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By Frederic Patenaude

What Would You Do With An Extra $5000 Every Year?

This is not a stupid question.

According to my own calculations, vegans, raw foodists and health enthusiasts spend over $612 a month on food on average. That’s $8544 a year.

I’m about to show you a simple way to eat amazingly well and only spend $150 a month on food, or just five bucks a day!

That’s a saving of $5544 if you’re a single health food shopper, and much more for a family of health food shoppers!

So to go back to my original question… what would you do with an extra $5000 a year?

Keep in mind that to have that $5000 available for food or other spending, you typically need to earn close to $7200 (at a tax rate of 30%).

With $5000 in tax-free money, you could:

Food is typically one of our biggest expenses, but health food is even more expensive!

It Started Like an Experiment…

Food has always been one of my biggest expenses. I was a raw foodist, spending at least $600-800 a month on food, sometimes more, and I wasn’t even buying all organic!

Here’s me in front of my weekly produce hauls that would cost me more than $150


And even when I expanded my raw food diet to include a wider variety of plant-based foods (not always raw), I still spent close to $600 a month on food.

And no matter how much I tried, every time I would get out of the health food stores with two bags of groceries, it would cost me over $80.

But one day, I got tired of high food prices…

On a Dollar a Day (Book)

One couple managed to live on $1, but they had to eat a lot of unhealthy foods.

I heard about people living on $1 a day on food as an experiment. That shocked and intrigued me at the same time. Yet, when I discovered that those people ate canned tuna, spaghetti a lot of the time, and barely any produce, I quickly lost my enthusiasm.

I thought there could be a better way.

First, I experimented with cutting my food expenses in half.

I failed miserably!

I realized I needed a system.

I needed to carefully evaluate how much value (both nutritionally and financially) out of every dollar that I spent, and create a simple formula that allowed me to manage my food costs easily.

So once I designed the system, I set myself a challenge.

I lived on $100 a month on food.

At first, it was a change in the way I ate and shopped… but soon enough, I ended up loving this new way of eating and shopping.

At the same time, I designed a similar system to live on a raw food diet on the cheap.

And the best part about it?

It felt like an entire category of expenses in my budget disappeared!

Can you imagine what your budget would be like if you didn't have to pay rent, or a mortgage payment?

Saving $400-500 a month on food almost feels like that. It's like suddenly getting a raise!

I track my expenses using a software called "Mint."

Here's the dramatic difference in my food budget from applying this system last month. Over $476 in savings in my food budget alone, in just a month (and that figure is just for myself!)

Before Applying My System...

After Applying My System...


"But Fred, Is $150 a Month Realistic?"

Yes, spending $5 a day on food or $150 a month is possible!

My original budget was a bit too restrictive, so I added $50 to it. That's just $5 a day.

You probably can easily spend more on a "snack!" A soy latte at Starbucks is $5, and a smoothie at a juice bar can easily be $6 or more. And a tiny bag of groceries at a store like Whole Foods Market can easily be $90 or more.

However, my system is realistic because:

Can you do this on a raw food diet?

I'll be honest with you, it's not possible to eat a 100% raw food diet and only spend $150 a month, unless you grow your own food or steal! You can do it easily though on a well-balanced plant-based diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

However, I have created an optional bonus eBook that will show you how to live on a raw food diet for less than $10 a day, which is more than half of what most raw foodists spend!

What about organic food?

This plan is perfectly compatible with an organic diet. If you insist on eating everything organic, you might not be able to bring your food budget down to $150 a month, but you'll succeed in slashing it in half, at the very least.

I don't live in the US

Whether your currency is the US dollar, the British pound, the euro or the Australian dollar, this program will work for you! The principles stay the same, no matter where you live in the world. In this book, I used the US dollar as a reference because it's the currency most people understand.

Do You Know the Many Ways In Which You're Getting Ripped Off When Buying Food
Every Week?

Food has gotten SO expensive in the last few years.

Remember when avocados used to cost 99 cents? Now they sell for $2.99, and on sale for $1.99… EACH!

It seems every time we go to the stores, the prices that used to be STANDARD price for items are now the SPECIAL prices.

With the rising cost of food we're starting to make SACRIFICES in our health.

Instead of affording the best (like organic food), we eat sub-optimal foods.

Instead of being able to afford a personal trainer to get fit, MORE money is being eaten away by our food budget, with less for everything else!

Another Expensive Day in the Life of a
Health Enthusiast

Here's an example of the latte factor in action, but also how most vegans and raw foodist spend too much money on food.


You wake up and have a healthy breakfast:

Green smoothie with organic c soy or almond milk, organic bananas, and fresh berries, with maybe some extra crushed walnuts for omega 3. (Total cost: $2.90)

Lunch: Lunch at your favorite health food restaurant (Total cost: $10.50 including tip)

Snack: Vegan yogurt with fruit or just fruit ($2)

Dinner: Veggie burgers with condiments and a salad!

