GREEN: An Acronym for Health Success

by Frederic Patenaude

If there was one recipe that could help you lose weight, overcome nutritional deficiencies, slow down the signs of aging and make you feel just great, would you be willing to try it?

Tempting, isn't it?

When I first got into raw foods, the best foods to ease the transition were avocados, nuts and other heavy foods. Later, I learned the importance of eating more fruit. Now, I also advocate the consumption of *green smoothies*.

The concept is simple: blending fruits with green leaves creates the tastiest, most nutritious meal ever. It's great if you're starting out with raw foods, and even better if you've been into it for a while.

To test it out, try something simple. 1 cup of water, 2-3 ripe bananas, a big handful or two of spinach leaves. Blend and add more water if necessary.

Sounds weird? Green smoothies are like the “matrix” in the movie by the same name. You cannot be told what green smoothies are, you have to try them for yourself...

GREEN: My Acronym for Health Success

Great Taste - Green smoothies really taste great. In fact, they taste amazing. Every single person that I have met who has tried them has loved them, and in fact often with a big surprise! How could something so green taste so good?

Ready in a Few Minutes - Green smoothies literally take seconds to prepare. They make great instant meals, snacks, or drinks.

Easy to Prepare - Although it takes some time to find the combinations you like best, green smoothie recipes are *really* easy to prepare. It's a joy to constantly find new combinations that taste great!

Easy to Transition
- The great thing with green smoothies is that they are the perfect *transition* food. They help you meet your nutritional needs while reducing your cravings to other cooked foods.

Nutritional Bombs - To learn the full value of greens and exactly how their regular consumption in the form of green smoothies and other blended green recipes can literally transform your life, you'll have to check out the new Green for Life Program. Let's just say that greens are the most nutritionally-dense foods on the planet, with nothing else coming even close. Naturally, green smoothies are an excellent way to increase your consumption of greens.

Get Started With the Green for Life Program

There's so much exciting information about green smoothies, wild greens, and the benefits of greens in general that we've decided to create a new program called Green for Life, with Victoria Boutenko, the woman who literally started a Green Revolution in the past year!

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