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From the Editor

Dear readers,

This week we’re following up with the topic we started last week, when I gave some advice on getting back on track when you’ve fallen off the wagon with your diet and fitness program. Next week, I will write about cheating! But this week, we explore perhaps the most important part of the topic: how to beat emotional eating by listening to our body.

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Did you know that most nuts that we find in the store are not only dried at high temperature, but they are also frozen for long periods of time before they are shipped to the stores. Some nuts are even roasted — and basically, very few nuts fall in the category of “raw and organic.”

A great alternative to the junk we find in the store is to consume raw nut butters. Nut butters are easier to digest than nuts (unless one chews nuts really carefully) because the nuts have been crushed into a fine paste.

But as I’ve discovered, all nut butters found in the stores are made from roasted nuts or are processed in a way that generate a lot of heat. That is a problem with nut butters because nuts contain fats and protein -- two substances that we do not want to expose to heat, as this creates carcinogenic compounds.

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Or what to think of the latest raw-food books

I received the following letter from a reader:

“There’s a new book that came out claiming that raw chocolate is the best food. But you say chocolate is 'bad', and this book says it is good, and it is the same for lots of other things about raw food nutrition! I believe more in you than in other raw-food 'gurus' (or the like), but I am extremely confused, I do not know what to think about chocolate and everything else anymore! I really liked your book “Raw Secrets” but then I have wondered what it is right to eat, since most recipes contain garlic, onion, oil, spices... And the more I read, the more I get confused.

“For example I tend to refuse to believe that such a millenary food like bread could be harmful for man. What about onion and garlic, and the famous Hunza nutrition? You see, I tend to believe in raw food nutrition, but... I have lots of doubts, and wonder if our instinct might be enough for us.

You have been very clear and exhaustive in your book “Raw Secrets,” but perhaps you should be even clearer.”


Here we go: confusion again!
Someone comes up with a book saying that chocolate is the best thing you could eat (and they happen to sell it, of course), and then a whole lot of people write me and ask me what I think about this, because they get confused. “Could this be true?” But of course, thousands of diet books are printed every year and among them you’ll find an amazing amount of contradicting information. I personally do not have the time (or desire) to go through all of them. And I think it’d be a waste of my time to even try to verify all of the ludicrous statements made by the various authors and self-proclaimed diet gurus. I think I have made it very clear in The Raw Secrets (especially in the new electronic edition) that going back to a natural diet is based on very simple principles that can be hard to put in practice, in fact because “simple” is harder than “complicated” in this world.

At some point, we have to put some trust in Nature. This year, a book comes out claiming that chocolate or raw cacao is the best thing in the world. Next year, it’s going to be something else. Do you have to put to the test all of the sometimes ridiculous theories out there about nutrition and everything else? Do you have to be always in a state of doubt? Remember, success is impossible to the doubter. You have to have a little trust, for a start. Only then, success becomes a possibility.

In Raw Secrets, I made it quite clear that our natural diet should be composed almost exclusively of fruits and vegetables, eaten as much as possible in their natural state. You should read again the chapter where I explain the natural law of dietetics -- or how every creature on this planet selects foods according to three criteria: *Is the food pleasant to the taste, smell and sight, when it is consumed in the raw state, without seasonings or combinations.* This simple test should help you determine which are the best foods for us. In the meantime, we know that raw cacao is a stimulating food (For more information, see: http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/rawcacao.html). Humans have done perfectly well all over the planet for hundreds of thousands of years before cacao was discovered, and were doing much better in every regard before bread and grains were consumed, only thousands of years ago.

Eventually, you will move from trust (which comes from reasoning), to experience. Experience will teach you the principles that you have learned in the right books. For example, you can read my article on raw cacao and still think to yourself, “Yeah right, I still want to try it.” Then when you spend the night in your bed, restless and unable to sleep, you might think to yourself, “Well maybe it’s true, raw cacao is really a stimulant.”
Or you might read what I have to say on garlic and onions -- avoid them for about a month, and then eat some again. Then you might notice how not only your breath has a nasty garlic flavor to it the next day, but also that your fingers, arms, and actually every pore of your body has a slight garlic smell -- as the body is getting rid of the toxic compounds found in garlic!

I personally always have to remind myself to put my trust in Nature – and to always go back to the basic principles, which are the foundation of any true system.

PS: To go a little deeper into this, read my book “The Raw Secrets” (http://www.therawsecrets.com) and then my course “How to End Confusion About Nutrition: http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/endconfusion.html

This Week’s Featured Article:

Eating For Emotional Reasons

This week we’ll explore the topic of emotional eating, and how to beat it. I say “explore” because it’s a quite complex issue — so I can just scratch the surface here. However, in this short article, I will give you some very specific and effective way to recognize emotional patterns in eating and how to avoid binging and cravings.

