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S.A.L.T. – Part II – Solutions About Life Force/Longevity Today

Guest Writer: Mindy Goldis

Here is the continuation to my previous article with the second title for the four letters S.A.L.T. (You can read part one HERE.)

SOLUTIONS – We can find many solutions or no solutions to life’s challenges.  We can live on the sidelines and do nothing at all and just let life unfold or else TAKE CHARGE!  and make a “life” for ourselves.  How do you go about doing this?  Start listening to your “inner self.”

Here is a personal example for you to understand what I mean:  when I was a child, my family and I attended synagogue and after the services they sometimes had a luncheon.  At home, we did not have any soda to drink, but at the synagogue they did have and I decided to try some.
I did not take the dark cola, rather the Sprite, thinking it was better because it was a clear color. Of course, as the story unfolds, I was completely wrong!  After I took a sip or two, I had to burp from the carbonation and I still remember to this day how it made me feel.
I had a burning sensation come out of my nostrils and felt a tightness in my chest.  Then and there I decided on my own to NEVER drink it or any carbonated beverage again!  Other people let themselves get accustomed to it and then it’ll go away.  I refused to do that.  I found the solution because I did not like how it made me feel physically.

There are many other reasons not to drink soda and that is for another article.  One thing I can tell you, if you don’t know by now, you can put a nail or a tooth in a cup of soda and it will dissolve.  What does that tell you about what it’s doing inside your body?  You decide!  I know that for me the option was clear.  The best liquid you can drink is coconut water (pure unadulterated from the tree and not wrapped in plastic) or the structured water in your fruit, such as in cucumbers, grapes, watermelon, tomatoes and the like.

If you still don’t know the solution, then try to find someone with the information that can help you achieve the health and happiness in
life.   Your body is made to be self-healing and simply needs the
tools to achieve it on your own (I believe, as well, that there is a Higher Power that works with us and knows what is best).  I have been blessed by G-d to discover this healthy lifestyle and am available to educate others, as well.

LIFEFORCE –  What is life force?  There can be numerous ways to explain this word.  What first comes to mind for me are the following
words: energy/spirit/soul, being alive, vitality, being fulfilled, having an electrical charge/frequency.  All the words I mentioned relate to the same thing.  The opposite would be dead force and that doesn’t sound very good to me.  The idea is to keep things positive, balanced and in a state of health (relatively speaking).  We can achieve this is through proper nutrition (eating living/raw vegan food), healthy relationships (with family, partner, friends, etc), emotional clarity, laughter, exercise, etc.  It is not always easy to get all the areas of life working symbiotically and it is a continual process that takes time and effort.  The benefits are worth it though!

LONGEVITY – Another great word that can mean different things.  What “pops” in my head first are:  quality of life and long-term existence.
This word again relates to our choices in life.  There are consequences to everything we do.  Remember the story about “The Boy Who Cried Wolf?”  Now relating that here, if after 30 years of eating unhealthy fast foods you wonder why you have all these ailments and dis-eases it is nobodies fault but yours!  If you could go back in time and before you took that first bite of a ———- and think to yourself “is this the right choice?  Will I regret this in 30 years from now when I am sick?  I can get a BIG salad or even two and feel good about myself?”  The unfortunate thing is that most don’t do that.

Who says that you can’t enjoy life and eat healthy?  I have been vegan for over 22 years and love my life and will NEVER go back to eating animals or animal products.  When you know the truth, why would you choose to still consume food that has been proven to cause harm to us, the animals and the Planet Earth?  I have a difficult time myself understanding this!  If some one can explain it to me, please, be my guest!

I see how much the world has changed and how children are getting the illnesses that in previous generations were only known to happen to adults  in their later years.  Doesn’t that tell you something? The vast majority of people are “consuming” for pleasure and not for health.  They don’t care about the future, only the “here and now.”
Most of them will likely not live very long and also be in a “poor”
state of health and have to take pills, see doctors, take sick days from work/school.  To me this is not life or living!  I choose to stay away from doctors because they lack the knowledge about health (they are good for emergency situations).  I want my life to be measured by a higher standard of excellence and am proactive in achieving and sustaining it.

TODAY – I am “cheating” with this word (actually stealing from myself, if that is possible, by using my explanation from the previous article, as I feel it is important to reiterate – the last paragraph is new, though).  Today is the only thing you have at this very moment!  Forget about yesterday and tomorrow.  Don’t put off what you can do right now to improve your health.  Even if you change one thing, especially removing something from your food consumption that is not beneficial.

For some baby steps work best to transition into a new lifestyle and for others they sometimes have no choice because it is their last chance/hope to be alive.  For me it is so easy and simple because I
have been living as a vegan for many years.   I have always been
self-motivated and self-disciplined.  When I decide to do something it happens (unless I take on too many projects at one time, then I have
to delegate what is most important right now).   I commend each and
every one of you who has taken charge of their own life today by seeking out the truth and journeying on the “road less traveled.”  We are in the minority (especially us “vegans”), but don’t let that discourage you ever!

Begin your journey TODAY and you will never regret it ( I have not and know that even with the ups and downs and bumps along the way – that all depends on YOU and how many years you have been putting “junk” in your body – including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological, etc.  All that has to come out and you may have some pains/symptoms /detox along the way that is normal and expected – be aware that “slow and steady” wins the race).

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