Physical products sold on this website (CDs, Books, Manuals, DVDs, etc.) will be shipped internationally. US and international orders will be sent from our warehouse located in the United States.

Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours, but in certain instances an order may be delayed for a longer period. The Buyer can always inquire on an order status and cancel a pending order at any time.

Timeframes for delivery will depend on the country of destination, the shipping method and the time of the year. US and Canadian orders generally reach destination within 1 week, and International orders within 2-3 weeks. Mail may also be delayed for a longer period.

Digital products such as e-books will have to be downloaded onto your computer. After an order for a digital product has been placed, the Buyer will receive a download link by e-mail. This link is valid for 24 hours. If the Buyer didn’t have time to download the digital product, another link may be requested by contacting us.