"5 Ways to Overcome Social Obstacles on the Raw Food Diet, Part 2"

by Frederic Patenaude

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In this issue, I'm going to give you my last 3 tips on how to overcome social obstacles on the raw food diet. In our last issue, I focused on how having a powerful communication can change the way people relate to you and therefore your experience of social "difficulties" will not be the same.

Now let's look at some other ways you can not only have a great social life while taking the best care of your life, but also how you can influence people around you to make changes in their own diets and lifestyles.

Become an Example

Often we want to change other people when we're not even sure what we're doing ourselves.

Let me tell you something: the best way you can have people around relate to you in a positive way to your diet and lifestyle and actually want to try it out for themselves is to become a great example yourself.

It means to walk the walk.

I'm sure you've often had the experience of meeting someone who's inspired you to change something in your life. They've inspired you not by what they said, but by WHO they were.

It doesn't mean that you have to be perfect yourself. But if you decide to commit to your health and your success, people will notice. They'll naturally be attracted to you.

Another thing that helps is if you don't try to reveal "all your best health secrets" to everyone who walks up to you. Stay a little mysterious. Let them wonder how come you have so much more energy or that your health has improved.

When they ask you, "You really look great, what have you been doing?", give them your best "James Bond" smile and say, "Ah, it's a secret..."

I guarantee that'll get them REALLY interested to know more!

Be Inspired

The one way to become "inspiring" and to create a positive energy around you that makes others want to find out more about you and react positively to your diet and lifestyle choices is to first be "inspired" yourself.

And how do you stay inspired?

Simple: Surround yourself with inspiring and positive thoughts, people, and knowledge.

It's not always possible to control how other people are around us, but we can always decide to connect with a community of people who are committed to their own health and success.

Personally, I find the best way to stay inspired is to read or listen to positive and inspiring stories from people who have accomplished great things, who have an inspiring story of courage, perseverance and success.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to stay inspired is to commit to spending a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes a day to read or listen to both uplifting and inspiring stories as well as inspiring and transformational information on the raw food diet and lifestyle.

You don't even have to find the time to read! Now with MP3 and audio downloads, you can conveniently listen to all of that while commuting to work or while walking the dog!

Find Community and Support

You need to be connected to a community of inspiring people who can support you to succeed with your health and your life goals. That's the very least you need, short of getting your own coach, in order to succeed and in turn be able to become an inspiring example that will change lives around you.

No matter where you live, there is no excuse for not being able to connect with supportive people, get access to the right information and stay connected.

Of course there are raw-food potlucks all over the countries and all over the world, there are seminars, and of course you can even sign up for teleseminars! You don't even have to leave your home or travel to hear a conference now!

There's a plentitude of possibilities to get connected to people who are succeeding on a low-fat, raw food diet and can inspire you, teach you, and support you to do the same, so that you can in turn inspire your friends and family to follow your path or at least accept it 100% and support you.

So now that you know what the five most important tips are for overcoming social obstacles on the raw food diet, do yourself a favor and start applying them. Don't let them stay in the realm of "cool things to know" - review the information and start applying it, and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that your life will completely transform.

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