Thank You for Leaving Your Super Testimonial!

Inspire Others by Sharing Your Enthusiasm about Our Products. Just Follow These Simple Guidelines to Create a Super Testimonial:

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You might be wondering, what exactly is a Super Testimonial?

A Super Testimonial includes both your written and recorded thoughts, as well as a photo of you. Using specific language, it truly shows your enthusiasm about the product you are enjoying and the benefits you are receiving from it.

Creating a Super Testimonial is Easy…and I’d LOVE to Have Yours!

Here’s an example of what you could say:

“After following your program, I have released 15 pounds, I have almost no cravings, and I have signed up for a 10K race – I feel better than ever!”

You Might Also Compare Your Product with Others that You’ve Purchased Previously.

For instance, you could write, “I have read plenty of books on health and the raw food diet, but it wasn’t until I got the support and tools included in your book that I was to make the raw food diet work in my life!”

Your Testimonial Could also Inspire People to Try the Product.

To help others decide whether or not they should make a purchase, your super testimonial could say something like this, “If you’re not sure about ordering, just DO IT! I promise that you won’t regret the decision – the program is truly worth every penny.”

Remember, a Super Testimonial Includes Your Photo and an Audio Message. (But, it’s okay if you just want to write us a note!)

Here are Some Other Things You Can Talk About:

  • The NAME or PROGRAM you received from us, including any raw products or Do What You Love products.
  • What impressed you the most about our product.
  • How our product has specifically helped you and where you would (or not) be without it.
  • What other things (products, services, etc.) have you tried, and how did they compare to our product?