“Finally, the Best Step-by-Step Method to Succeed on a Raw Food Diet, With Daily Menu Planners, Recipes, Motivation and Personal Support”

Best of all, you can get instant access today and download over $700 worth of recipe books and products… yours to keep!

By Frederic Patenaude

The raw food diet can be one of the most effective ways to lose weight, increase energy and look and feel much younger than your age. But being a raw foodist can also be risky.


Because without proper nutritional knowledge, you could end up with dental problems, long-term deficiencies, and poor health.

But that’s not the only problem!

Raw food recipes are typically time consuming and complicated. Plus, you don't have a clear menu plan to follow. Every day meal planning takes guesswork, and often it's easy to fall off the wagon simply because you don't know what else to eat.

Raw foods can also get very expensive, unless you know how to stock up your kitchen and where to go to get special deals.

Social pressure can be a huge issue. It's often difficult to eat raw while traveling, or going out to restaurant, or living somewhere without like-minded people.

On a raw food diet it's easy to run into problems and deficiencies unless you're clearly aware of your needs and what foods to eat (and avoid) to meet them.

Your health may be compromised in some way. Many raw foodists will tell you, "This diet will work for everybody, no matter what." They don't understand that each of us is dealing with unique situations and health issues. The raw food diet MUST be adapted to each individual.

Cold winters can be an issue when living in places like Eastern Canadian Provinces, the northern United States, or midwest states, or European countries. How do you stay raw during the winters with the foods available?

The Raw Vegan Mentor Club Takes You By The Hand and Eliminates All of these Roadblocks… One Week at a Time for an Entire Year of Support!

Before I tell you more about it, let me explain why I’m the most qualified person you’ll meet to teach this information.

I started my career in the raw food movement at the young age of 20 (I’m now 35), and since then I've:

But my story was not always a successful one.

For my first 5 or 6 years on the raw food diet, I was plagued with health problems. I discovered that I had elevated blood sugar levels and chronic fatigue. Worse than this, I also developed over 30 dental cavities in a period of several years (following the advice of raw food gurus that are very popular these days). Upon closer investigation, I found out that these problems were very common in the raw food community.

I then started on a quest for health that I have not stopped ever since. I met with experts like Dr. Doug Graham, and discovered that my diet was lacking in key nutrients.

I thought I was on the best diet in the world, but it turned out that I had been doing it all wrong along the way.

Ever since, I have been dedicated to teaching health principles and helping raw food enthusiasts around the world dramatically improve their health

Learn to Thrive on a Raw Food Diet

Now you can say goodbye to these challenges – thanks to The Raw Vegan Mentor Club.

This is a 12-month program that takes you by the hand, step-by-step. It will transform your life.

It’s so difficult to succeed on the raw food diet because of:

The Raw Vegan Mentor Club is a 12-month program that solves the guesswork out of the raw food diet and literally provides you with everything you need to succeed, in an easily consumable format!

Last September I Came in Second in my Category for a 5K Race!

I am a fairly energetic older woman who loves to work out and take part in outdoor sports. But with arthritic shoulders, it was getting increasingly harder to maintain my level of activity. After four cortisone shots, the doctor told me the next step was surgery. My daughter had mentioned the raw food diet to me and suggested that I go to Frederic's web site and have a look. Well, I was shocked and amazed that there was this whole new world out there and I found it very appealing.

I am a member of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club and I feel fortunate to have Frederic in my life. He is my personal life coach. The monthly meal planner is worth it's weight and mine in gold.

I have been raw for over two years now and last September I came in second in my category in a 5K race. I had not been in a race for over 10 years and it was so exciting to receive my first medal. I have maintained my weight, even after the holidays. My skin is radiant and people constantly comment on how good I look, how I seem to have found the fountain of youth. My husband and daughter are raw as well and none of us take any medications at all. My husband is finally free of his reflux and his arthritic toe is working once again. I have many raw food prep books, but I haven't found anyone to compare with Frederic Patenaude. He balances the low fat with fruits and vegetables and has the most delicious recipes I have ever tasted. Thank you Frederic.

