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Why I Learn Languages

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Why I Learn Languages

As you may know, this year I’ve fulfilling a dream and traveling around the world to over 30 countries in 8 months.

One of the things that has really made my trip more enjoyable is my ability to learn languages in a flash. When I go to a new country, I always learn enough of the language to get around, even if it’s a difficult language like Thai or Turkish.

So far on this trip, I’ve even been able to pick up Italian (which is an easy language), a decent amount of Greek, some Arabic and Turkish, and now I’m learning Thai.

That’s in addition to the languages I already know well enough, such as Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and English.

When traveling, I meet a lot of people who really struggle trying to learn the local language. Most people just quit after the first day, deciding that they don’t have “an ear for language”.

Let me tell you that the idea that some people have an “ear” for languages is completely false!

Anyone who can speak one language well enough (such as your mother tongue of English), has an “ear” for languages, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to learn your first language in the first place!

“But… it’s easy to learn a language as a child, but difficult as an adult”.

That’s also a bunch of hogwash.

Children learn fast because learning their language is a question of survival, and they have literally nothing else to do, all day long, 24 hours a day.

While it is true that adults don’t learn certain things as well as children (such as the proper accent and pronunciation), they can learn other things much faster because they can rely on existing knowledge to make the necessary “bridge”.

For example, you can transfer your knowledge of English to learn any other language, and use that to your advantage.

So that’s why methods like Rosetta Stone, that make you learn a language like a little child with no support from English, never work.

*How to Learn Languages in a Flash*

People don’t want to believe me when I say you can learn to speak any language in 7 to 21 days.

Here’s what they don’t understand:

90% of the words we know are not words we use on a daily basis in conversation. After all, how often do you use words like “proprietor” or “candidly” when you go out to run errands?

It’s been discovered to be able to grasp about 80% of daily conversation, you only need to know 500 words.

Therefore, that is why I make my method VOCABULARY-CENTERED.

I agree that it’s not possible to learn to speak a language fluently in just 7 days. But what if you could learn enough to make your travels much easier and fun, and at the same time laying the foundations that you need to eventually speak it fluently, should you want to?

When I was in Egypt, I did not aim at speaking Arabic fluently. But I impressed the Egyptians so much with the little Arabic that I learned that I got treated differently and much better than other tourists! Suddenly, they thought that I must have been to Egypt many times, and were very surprised when I told them I only got there a few days ago.

That’s why I say that even just a little bit of language goes a LONG way.

When I was in Greece, I managed to learn about 300 words in two weeks, and some basic grammar to help me basically communicate with anyone. I was very pleased that I could understand entire sentences of what people were saying in Greek, after just two weeks!

You see, you don’t have to become fluent to start enjoying the benefits of languages.

If you just learn a few words, well enough, you’ll be on your way to success. And using the techniques I present in my program, you’ll be able to memorize those words about ten times faster than using the common rote method.

So why put off the dream of learning a foreign language until later, when you can start today and impress your friends and family.

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