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“I am currently breastfeeding a 4 month old baby who recieves no nutrition outside of my milk. I feel going raw would help many issues I am suffering. However, I am concerned that going raw would put me into detox and all the junk I expel would go right into my baby's milk.

“Do you have any advice on how slow I should transistion or if I should forego trying to eat raw while nursing? It's been preached I need lots of whole grains when nursing and pregnant. Is that true?”

ANSWER: I don't think that getting healthy is going to be harmful for yourself or your baby. What's the option? Leaving all those toxins inside of your system? I think your body in its infinite wisdom will know what to do. I would not fear that toxins would go into your milk and there is no evidence to show that this would happen unless you're consuming toxins (like heavy metals) directly.

My suggestion is to get healthier now and not wait after. Make sure you are consuming at least 1 pound of greens a day, a lot of it in the form of blended greens, for optimal nutrition intake. Also of prime importance is making sure you are consuming enough calories to produce quality milk. This means consuming enough fresh fruits to get sufficient calories, and a limited amount of fat in the form of nuts and seeds.

Grains are absolutely not necessary as long as you get enough calories from raw foods.

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