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Debunking the Health Aspects of Olive Oil

I really like Dr. Klaper. He’s been truly a pioneer in the field of scientific, vegan nutrition.

I met him during my short fast at the TrueNorth Health Center, last December, where he works as a doctor on staff. I also did a consultation with him.

I always found him full of insights, inquisitive, and extremely generous.

Enjoy this video of Dr. Klaper at conference a couple years ago, where he discussed olive oil. You’ll discover:

– Why studies done on olive oil never proved it was healthy in itself

– What’s wrong with restaurant food

– The reasons why olive oil is NOT heart-healthy

– How olive oil makes your arteries stiff, and the studies that proved it.

Now, does it mean that you should NEVER consume olive oil?

I put olive oil is the category of “concentrated foods to be enjoyed rarely and in moderation.” If you’re really active, burn a lot of calories, and eat only whole plant foods, then having a dish containing a small quantity of olive oil, like one teaspoon or two, once in a while, probably won’t hurt you. But I agree that for most people, when trying to lose weight, the policy of avoiding most oils 100% of the time is best.


Frederic Patenaude has been an important influence in the raw food and natural health movement since he started writing and publishing in 1998, first by being the editor of Just Eat an Apple magazine. He is the author of over 20 books, including The Raw Secrets, the Sunfood Cuisine and Raw Food Controversies. Since 2013 he’s been the Editor-in-Chief of Renegade Health.

Frederic loves to relentlessly debunk nutritional myths. He advocates a low-fat, plant-based diet and has had over 10 years of experience with raw vegan diets.