Patricia Swords
The Raw Vegan Mentor Club Has Helped Me Increase My Energy Levels!

The Raw Vegan Mentor Club has helped me increase my energy levels. I have active seronegative arthritis only in my left knee and right wrist. I am also thalassaemia minor. The raw vegan lifestyle has helped me reduce the swelling and inflammation in my left knee dramatically.

My favorite part is the monthly menu planners. These really help me to organize and plan what I'm going to eat! Left to my own devices I'd be more likely to stray into cooked food. I also love the e-books and interviews, and the other members-only exclusives. Please, try it for a month and see what a tremendous impact it can make in your life!

Michael Cheah
Personal Trainer,Singapore
The Raw Vegan Mentor Club Has the Most Personable and Warm Support!

I have purchased many books and materials from many raw food advocates: Ann Wigmore, David Wolfe, Doug Graham, Alissa Cohen, the Boutenkos... All held some useful information but the Raw Vegan Mentor Club really has the most personable and warm support. Plus, it contains realistic information, easy-to-follow recipes and clear action-oriented guides. I also appreciate the fact that every communication is not a sales pitch, and that you get lots of value for the money.

Sighle Mleziva
Health Coach, Two Rivers,Wisconsin
Always Something New and Exciting!

The recipes and menu plans have been very helpful, I'm not a vegan but 98% raw and these have helped to give me much more variety in my diet. Although I have done extensive study in the nutritional field, others personal experiences with raw diets and their pitfalls has been very helpful. You are always coming up with something new and exciting for us.

It is really worth it. The support and emails will help you to stay focused on eating raw even on the days that it gets hard , which can be many.

Raelle Connolly
Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand

The Four Pillars of Success

The Raw Vegan Mentor Club is based on the following four pillars:

If you try to go raw with only a few of these elements, you will inevitably fail. For example:

Based on these four pillars of success, the Raw Vegan Mentor Club will give you the following:

Pillar #1 — Menus & Recipes

$359 Value!

Do you have trouble deciding what to eat?

Do you worry about creating delicious raw foods that you'll actually enjoy?

Each month you'll get an entire menu planner, so you can prepare delicious raw food meals that will astound anyone who tastes them!

Follow the entire menu for a month and watch your energy levels soar, and your waistline decrease ...I guarantee it.

Every month I'll send you a new menu planner including a:

All the ingredients are easily obtained in any store, and all the meals are very easy to make.

Following a raw food diet is hard enough without having to choose the proper ingredients and following the proper recipes all alone...we're all busy people!

Let me handle all that for you...

If you already have a diet/routine set in place, you can pick and choose what recipes to implement, giving you total freedom to adjust your diet as you see fit.

The Raw Vegan Mentor Club is a Godsend!

I love the monthly menu planner of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club! It helps me organize my meals for each week. I do not have to think about what to prepare for lunch or dinner. I have tried other raw food menus but some are too complicated. The Raw Vegan Mentor Club is a godsend! I love the lessons every month. Please do not hesitate to sign up. You will get a wealth of information to live a healthy life.

Lyma Mack
Brooklyn, New York
These Recipes Are Astonishingly Good and Satisfying

"When I first subscribed to the Raw Vegan Mentor Club and took a quick look at the menu planners (too quick!) I misunderstood the entire layout. I saw that the Week's Plan had page numbers for the recipes, so I assumed the recipes were scattered all over the place, when in reality, that was just one more awesome addition to make it easier to find which day you're on! Somehow, I thought the recipes were not grouped day by day.

I'm so so sorry, because they ARE grouped day by day, and the whole planner is wonderfully laid out in a perfect, sensible way.

It has completely changed the way I do this lifestyle. I mean, these recipes are astonishingly good and satisfying.

