to get access to important health information that was previously unavailable to the English-speaking world.

It cost me hundreds of dollars to acquire all of those hard-to-find books, hundreds of hours to translate them, and thousands of dollars to get them edited… to finally bring you the Mosséri Archives.

Available to you today for the low price of $67.


If you’re aren’t satisfied, we have a 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee to protect you.

Try it out for 60 days.

If you aren't 100% convinced of the quality of the information, contact our staff at www.replytofred.com for a full refund. I'll personally make sure you get an immediate refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

I couldn’t be more excited to bring you this unique information. Now’s the time to take a big leap forward in your health!

Frederic Patenaude

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Get the entire program in digital format — available instantly!

Get the books in the program in printed format, shipped to you. You will get the following books in physical format:

  • The Mosseri Archives Book 1 - "Mosseri's System for Ultimate Health"
  • The Mosseri Archives Book 2 - "The Human Specific Diet" "Encyclopedia of Natural Foods" "The Fruitarian Diet" "The Ideal Diet According to the Laws of Nature"


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