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Dear fellow health-seeker,

Are you tired of hearing the same confusing information over and over again?

Are you sick of these health “experts” who in the end are only pitching their brand of supplements?

Are you perplexed by the vast confusion existing in the health field?

Are you struggling with a particular diet, such as the vegan, raw-food or Atkins diet?

Are you finding it hard to discover the truth among an endless pile of conflicting information?

Are you looking for steady energy, balance, and sound nutrition?

Pure Health & Nutrition In this FREE online newsletter, you will discover Frederic's unique RAW approach to nutrition and health.

• No supplement pitching
• No fanaticism
• Only useful information
• Thought-provoking ideas
• Simple and easy to use advice
• Inspiring, life stories.
• Weekly encouragement
• No outdated dogmas

With almost 11,000 subscribers worldwide, Pure Health & Nutrition is the leading raw alternative health newsletter!

Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan, a raw foodist, or just someone interested in finding the truth about diet and nutrition, you will find in “Pure Health and Nutrition E-Zine” lots of food for thought and practical advice.

I get hundreds of e-mails every month from people thanking me with the information I share with them. This is the type of comments I receive EVERY DAY:

Satisfied Readers Agree...

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Pure Health & Nutrition. All your writings are informative, realistic, and right on target of issues pertinent to optimal health.” Kathy W.

“Thank you for all the information that you share about health and nutrition. You have truly inspired me to stay on track with my lifestyle change. I look forward to every issue of your Pure Health E-zine and love your web site." Val

“Thanking you for your amazing site and all the info you provide in your Pure Health e-zine. It has helped me to continue to make the transition and commitment to a truly healthy existence. It is clearly coming from love. You are an inspiration.” Kathleen R.

“Thanks so much for your Pure Health E-Zine. I appreciate your efforts in providing common sense info to we who are on the journey.” Claudia Morris

“Your Pure Health E-Zine is so interesting and informative. Thank you for your eye opening and fact filled newsletters which I have found invaluable.” Anita, Australia

In my newsletter, I bring you:

• Exclusive interview with top authorities and unique thinkers in the field
• Simple and easy to prepare recipes and meal ideas
• Articles
• Practical advice and tips
• The latest RELEVANT research, not just the newest fad

All of this is absolutely free!

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