Whenever I am getting off track, I go back to some awesome savory crunchy or chewy or unusual recipe in the book (like the Winter Fort or the chili or that cauliflower one…) and I just sit and shake my head, wondering how such simple, whole ingredients can be so good. Especially Diana Stovelaar's submissions….she is just a fabulous chef. But, really, every recipe is a slam dunk. I could throw a dart at it and have a tasty meal; even things that don't "look" like they would be so delicious. Plus, did I say "satisfying"? Totally kills cravings.

I print it out and bind it every month and leave it open all day. It is 100% worth every penny I paid.

Raele Ohana

Pillar #2 — Knowledge: The Raw Vegan Mastery Lessons

$478 Value!

This is what separates us from the pack.

We've created a series of very detailed lessons that cover almost every single aspect of the raw vegan lifestyle.

There is no one else in the raw food movement that offers this. You’ll receive up to the minute, cutting edge, hold-on-to-your-seat raw food information that isn't available anywhere else.

There are a total of 24 special lessons, presented to you every two weeks over the course of your 12-month training program. Armed with that information, you literally cannot fail!

Each lesson is around 12 pages long (in standard PDF format), and is easily digestible and rich in content.

These lessons are not a rehash of blog posts! This is material that took me over 3 years to develop and is not available anywhere else on the Internet.

Below are the 24 lessons you’ll receive:
(order is slightly subject to change).

