"All Hell Breaks Loose!"

by Frederic Patenaude

Fred reveals his instant sensation - his completely satisfying raw gourmet recipe that every body loves no matter what diet they're on.


I've been known to praise the benefits of eating simply. I've also been known to literally crush the use of condiments such as garlic, salt, soy sauce and spices!

In my book “The Raw Secrets,” I explained that the raw food diet (or any diet) works best when we go back, as much as possible, to eating simple raw foods in their natural state.

In my recipe book “Instant Raw Sensations,” I gave you really simple and tasty recipes that can be made in 5-10 minutes or less, and that generally follow the principles of good food combining.

In this issue, I will give you another weapon you can use under the proper circumstances: my all-time favorite raw gourmet recipe. This is the recipe I've brought many times at a potluck that became a huge hit.

This is the recipe I've made whenever I've wanted to invite a “non-raw” friend over for dinner. This is also the recipe I've made for myself when I wanted to have something fancy, tasty and gourmet.

Hey, you might not be a perfect raw-foodist. Maybe you're just getting started on this path. Or even if you have been eating a raw-food diet for some time, maybe you'd like to have a gourmet recipe you can make when you invite somebody special over for dinner, or when you're going to a potluck or something.

So, what is this secret recipe? Without further ado, let me introduce to you to:


Also known as:

“The Raw-Vegan Recipe to Make Whenever You Want to Impress Your Friends, Date, Family, or Simply When You Want to Eat a Completely Satisfying Raw Gourmet Meal.”

For this recipe, you will need:

- dried nori sheets
- raw almonds
- carrots
- lemons
- green onions
- whole dulse or dulse powder (can be replaced by sea salt)
- zucchini
- sprouts (optional)
- avocado (optional)

To make it really tasty, you will also need one or more of the following:

- sun-dried tomatoes
- pickled ginger from the health food store
- olives
- fermented vegetables from the health food store
- wasabi from the Asian market

I'll explain what the ingredients are and how they are used. I'll also give you different options to make the recipe, depending on your preferences.

But first, you'll have to make the PATE:


For the basic recipe (double or triple the recipe according to your needs):

1 cup almonds, dry*
2-4 medium carrots

The almonds should be soaked 8 hours in water, or over night. What you'll need to do after is homogenize the carrots and almonds to create a pâté. The best way to do this is to use a Champion juicer or Green Life juicer (or other similar juice) with the blank plate on. Alternate between carrots and almonds. You may also use a food processor or even a blender (more difficult). The idea is to achieve a nice pâté consistency.

Note: the more carrots you use, the more “juicy” and less fatty the pâté will be. The more almonds you use, the more fatty and rich it will be. It depends on your preference.

When you have the pâté ready, add to this mixture:

- 1 lemon (juice of)
- 3-5 green onions, chopped fine
- Dulse powder or whole dulse (briefly rinsed) to taste*

* Dulse is a sea vegetable. You can find it most health food stores. It will give the pâté a more salty and “fishy” flavor, which in what we're after. I suggest using 2-4 tablespoons of dulse powder. If dulse isn't available, use some sea salt.


What we'll do in the next step is assemble our sushi. But first we want to prepare in separate bowls everything that will go in it. So we already have our pâté prepared and mixed in a bowl.

Here's what I recommend that you prepare in the other bowls:

- Grated zucchini (simple grate 2-4 zucchini in a bowl)
- Sprouts (alfafa, clover, etc.) or lettuce
- Sun-dried tomatoes (a big handful, soaked)
- Olives (diced) or fermented veggies from the health food stores*
- Bowl of water

* Certain health food stores sell fermented vegetables (not sauerkraut) such as fermented beets, fermented carrots, etc. They go well in sushi.

You'll also have ready: wasabi from the Asian market (they sell it in toothpaste-looking containers and yes, it's full of chemicals, but we'll only use a tiny bit). You could also use miso from the health food store (an Asian condiment). Also have 1 ripe avocado, ready to use.


Set up your working space, with a cutting board facing you, and all the bowls within easy accesse. On a dry board, place one sheet of nori, horizontally facing you.

- Spread a couple of spoonfuls of pâté on the horizontal half of nori facing you. Spread evenly. (Do not put too much pâté. Just a thin, but nice spread)
- Add a quarter of avocado, in pieces
- Add a thin layer of grated zucchini.
- Add a little bit of sprouts, or lettuce
- Add few pieces of sun-dried tomatoes (soaked)
- Add a little bit of fermented veggies or olive pieces (this step is optional)
- Spread a very thin (VERY thin) tiny line of wasabi on the other half of the nori sheet, right in front of the pâté. Alternatively, use some miso.

Now, roll the sushi like a cigar. To seal the sushi, put a little water on the edge before you finish rolling it. Cut into small, bit-sized pieces with a sharp knife. Rinse your knife between each cut. Cut very slowly to avoid tearing the nori.


The variations on this recipe are endless. Often, I'll make two versions. One for myself (without the wasabi, miso, olives or salt) and one for my guests. You can also make a totally hygienic one without seaweed, condiments and avocado.


- Do not put too much stuff in each roll. Find the ideal proportions.
- Make different rolls. In some, add extra wasabi, or only use a certain combination of ingredients and condiments.
- It's not necessary to serve the Sushi with soy sauce, but if your guests are used to that, you could have a little bowl of soy sauce for them to dip their sushi in.
- Be prepared for awesome feedback! This recipe is always a hit. I'm looking forward to hearing your comments about your experience. Let me know how it goes!

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