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“I have been paying special attention to maximizing my efficiency at following the basic food combining rules you lay out in “The Raw Secrets.” I was wondering about combining lemon juice with my salads. Rather than using a homemade raw salad dressing, like I used to do, I have been using the juice of one lemon on my salads to keep my fat intake low. Will the lemon juice react with the greens to cause indigestion? I don't put avocados or nuts/seeds in my salads anymore because I believe that you said fats before greens, not with the greens. So the lemon juice would only be added to things like cabbage, collards, sunflower sprouts, tomato, celery, romaine, etc. Any concerns?” - Mike.

ANSWER: To answer your questions, you can certainly add some lemon juice to your salad. It won't cause problems unless you use too much of it. Also, some avocado with a salad is OK, the problem is more eating a big salad and THEN avos or nuts.


“In your food combining article (last week), you stated that one should not combine avocados with nuts (so as not to combine two types of fatty foods). I'm perplexed by this because one of the most common raw recipes I've seen is a nori roll recipe that includes at least three types of nuts and avocado. Are you saying this should be discarded?” - Phillip

ANSWER: Yes, this food combo is an absolute digestive disaster. In my new recipe book "Instant Raw Sensations" I follow the 3 basic food combining rules in almost every recipe.


“I am trying to eat meals only when truly hungry. Do you have any tips on how to ignore the gnawing in my stomach? As I understand the stomach growling, or empty stomach, does not necessarily mean you are hungry.

“Of course, I'm used to eating the second my stomach is empty. Is there a way I can make the gnawing sensation go away, like drink water, etc. It's very difficult trying to focus at work/studying when your body is doing this!”
- Tina Brooks

ANSWER: The answer is to learn to simplify your meals in order to ease your digestion so that you get less of the growling on an empty stomach.

What I've found is that by eating a low-fat diet with proper food combining, I can easily go several hours without eating without getting much “dissatisfaction” from my stomach. Often when I run errands I won't eat before 1 or 2 in the afternoon.


“Thank you very much for sending this list of food-combing rules, I found it to be very informative. I have been eating raw now for several months, and feel better than ever. I do have a quick question for you. In you rule #2, you state we should not combine acid with starch, for example, a tomato sandwich. However, what is your opinion of making a tomato sandwich, where the starch is made from Ezekiel bread? That's become a staple for me: Ezekiel bread/hummus/spinach/tomatoes.”

ANSWER: In reality, this is not great food combining. But you're the one to judge. If you get gas, or any other signs that digestion isn't optimal, then I suggest leaving out the tomatoes from that mixture. You might even find that Ezekiel bread is hard to digest in itself! Personally, I don't really eat any form of sprouted or cooked grains.


“First of all - I want to meet you. I think you're a babe and am so appreciative of all the insight and information. I'm an actor on CSI and have been moving towards the raw diet slowly over the past year. Regarding raw food combinations, I have experienced some hard core indigestion since I switched to my 80% raw diet. There are occasions when I have consumed a 100% raw diet and end up having some of the worst heart burn and digestion problems that I had ever experienced. Prior to moving towards a healthier diet, this never happened. Any info on correct food combinations would be appreciated. And when do we get to meet?”

ANSWER: Thank you for writing. First of all, I must say that you've given me very little information to begin with, so my answer will be very generic. Most people who move to a raw diet initially experience some digestive issues as their body is clearing up the old stuff or crap that built up inside of them. This generally lasts a week or two, sometimes 3-4. If it goes on for much longer, there might be something else going on.

But in addition to that, most people also eat the raw diet without paying attention to food combining and make a lot of other mistakes that make things worse. If you want to read my previous articles on food combining, please use the link to back issues of the Newsletter on my website for that.

Here are some tips I can give you for now:

1- Generally, it's better to eat only fruit during the day, and vegetables in the evening. Fats, such as avocados or nuts, combine well with vegetables, but not with fruits.

2- Bananas should not be combined with acid fruits such as pineapple or oranges.

3- Acid fruits such as oranges should not be consumed in excess.

4- Remember to KISS - Keep It Sweet and Simple.

If you haven't read my book, “The Raw Secrets”, I highly recommend that you do. It will answer most of your questions on the raw-food diet.

As for meeting me, we'll be organizing plenty of events in 2006 - stay tuned!

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