Lesson 1 30 Day Step by Step Guide — This lesson is an extraordinary easy-to-follow guide to get started in the raw food, plant-based lifestyle. You’ll discover the 7 kitchen gadgets we recommend (and which ones to avoid), exactly what foods to stock up on, where to shop, as well as a 7-step guide to get started on either 100% raw or raw-strong diet.
Lesson 2 Symptoms of Transition. In this important lesson, you’ll learn how to recognize transition symptoms and what to do about them. You’ll discover the truth about detox, and how to tell whether what you’re feeling is detox, or something else. All possible detox symptoms are covered, with what to do about each of them.
Lesson 3 Weight Loss Principles. Discover how to reach your ideal weight, whether it’s to lose fat or gain muscle. These principles are often overlooked! You’ll find out three common raw foods that can make you gain weight, and the number one principle for weight loss that you need to focus on. You’ll know exactly what foods to eat for weight loss, and a sample menu is provided.
Lesson 4 The Most Important Things You Can Do For Your Health. This is a critical lesson about doing what truly makes a difference in your health, and avoiding wasting your time and money on what doesn’t work. You’ll discover the top-7 things you can do to improve your health right now, and a list of popular natural health treatments that don’t work.
Lesson 5 What to Eat for Dinner — Are you confused about what to eat in for dinner on a raw food diet? This lesson will give you a ton of examples for preparing delicious evening meals in no time.
Lesson 6 How to End Confusion in the Raw Food World. If you don’t know what guru to believe, then you need to read this. One of the biggest enemies to your success on the raw food diet (and in life in general) is confusion and self-doubt. In this lesson you’ll discover the main sources of confusion, and how to avoid them. Find out the main reasons for failure on a raw food diet, and how to recognize bad gurus.
Lesson 7 Saving Money on Raw Foods. This is SUCH an important lesson! If you find that eating a lot of produce can get expensive, then you need to read this! You’ll discover unusual tips and techniques for buying food in bulk and saving a ton of money.
Lesson 8 Juice Feasting. Juice “fasts” or “feasts” are common in raw food circles, but are they truly healthy? Juice fasts can be dangerous and unhealthy, and especially unwise when there are much healthier alternatives for detox. This lesson will present the best detox options available.
Lesson 9 The Water Controversy. Do you ask yourself what kind of water you should drink? Is distilled water best, or is it bad for health? And how much water should you really drink? All types of water filtrations are covered in this lesson, and after reading it you will know more than 99% of the population and will have dispelled important myths about water!
Lesson 10 The Top 5 Best Exercises. Getting started on a fitness program is often difficult because there is so much confusion in the fitness field. Get answers to your questions about exercise in this lesson, including what are the Top-5 best exercises for health. No more excuses for not getting fit! After reading this lesson, you’ll have everything you need to be in the best shape of your life.
Lesson 11 Raw Travel Tips. Traveling anywhere as a vegan or raw foodist can be particularly challenging. Discover what to do in airplanes, airports, trains, buses, automobiles, all-inclusive vacations, business trips, and more! I have traveled to over 25 countries and lived in many of them, so I have a lot to share with you on this critical topic.
Lesson 12 The Bottom Line on Fat. Fat is omnipresent in many supposed healthy diets. But too much fat is not healthy, no matter what the source. This lesson demystifies fat and gives you clear guidelines on exactly how much fatty food should be eaten on the raw food diet for optimal health, including recipe suggestions!
Lesson 13 Seasonal Cleansing for Anti-Aging and Perfect Health. A cleanse is one of the best ways you can bring your health back into balance, especially if you’re not strict all the time. I recommend a 7-day cleanse about four times a year, once for every season. What is seasonal cleansing? What cleanse to choose? How to make it work? Everything will be covered.
Lesson 14 Occasional Fasting for Optimal Health. Water fasting can be extremely powerful, but to gain the benefits you don’t need to fast for long periods of time. Even skipping a few meals, once in a while, can have tremendous benefit. This is one of our lessons on fasting, where you’ll learn more about the process of fasting for optimal health.
Lesson 15 The Case Against Salt. There’s no doubt that too much salt is bad for health. But how can you liberate yourself from your salt addition? This lesson covers everything you need to know about salt, including how to make raw foods taste great without it, or with very small quantities.
Lesson 16 Radiating Health Through Fasting. Fasting is used throughout the world in many religions and historically, it’s of great importance. Discover the history of fasting, and how to use fasting in your life with a weekly fast, annual fast, and get answers to your questions, such as: how long should you fast? Where should you go? What kind of supervision should you get?
Lesson 17 The Top Raw Controversies. There are a lot of controversies in the raw food world. Should you eat 100% raw? Should everything be organic? Can this diet work for children? These are important questions that demand answers.
Lesson 18 Low Fat Cooked or High Fat Raw? Is it absolutely necessary to stick to a 100% raw diet for optimal health? Many people get the best results on an all-raw diet, while others must incorporate some cooked foods. Find out what’s best for your situation.
Lesson 19 Great Vegan Debate. Many people commit to a vegan diet, only to come out of it, years later, as “ex-vegans,” and sometimes speaking out against veganism. In most cases, people who fail on a vegan diet were making serious nutritional mistakes that were costing them their health. Common problems will be reviewed, along with important solutions.
Lesson 20 The Power of Rituals. Do you want to accomplish extraordinary things? In this lesson you’ll discover how you can easily implement radical rituals in your life that will help you accomplish your goals and succeed with a health and exercise program. This is a classic lesson that has changed many lives already!
Lesson 21 How to Replace Coffee, And Other Stimulants. Coffee is an example of a stimulant, but there are more, such as chocolate, raw cacao, tea, and others. Discover healthy alternatives and transition strategies. Also covered in this lesson: Glucose levels on a raw vegan diet.
Lesson 22 The Myth of Fruit Causing Diabetes. Many people are under the wrong impression that diabetics should not eat fruit, or that eating sweet fruit causes elevated blood sugars. Issues surrounding fruit and diabetes will be reviewed in this lesson.
Lesson 23 The Calcium Phosphorus Ratio. Calcium is often a missing element in raw food diets. Discover how to increase your bone density and avoid long-term deficiencies by optimizing your calcium to phosphorus ratio through certain select raw foods. Other bonus material is also covered in this lesson.
Lesson 24 Mastering the Raw Vegan Lifestyle. This is our last lesson to end it all with a bang! Review important tips and techniques to maximize your success on the raw food lifestyle with our most complete lesson to date. A perfect summary of everything you’ve learned!

Pillar #3 - Inspiration: Interviews With Health & Success Gurus

$564 Value!

