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"Make up to 100% in commissions by referring people to my website!"

This is the highest paying affiliate program in the raw food world

Frederic PatenaudeFrom: Frederic Patenaude
Montreal, Canada


Dear friend,

If you've got an e-mail list or website (or are in the process of creating one), let me tell you how you can easily make extra money each month by promoting my books and information products.

By joining my affiliate program, you will make up to 100% in commissions on the products, when you refer clients to us.

Here's how it works:

- Once you join, you will get a personalized affiliate link, as well as different personalized links based on the products you wish to promote.

- You refer your customers or friends to those links, by placing banner ads on your website, or recommending my products on your e-mail list.

We Pay More

We pay more than any other affiliate program in the raw food world. Here are some of the commissions we pay on products:

Healthy Salad Dressings — 100% commissions — $7 (easy sale, leads to many future commissions as well.)

How to Heal Dental Disasters — 70% commissions, up to $25 per sale

The Raw Health Starter Kit — 50% commissions, up to $99 per sale

The Perfect Health Program — 50% commissions, up to $129 per sale!

Back End Commissions!

Most of our customers purchase more than one product, and eventually purchase more products overtime.

For up to a year (365 days), after a customer has clicked on one of your affiliate links, you will make commissions on many back-end products they purchase after!

And you won't even have to do any work for these back-end sales, because we take care of all the marketing for you!

---> You will also get access to lots of resources for affiliates to help you make money now.

---> You will receive a notification each time you make a sale, or can simply track it online. You can also see how many people click on your links and how many of them order!

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