Or if you're a raw foodist: Fruit with large salad. (Total cost: $3.50 or more for a raw meal)

Dessert: Splurge on a serving of soy, rice or coconut ice cream, with fresh strawberries. (Total Cost: $1.85, or more for fruit for a raw foodist)

Total cost for the day: $20.75

Multiply that over 30 days $622.50
Total yearly cost $7470
Savings with my program $4470

How to Reverse the Trend and Eat Better for Less

I told you about my experiment of living for just $100 a month on food.

I learned a LOT during that time. Since then, I have increased the budget to an even $5 a day to allow for more generous portions of fruits and vegetables.

I love setting challenges for myself and then sharing my findings with the world.

If you want to lower your total food costs to have more money to spend on other things (including other areas of your health) or to save it, you need a complete system that works!

With this in mind I created a UNIQUE eBook called:

How to Eat Well on a Plant-Based Diet for $5 or Less per Day


In this new eBook, you will discover:

No I Won’t Ask You To Clip Coupons!
Or… Here’s What’s Different With This Book


No clipping coupons

First of all, this isn’t one of those “extreme couponing” book. My system works without having to clip coupons — ever! I agree that coupons can offer fantastic savings… that is if you like to live on mustard, canned foods and bottled dressings. For healthy foods that I recommend, you don’t need coupons and you will easily be able to cut your food budget down to $5 a day.

Nothing left to chance

This isn’t a vague collection of tips such as “freeze leftovers” or “make food in big batches.” I go in the nitty-gritty details so nothing is left to chance. This is truly the only system available to live well on a plant-based diet on the cheap!

Not just recipes

I’ve seen a book or two promising a budget of $4 or $5 a day on a plant-based diet, but they’re essentially collections of recipes using cheap ingredients. My book is a system, and one that works.

Exact budget and shopping lists laid out

You won't be wondering what to purchase every week. Everything is laid out clearly, with even sample shopping lists and a cheatsheet of exactly how much to spend on each category of item!

Exactly where to find the best deals

You will find out exactly where to go for the best deals, and more importantly, exactly how much to spend. You will no longer wonder if an item is well-priced, but will know instantly with my cheatsheets!

How to Use This System

Is this an all or nothing plan? Absolutely not!

You can choose to use this system in different ways:

My suggestion is that you give this program a try for 2-3 months. This is what I did.

So do everything that's recommended and try to stick with the system.

Consider it an "experiment." If at the end of the experiment you feel like changing anything, then adjust it accordingly.

What's likely to happen is that you'll start loving the new recipes and foods you eat and you won't really miss your old way of eating that much.

And even if you change your budget a little bit, you'll still be spending significantly less than you were before.

Here's What's Included

The eBook (110 standard pages)$37 value — The main part of the program is the eBook "How to Eat Well on a Plant-Based Diet for $5 or Less per Day" by Frederic Patenaude.

This is a full-sized eBook (110 standard pages), with material never published before, containing everything you need to get started (including recipes!).

Cheatsheet to Take to the Store— $20 value — You'll also get an amazing cheatsheet showing you exactly how to tell if a food is a good deal or not, and what are the maximum amounts to pay for each category of food!

Also includes a pocket version that you can keep with your wallet at all time to know when a food is a good deal or not!

The Raw Food Diet for $10 a Day

Most raw foodists spend far too much for food. I've talked to raw foodists who spend over $1000 a month on food, just for themselves!

So I've created a "Sister eBook" as a companion to this program, for those who would like to find out all the methods to slash the costs of a raw food diet in half.

In this eBook you will discover:

  • The top 10 raw food meals to improve your health and save money
  • Exclusive Cheatsheets of the maximum price to pay for produce
  • The surprising truth about growing your own food and whether it can save you money or not on a raw food diet
  • The top four ways to save money on a raw food diet
  • How to save money eating organic on a raw food diet

This bonus normally sells for $37 but is available for $10 if you order today.

Would You Buy an eBook for $47 to Save
Over $5000 in Your Yearly Food Bills? And
What if This Book Was Backed 365-Day
Money Back Guarantee?

The material in this eBook will save you thousands of dollars in your food bills every year. And I'm so confident about it that I will offer you my best guarantee — ever.

No matter how much of my program you implement, I guarantee that you will:

The eBook is available for the low price of $49.95 for a limited time.

My Promise

If You Don’t Save at Least $2000 a Year, I’ll Triple Your Money Back!

This product is backed by a two-part guarantee:

1) If you’re not satisfied at any time in the first 60 days after your purchase, you can contact our staff at www.replytofred.com

2) Even if you do keep the eBook beyond the first 60 days, you’re still protected by a guarantee. But this time, it gets better. If a year from now you’ve tried the techniques in this eBook and have not saved the equivalent of $2000 in your food budget, just write to me at www.replytofred.com to describe your failure and I will send you THREE times your money back.

That’s how confident I am that this product will totally work for you.

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Have you ever set yourself a challenge, such as "For the next 30 days, starting from Monday, I will go on a ___________(fill in the blank)."?

It could be a 100% raw diet, or a fitness challenge, or a work or personal project.

Have you ever set yourself a goal, like a fitness program or a diet, and then only find out you can't stick to it?

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Yours for health and success,

Frederic Patenaude

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