"A Proven Way to Improve Your Winter Moode"

Discover the Top 5 Benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting

by Frederic Patenaude

One of the biggest problems most of us face in the winter is the lack of natural light. In the winter, the days are short, the temperature can be cold or gray, and the chances to go outside and get some natural sunlight lessen.

The result is that many people feel depression, decreased energy, and other symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD). Even if that is not your case, I'm sure you can relate to the fact that the lack of sunlight in the winter can be pretty annoying, if not downright depressing.

The problem is that we work inside and expose ourselves to the wrong kind of light. Fluorescent tubes, TV sets and computer screens have all been proven to be unhealthy.

Most light bulbs we use have only one tenth of the intensity of natural daylight during midsummer and also provide poor color rendering.

*So what's the alternative?*

You can replace most light bulbs in your house with *Fluorescent Full Spectrum Bulbs*, which offer a light that is closest to natural light.

I'll tell you in a minute about my own experience with full-spectrum lighting, but let's just review some of the benefits of using this form of lighting in your house.

Florescent full-spectrum light bulbs:

1- Stimulate the full-spectrum range of the natural light.
2- Offer near-perfect color rendition. You'll be amazed at how clear your home is! For this reason they are often used by artists, photographers, dentists, and cosmetologists.
3- Help plants grow better. This form of lighting is commonly used in greenhouses.
4- In your home enhance productivity, visual acuity and alertness.
5- Have a positive impact on your mood and outlook (especially during the winter months).

According to www.alphahealth.ca, “Full spectrum lighting reduces the excessive yellow glare located in the centre of the spectrum, and brings a sense of purity and freshness to colours, objects and surroundings. This natural light fills spaces with a pleasing, colorful and relaxing feeling that maximizes people's sense of well being.”

*My Own Experience*

I had read a lot about full-spectrum lighting in the past, and still now I have a hard time to find good information because most websites on the subject are biased commercial websites.

Nonetheless, I decided to give these fluorescent “full spectrum” light bulbs a try and I must say that I agree with everything that has been said about them so far!

I first bought a desk lamp, then I replaced my light bulbs, and finally got a big reading lamp - all using fluorescent full-spectrum technology. The first thing I noticed is how clear my home is. It almost feels like I am outside sometimes, even though it might be cold and gray outside!

For someone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, like me, having that kind of lighting in the home proves to be indispensable.

*What's the Cost*

Like most good things in life, fluorescent full spectrum light bulbs and lamps are much more expensive than regular light bulbs. But the good thing is that they consume a lot less energy. A full-spectrum light bulb will last 10-14 times longer than a regular bulb. So in the long run it will end up costing the same amount. Although you will have to invest some money at first to replace your light bulbs and (possibly) your lamps, this cost should pay for itself with the electricity savings in the long run.

And given the above mentioned benefits, is it worth it? Definitely.

You might want to try just one light bulb or perhaps get a desk lamp and see the difference for yourself.

*Where to Buy Them*

Note that I am not affiliated with any particular company and I'm just sharing this information about full spectrum lighting because it's something I found to be very useful for myself.

Apparently, there are a lot of poor light bulbs sold that claim to be “full spectrum”. So you have to be careful.

Here are some websites:

In the USA: http://www.naturallighting.com
In Canada: http://www.alphahealth.ca


Health and well-being isn't simply about diet. Diet is one of the many factors of natural health, among many others such as:

- Sleep
- Sunshine and the quality of lighting in your home
- Positive relationships.
- Exercise and fitness.

If you have been focusing your attention on just one factor alone, it might be time for you to look at your entire picture of Perfect Health. As we've explained in the Perfect Health Program, “we're only as strong as our weakest link.”

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