Spring Cleanse — Your Instructions



Well, the time has already arrived to get prepared for the Spring Cleanse! What I want to do here is to give you some important instructions on how to get started for the cleanse.

Date: First of all, although the we’re starting to prepare today, the cleanse only starts officially on Sunday, May 4th.

Then, it wall last for a full 10 days, during which you can expect many positive changes in your health! But there will be some challenges along the way, so that’s why I’ll be here to help you and guide you along.

What Can You Expect?

The list of possible benefits that you’ll experience from undergoing this spring cleanse is very long. But remember that each person is different so benefits and experiences will vary from one person to the next. Here are some common benefits:

  1. Weight loss and fat loss, often around 5 to 7 pounds in these 10 days.
  2. Energy increase
  3. Overcoming cravings and addictions to food
  4. More energy and desire to exercise
  5. New outlook on life, positivity
  6. Symptoms of chronic diseases start to fade away
  7. Renewed happiness
  8. Sinuses cleared
  9. Vision improvement
  10. Sexual energy renewal and increase
  11. Improved blood sugar metabolism
  12. Improved complexion
  13. Improved sleep
  14. And more!

The Challenges

You’ll also face some challenges during the cleanse, and symptoms of “detox” that can vary from one person to the next. Remember, you often have to feel worse before you start feeling better. Here are some common detox signs

  1. Low energy, depression in the first few days
  2. Cravings for unhealthy foods
  3. Self-doubt and fear
  4. Headaches
  5. Mental “fogginess”
  6. Sweating, bad breath, etc.

These symptoms are always temporary and will pass.

What You’ll Eat

The basics of the cleanse are very simple. You’re only allowed to eat raw fruits and vegetables. I will also recommend special smoothies, juices and preparation, as well as a certain amount of liquids to drink every day.

But as far as food is concerned, you will only eat the following:

  1. Sweet and juicy fruits (including bananas)
  2. Greens
  3. Vegetable that are normally eaten raw

The foods that are NOT allowed on this cleanse are:

  1. Nuts, seeds, avocados, and any food containing fat (including oils)
  2. Powders, supplements and any food coming from a factory
  3. Any type of cooked food (including steamed vegetables)
  4. Bread, cereals, and any form of grain product (including sprouted grains)
  5. Any type of animal products (including raw milk products)
  6. Salt and condiments of any kind (including seaweed)
  7. Dehydrated foods

Basically, the food you eat must be:

  1. Either a fruit or a vegetable
  2. It must be raw
  3. It must be fresh
  4. It must be fat-free

I will allow blending and even juicing, but it’s important to stick with the diet guidelines if you want to get the most out of this Cleanse .

Remember: this is a temporary diet! I will introduce additional foods at the end of the cleanse.

The Fast

The cleanse will officially start on Sunday, May 4th. And Sunday will be a special day because you will actually go on a short water fast.

Here’s how it works: On Saturday evening, you will make your dinner a very light meal of fruits and possibly salad. Then on Sunday you will skip breakfast, you will skip lunch, and then you will have a dinner of fruit.

So it will be a 24-hour fast, starting with your dinner on Saturday.

This is the very best way to get a Cleanse going. After this short fast, you’ll naturally crave some fruits and you’ll find it easier to go through the rest of the Cleanse.

Please note: if there is any contraindication in your health to this 24-hour fast you should abstain from doing it.

The Preparation for the Cleanse

If you want to cut a dog’s tail, you don’t want to cut one inch every day. You want to cut it all at once. It’s much less painful that way.

So for the Cleanse, I suggest to jump right into it with the 24-hour fast.

You don’t need to have an elaborate “preparation” for the cleanse. Your main preparation will actually be to get the ingredients necessary for the week.

However, if you want to get the best results from the cleanse, you should avoid certain foods in the days leading to it. These foods to avoid starting from now are:

  1. Cheese
  2. Meat and Fish
  3. Bread
  4. Highly refined foods


If you drink coffee and you give it up during the cleanse, you will experience more detox symptoms than people who don’t drink coffee and do the cleanse. In fact, most of your detox symptoms will come from caffeine withdrawal.