The first step is awareness. We need to understand and observe how and why we eat. When we do this, we’ll realize quite quickly the following:

- We often eat without hunger, purely out of boredom or other emotional reason.
- When we eat, we are distracted and actually do not enjoy our food.

To recognize those patters and avoid them, we need to start asking ourselves some question before we sit down and eat.

Questions to ask before eating:

1- Am I really hungry? (If the answer is “I’m not sure,” then you’re not).

This is the most important question. The first pre-requisite to eating is hunger. Genuine hunger — not appetite. When we eat without hunger, it is like making love without desire. It can only lead to frustration and deception.

The concept of eating only with hunger appears simple and obvious. Yet eating when hungry is also the most difficult dietary advice to apply. Let me repeat that: eating with genuine hunger is the most important, yet the most difficult diet principle to apply. Why? Because of conditioning, wrong living, and emotional baggage.

To learn to eat with hunger, and actually feel what it’s like to do it, we first need to learn to recognize what true hunger is. Here’s from my book, The Raw Secrets, the signs of true and false hunger. Please refer to my book for more information (http://www.therawsecrets.com).

Signs of True Hunger

Signs of False Hunger

So the first question to ask, before eating, is: am I hungry? If you are not sure, then it means you are not hungry! If you have any of the signs of “false hunger” listed above, then you are not hungry. When we are hungry, we know it!

If you were about to eat and realize that you are not hungry, the right thing to do is to wait for true hunger to naturally come. I recommend in that case to wait for an hour — just an hour — and see how that hunger feeling has changed. You can choose in that hour to go for a walk, catch up on some work, read, etc.

Also note that the best way to cultivate genuine hunger is to engage in vigorous physical activity on a regular basis.

QUESTION #2: “If I eat now, will I fully enjoy my food?

You’ve asked yourself if you’re hungry before eating. Let’s say that the answer is yes. Then the next question to ask yourself is, “If I eat now, will I fully enjoy my food?”
It’s important to answer that question because, while hunger is the first pre-requisite to eating, our physical environment also plays a great role in the whole experience of eating. You might be in a crowded bus or you might be on the beach. One place or time might be a perfect environment to eat, while another might not. So if the answer to that question is no, then why not wait a little bit until you can eat in a nicer environment?

QUESTION #3: “Can I wait a little bit and make my environment a little nicer before I eat?

The last question is also important — but it’s more the icing on the cake. It’s great to make your environment a little nicer before you eat. One idea could be to wash the dishes before you eat, not after. Or to take a shower, play some nice music, find a nicer spot to eat, light up some candles. Alone or with others, saying a prayer or a blessing is also a very good thing to do to set up the right environment where proper digestion can take place.

I remember once I was living in a community where we said a prayer before every meal. I really enjoyed that feeling of connection with others and the food when we said this prayer, and the right mood it helped create before the meal. Then shortly after that community experience, I went back to my hometown and ate with friends and family. I was shocked at the whole meal experience: how just as soon as the food was served everybody rushed to shove as much food as they could down their throat! Well, I’m perhaps exaggerating, but in many households this sight is not far from reality.


If you answer no to the first two questions, but in spite of it decide to eat, it would pay to ask yourself the following questions:

QUESTION #1: “Why is it that I want to eat now?

If you realize that you are not truly hungry, and still want to eat nonetheless, you’re eating for emotional reasons to fill a void. That kind of eating is not going to truly feed your body. Asking yourself that question and pondering the answer will help you better understand the emotional issues you have with food.

QUESTION #2: “Is there something else I can do right now?

If not eating appears very difficult to do, in spite of that little intellectual game of asking yourself the previous questions, try one more: “Is there something else I can do right now?” That is, instead of eating.

To get out of the state, try doing some EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques — those who purchased by program “How to Get Rid of Cravings in 72 Hours or Less” are familiar with those techniques.) If you don’t know EFT, you can break the state simply by doing something else, right now! Physical activity is the best choice, or anything else that would put you back in your body instead of your mind. You could, for example, simply decide to go for a one-hour brisk walk, paying attention to your breathing during that time.

If in spite of that, you choose to eat at that moment, ask yourself the question, after you eat:

LAST QUESTION: “How do I feel now?

If you were unable to control yourself and ate in that emotional state, you need to spend some time to observe how you feel after. You might choose to write those feelings down or simply discuss them with someone else. That exercise alone will help you understand yourself better and will give you a better perspective next time you sit down at the dinner table.

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