To succeed on the raw food diet, you need constant inspiration. A great way to do that is to hear inspiring interviews from raw foodists and other health experts from around the world.

As part of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club, you’ll receive a complete 60-minute interview each month.

I sit down with the top experts in the Raw Food industry and I grill them. I'm talking about the questions you want to know, that everyone else is afraid to ask.

The interviews go in depth about topics such as raw food nutrition, fitness, alternative health and personal growth.

Each interview is automatically available to you in .mp3 format.

Listen to them on your iPod, while EXERCISING, or taking your daily walk!

Getting Insanely Fit With Doug!
Dr. Doug Graham

Getting Insanely Fit With Doug! This is a huge, powerful, 2-hour interview with Dr. Doug Graham, world-renowned raw foodist and author of “The 80/10/10 Diet.” This interview is extremely inspiring and covers everything you need to know about fitness.

Mentally Mastering Raw Foods
Dan McDonald, “The Life Regenerator”

Mentally Mastering Raw Foods — Dan is one inspiring dude! His daily videos on YouTube are a world-wide phenomenon, and his positive approach to live and outgoing personality are a trademark. This is the type of interview you’ll want to listen to over and over, whenever you feel a bit down.

The Renegade Health Philosophy
Kevin Gianni, of “Renegade Health”

Kevin Gianni reaches thousands of people around the world with his Renegade Health website, and is a key figure in the raw food movement. In this interview he will demystify common raw food myths and show you how to avoid the mistakes h

Raw Food With Tonya
Tonya Kay — Worldclass dancer

Tonya Kay is a well-known actress, performance artist and dancer. She’s also been a model appearing in Rolling Stones magazine, National Geographic, and many others. She’s also a vibrant raw foodist! Tonya can inspire you to stay raw and healthy, and will help you to get fit also, in this inspiring interview.

The Truth About Dental Health

Tom Cornwell is the publisher of Ora Media and expert in dental health. In this shocking interview you’ll discover why so many raw foodists have problems with their teeth, and how to prevent this tragic mistake of happening to you.

Raw Foods and Weight Loss

Angela knows a little bit about weight loss. She used to weigh 300 pounds, and has shed all of the extra weight thanks to a raw food diet. Discover her exiting journey and the secrets she’s discovered for optimal weight loss.

The 11 Components to Self-Healing Any Ailment.

Johanna healed herself of Candida through a raw food diet. In this interview, she will reveal the 11 components of health. Hint: only a few of them have to do with diet!

The Role of Gluten in Human Health

Dr. Ritamarie is an expert with chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, irritable bowel problems, and more. In this interview she’ll focus on gluten sensitivity, and what it means for raw foodists.

Thriving Fruitarian for 17 Years

Anne Osborne is one of the few people in the world who lives on a 100% fruitarian diet. She eats fruit, and nothing else! While we don’t recommend a fruitarian diet for most people, her experience is nonetheless fascinating and inspiring.

How to Achieve Incredible Health & Fitness on a Low Fat Raw Food Diet.

Harley, aka Durian Rider, is one of the most controversial figures in the raw food movement. We managed to get him on his best behavior in this interview!

100% raw food mindset.

There’s a difference between eating 90% raw and 100% raw. Roger, a long-term raw foodist famous for his ripped body and knowledge on the raw food lifestyle, will share with you his take on the 100% raw food diet. Roger is also known for his remarkably young appearance. In his mid-forties, most people mistake him for being at least 15 years younger!

Raw Foods and Pushing Beyond Physical Limits.

Don’t ask Grant if you want him to come with you on your morning jogging, because he might take you on one of his famous 100 mile races! (The equivalent of four marathons in a row). Grant is an ultra-marathon runner, and does it all on a raw food diet. He’s also an expert trained under the wing of Dr. Doug Graham.

Every interview is also professionally transcribed and offered as a beautiful ebook version, that you can print out to read at your convenience. If you’ve seen some of the programs I have done, you know that this is not your “average” transcript. Every transcript I produce is professionally edited and laid out beautifully in a very easy to read format.