If you currently drink more than 2 cups of coffee per day, I will not recommend that you drastically cut on your caffeine intake during the cleanse. Instead, I will recommend a coffee withdrawal program using the product “Teeccino”, available in most health food stores. The program is described here: http://www.teeccino.com/quitting.aspx

If you cannot get the product “Teeccino”, you can use decaf coffee to make the transition.

So if you drink more than 2 cups of coffee per day you should start “getting off the bean” right now using a 14 to 21 day transition.

If you drink more than 3-4 cups a day, then your goal will be to cut by at least 50% on your caffeine intake by the end of this cleanse.

And if you’re someone who drinks only 1 cup a day, you can go cold turkey starting today, or go on a quick 5 day transition. But please be aware that this is not entirely pleasant!

When I gave up caffeine, it took me about one month to be back to my normal self!

So don’t think that the cleanse is not working for you. If you’re dealing with caffeine addiction, the cleanse will really help you handle that. But you have to be aware of the issues related.

I have written a series of articles about coffee that you can read on my website:




Read those articles today!

Shopping List

The most important thing for you right now is to get the ingredients you need for the cleanse. Mainly, that means a lot of fruit and vegetables.

First of all, I will suggest that you buy a CASE of bananas. Although you may not eat a case in a week, you will definitely go through many bananas and you can always freeze what you’re not able to eat.  The case will cost you a lot less per pound too.

Then, I will suggest a shopping list based on ingredients that are normally available at this time of the year in North America.

Because I’ve got subscribers all over the world, I cannot possibly list all of the variations based on your side of the world. So use your best judgment to adjust this list to your needs.

Make sure you buy enough and that you buy foods that are likely to ripen starting by Sunday, with some that could ripen later.


Mango: 6 to 10 pounds (if available)
Apple: 4-5 pounds
Pears: 3-4 pounds
Orange: 1 case or several pounds
Kiwi: 3-4 pounds
Pineapple: 2-4
Banana: one case
Papaya: If available: 4-5
Melon: If you can find good ones: 3-4
Cherries: 2-3 pounds
Lemons or Limes: 2-3 pounds
Coconuts (for water): optional
Romaine Lettuce: 4-6 heads
Carrot: 1 bag (large)
Celery: 4 heads
Kale and other greens: 3-4 heads
Parsley: 1 head
Cucumber: 2-3 pounds
Tomato: 2-3 pounds
Spinach: 1-2 heads

Your Questions

If you have questions during the cleanse, I will answer them in my daily e-mails. To submit your questions, you should send an e-mail to: fredmango@fastmail.fm. I will no reply personally but I will try to answer your question in the e-mails I send you.

Daily E-mails

During the cleanse, I will send you on average 2 e-mails a day, sometimes more. It’s important that you read all of these e-mails to get the most out of this cleanse. I will include answers to your questions, encouragement and inspiration, recipes, photos, and more!

Also, during the Cleanse, I will offer a series of 24-hour specials. These are specials on products that I have created that will only be available during the cleanse and for people who have signed up for it.

With the specials you’ll get these products at significant discounts, and that’s why they’ll be on for only 24 hours at a time on average.

The Spring Cleanse is an awesome program and resources and over 2500 have already signed up for it. It takes me a lot of time and efforts to send you the daily e-mails and organize everything, and I’m really glad that it will help a lot of people.

I also make a living by offering other, extremely well researched products and courses, books and eBooks for those who want to take it to the next level.

Who knows, some of these products might be just right for you, while some might not. I’ll leave it up to you to make the decisions.

If that’s all cool with you, I’m sure that you’ll have an amazing time during the Cleanse, and most importantly that you’ll get amazing results.

The Forum

I’ve also created a public discussion forum for everyone doing the cleanse. Go there to connect with other participants, talk about your experience, share recipes, get support, and more! Make sure you register an account at:


Use the forum called “Spring Cleanse”.

So go out there and get ready for the cleanse!

Frederic Patenaude

PS: Want to take it to the next level? The best way to get started is my “Raw Health Starter Kit”, available here: www.fredericpatenaude.com/starterkit.html