"The Secret Formula to Take 10 Years Off Your Body"

by Frederic Patenaude

This may come as a surprise to you, but last year I did the most amazing thing in my life. I fasted 23 days on water.

For 23 days, I had nothing but water. 
Now you may be wondering: why in the world did I do that?! Let me explain:

I’ve always wanted to fast simply because fasting is the oldest and greatest way to experience body and mind rejuvenation. It is also a safe process, when properly supervised.
So in January 2005, I took 6 weeks off and went to Costa Rica to fast with Dr. Graham, a doctor of Natural Hygiene and fasting expert. For 3 weeks I fasted and for 3 weeks I ate amazing tropical fruits and vegetables.
After that experience, I looked 10 years younger (basically like a kid)! I doubled my energy levels, I experienced an invigorating “love of life” that I had never quite felt before, and I was so powered that in the next months I literally doubled my business and my income.
What is fasting?
What I learned in Costa Rica with Dr. Graham is that fasting is not just about not eating. It is really about giving the body a complete rest. So in that way, fasting is resting.
When I was fasting in Costa Rica, I slept or rested about 20 hours a day. Now you may be wondering: wasn’t that boring?! Let me tell you: it is simply one of the best things in the world to finally get that rest that you need. It's the rest you’ve been longing for all your life, it seems. 
When you fast in Costa Rica, you basically spend your time in the hammock, reading good books, listening to the birds, watching the ocean, chatting with friends, drinking water, and sleeping all you care for. During that time, your body is at work — healing you.
How fasting works
The body has enough reserves to fast several weeks without any damage whatsoever. Fasting is not starving. During a fast, your body utilizes its own fat reserves for survival. It is an ability that all humans have.
When you fast, you give your body a chance to take out the garbage so to speak, and begin the work of healing and repairing. Because there is no more energy spent on digestion, all of this leftover energy can be used for rejuvenation.
That is the reason fasting has been used for eons as a way to give the body a chance to heal itself. That is why so many people experience so many positive health transformations when they fast. That is also why you could take 10 years off your body if you decided to go on a properly supervised, water fast.
What to expect on a fast
When you fast longer than a week, you can expect several things to happen. For one, your body is going to get rid of some toxins. It may be uncomfortable at times (some people experience temporary nausea or headaches), but it is generally a painless process.
You won’t feel hunger after just 2-3 days, when your body starts using its own fat reserves. That may seem amazing, but it’s true — I can testify. You might desire some food for the first week or so, but even that goes away.
You can expect to lose a lot of weight, but if you don’t have much to lose (like me), it comes back rather quickly after the fast. If you have weight to lose, you can keep it off after the fast by following a proper diet.
After your fast, your eyes will be brighter, your skin clearer, and you’ll feel like a child.
How You Can Fast
Fasting is not something you can do on your own! If you want have a good experience fasting, you need to be supervised by someone who has years of experience with fasting.

You should have plenty of time for your fast and to recover after your fast. You also want your fast to be done in a place where the climate is enjoyable all day long (the tropics are ideal), away from the distraction of modern civilization and surrounded by trees, water, and beautiful birds.
If you feel ready to take the plunge and experience the magic of fasting yourself, make sure you select the right fasting environment and the right professional to supervise your fast.
Also, keep in mind that the best time to fast is when you don’t have time to fast!
To learn more about fasting and to get the chance to fast with Dr. Graham this year, click here.
Remember that fasting in Costa Rica with Dr. Graham is a unique opportunity. He’s accepting less than 10 fasters per year, and this may be the last year he’s doing it.

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