Pillar #4 — Personal Support & Your Questions Answered

$297 Value!

The Raw Vegan Mentor Club features personal coaching and support. Including.

As part of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club, you can also get direct contact with me! With our Platinum program, you will get my personal email address in case you need any help along the way.

Ask anything, and I'll answer you. Need motivation? I'll provide it.

Remember, you're about to join the Raw Vegan Mentor Club, meaning not only do you get direct access to me, but the entire inner circle community!

How Does the Program Work?

The Raw Vegan Mentor Club is a complete program, where each lesson builds upon the previous one.

Each month, you’ll receive the following:

Week 1 Menu Planner. The first day of each month, you will receive your menu planner, so you can plan your entire month of eating with new recipes and shopping lists based on seasonal ingredients. NOTE: People living in the Southern hemisphere (Australia, etc.) get an alternate menu planner based on their season.
Week 2 First Lesson — Your first lesson will be sent. This lesson is typically a “core” lesson covering essential aspects of the Raw Vegan Lifest
Week 3 Interview — It’s now time to receive your interview of the month, along with your eBook transcript. Get inspired!
Week 4 Advanced Lesson — The second lesson in the month is a bit more advanced, covering yet more important raw vegan topics.

In addition to this material, you will also occasionally receive bonus material, videos, and more!

How Does this Program Compare to Other Ones?

You may be familiar with other offerings for membership sites in the raw food movement, such as David Wolfe’s “Best Day Ever.” How does our program compare?

First of all, this is NOT just a membership site!

This is a complete SYSTEM. You get:

Also, you only pay for the 12-month program. After the program is over, you don’t have any commitment to continue, and you can keep ALL the material. You can also cancel at any time. But more importantly:

You Will Get Over $700 Worth Of Shameless Bribes For Trying Out The Raw Vegan Mentor Club...Yours to Keep, No Matter What!

Let’s be honest. I will try to offer you some shameless bribes like you’ve never seen before to convince you to give the Raw Vegan Mentor Club a try.

Most of these products sell separately on my website!

These bribes or bonuses are yours to keep, no matter what, even if you cancel the program before the end!

Shameless Bribes

Here's everything that's included in your special offer. These bonuses are downloadable immediately right after you complete your order!

Healthy Salad Dressings $19.95 Value

This is one of my top-selling eBooks. It includes over 70 delicious healthy RAW salad dressings that can be prepared in less than 2 minutes with ingredients that are easy to find!

The No-BS Guide to Raw Foods $19.95 Value

This is a unique eBook, adapted from my original Sunfood Cuisine book. It contains a complete list of all fruits, vegetables and other raw foods available with their health value and other interesting tips and facts.

The Raw Winter Recipe Guide $29.95 Value

Over 75 recipes are included in this eBook... specially designed for those long cold winters. All recipes are made from ingredients that are easy to find in the winter, and are designed to keep you warm! Also includes other tips about staying raw during the winter, and even a video on what to do with winter vegetables.

Exotic Raw Recipes $29.95 Value

Over 75 recipes are included in this eBook... specially designed for those long cold winters. All recipes are made from ingredients that are easy to find in the winter, and are designed to keep you warm! Also includes other tips about staying raw during the winter, and even a video on what to do with winter vegetables.

7 Gourmet Raw Recipes Everyone Should Know $29.95 Value

Over 75 recipes are included in this eBook... specially designed for those long cold winters. All recipes are made from ingredients that are easy to find in the winter, and are designed to keep you warm! Also includes other tips about staying raw during the winter, and even a video on what to do with winter vegetables.

More Bonuses....

Get 6 more recipe books! $120 Value

We realized that having good recipes is very important to succeed and have fun on the raw food diet. This is why when you join the Mentor Club, you have instant access to a lot of recipe eBooks, and we keep adding more all the time. The following eBooks are in standard letter format and never longer than 20 pages (containing only good recipes), allowing you to print them easily.They also contain full nutritional information for each recipe. Here are some titles that are instantly downloadable right now in the member's area:

  • Low Fat Salad Dressings
  • Savory Dinner Recipes
  • Fat-Free Dinner Recipes
  • Delicious high-energy recipes
  • Indian-style raw recipes

A total of $120 worth of recipe eBooks! (in addition to the bonuses mentioned previously).

Wait... There's More!

Exclusive Video Bonuses $120 Value

Get access to exclusive video bonuses of presentations I gave around the world. Including:

  • Principles of Natural Health
  • Vibrant Living Expo Conference on "How to End Confusion About Nutrition"
  • “High Fruit or High Fat” And more!

These videos can be watched online or download to your computer (for example: to watch on your iPod). You can even download the slides for each presentation separately!

The 21 Best Detox Diets $47 Value

This is one of my all-time best-selling eBooks. It contains over 21 powerful detox diets you can use for releasing weight, increasing energy and rejuvenating the body. Also included are specific detox recipes, and what type of detox diet to use for particular health challenges. A classic you will want to refer to over and over again!

Life Extension Secrets Revealed $47 Value

"How to look younger, slow down aging, avoid degenerative diseases and reach your full longevity potential"

With WAYNE GENDEL, Life Extension Specialist

In this program, you will learn:

  • Why most supplements actually cause premature aging (and discover the very small minority that could be beneficial in some cases).
  • How you can avoid the #1 cause of infertility.
  • The best book you can read to free yourself of negative emotions (you can find it in most public libraries!).
  • Much More!
Living Naturally in an Unnatural World $47 Value

How to Manage Your Time and Energy to Completely Succeed With Your Health Program

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to stay on track with a raw food or other health programs in our modern, stressful world
  • Solutions to common social problems of trying to eat a raw food diet and another "uncommon" lifestyle choices among friends, family and co-workers
  • More than 7 important tips to overcome cravings for unhealthy foods
  • How to maintain your diet and exercise program while you're on the road, and 6 tips to successfully travel on a vegan or raw food diet

Ready to get started?

I'm so glad you're about to join the Raw Vegan Mentor Club. It is truly the most comprehensive, most personal raw food training program available anywhere.

Going "Raw" can change your life, just as it has changed mine.

Believe me, feeling and looking good is wonderful...once you feel it, you’ll never want to go back again.

How much would you be willing to pay for a resource like this?

The content provided in the Raw Vegan Mentor Club is worth over $1498 (based on the price of each element if I sold them separately, and many of them have sold at those prices before). And with all the instantly downloadable bonuses, is worth over $2198

100% Money Back Guarantee

Join the Raw Vegan Mentor Club. You can pay monthly (for 12 months and not a month more) and you can cancel at any time. You’re also protected by our money-back guarantee.

Try the program for 60 days. If you don’t agree that this is the best information you’ve ever come across on the topic of raw foods and health, just contact my team within 60 days, and we’ll issue a complete refund! No hassle, no quibble.

And remember… you get to keep ALL the bonuses, worth over $700, no matter what!

Our support team is easy to reach at www.replytofred.com

You will succeed with this diet and lifestyle, you have my word on that.

All it takes is getting the right materials and joining the right group of people, and with our money back guarantee you’ll feel confident and secure when joining the Raw Vegan Mentor Club.

Because we provide individualized support to Platinum students, we can only accept 50 more Platinum students at this time.

Sign Up Now — 50 Spaces Available

$197 One-Time And Get for One Year:

Monthly Menu Planners
Raw Vegan lessons every 2 weeks (24 in total)
Monthly interviews and transcripts (12 in total)
Access to discussion forums
$700 worth of bonuses, instant download

Personal questions with Frederic by email

You will get my personal email address and I will answer any questions you may have along the way!

Frederic Patenaude

P.S. Remember, your Raw Vegan Mentor Club is backed by my 100% no questions asked guarantee. There is absolutely no risk! If you are not happy, for any reason, you can cancel at any time.