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Frederic PatenaudeFrom: Frederic Patenaude
Montreal, Canada

Subject: I am Blown Away!

Dear friend,

I might not know you personally, but I feel we have something in common. For one, we both want to become healthier, especially if there's an easy way to do it. I suspect we're also both truth-seekers trying to sift through a pile of contradicting information about health.

You know, sometimes I get discouraged, because every day it seems someone comes up with a new health product or an amazing “discovery” that seems to contradict everything I've learned about health in the past! There are literally thousands of companies marketing all sorts of health products and information and each of them sounds really convincing.

It's not easy to filter out the truth in all of that. I've spent years and years trying to figure things out about nutrition and health, and I still come across tons of NEW ideas I'd never even considered in the past. When conflicting information starts to overwhelm us, we can find clarity by examining the source of the information itself.

“If You Haven't Heard of Victoria Boutenko, You Will Soon”

The Boutenko 

FamilyThere's someone out there in this field of money-making, opportunists (also known as the “natural health movement”) that I deeply respect. She's a woman of integrity -- a woman of heart. A true, bright soul whose mission in life is to help people like me and you experience abundant health.

Her name is Victoria Boutenko and if you've never heard of her, you will soon.

In the last few years, this woman has turned more people on to the idea of eating raw foods than probably anyone else in the country. She's done it with more passion and more heart than anyone I've ever encountered.

Victoria and her family also have an amazing story that she can tell you about in her books or in person. Through a complete change in diet, she, her husband and two children have cured themselves from a long list of “incurable diseases”. The transformation of Victoria's family to raw food is described in her book, The Raw Family.

"Don't Waste Any Time!"

I got your Green for Life Program and I was really impressed by this new and exciting information on greens. Learning this information has made me start incorporating more green smoothies and greens into my life and my family's life. Already we are feeling benefits - more energy, cleansing. Plus the peace of mind knowing I am providing the best nutrition to my non-raw children. And it tastes great!

I am ready to share this information with many friends on a Standard American diet that are facing health challenges but refuse to consider the raw diet. This is a way for them to start feeding their bodies what they need but its not too radical for them.

This information is invaluable to anyone who wants to get healthier - regardless of their current diet. There's no denying the nutrition you're getting and there's no denying how great it tastes! Don't waste any time

Megan Gaetano
Spokane, WA

"My Cravings Just Stopped!"

Frederic, Thanks for the teleconference with Victoria Boutenko! As the seminar began, I increased the amount of greens I was including in my green smoothies, and something amazing happened. My cravings STOPPED. Bang. Just vanished. H

I have lost 5 pounds so far, still trimming. Apparently I was having to eat way too much fruit before, to satiate my appetite, because my body was really craving minerals. Now that I'm eating lots of greens in the smoothies my cravings have stopped, I require much less fruit, and my body is satisfied and trimming down. Thanks for a great seminar. Keep up the good work!

Rick Josey 

rickjosey @ charter.net 

"I am starting to see my gums healthy!"

Patricia MirandaMy Name is Patricia Miranda I live in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Thank you so much for letting me partipate in this teleconference. It was so fantastic. Victoria had much she had to say I learnt so much. I have experienced tiredness for a long time and problems with teeth and gums that I thought they would never become better.

And this is so fantastic because I have bleeding of my gums for years and years. My dentist had no answers on how to fix that problem. I am already seeing results. In two weeks since I listened to Green for Life, I am starting to see my gums healthy and also I have more energy. Thank you again!

I am feeling more healthy now like is kind of freshness in me that I didn't feel before.

I also went to the doctor for checkup and she was amazed to see my cholesterol level so healthy, not only my bad cholesterol was so low, but my good cholesterol was high she was amazed by the good results.

I am 54 years old and I feel and look years younger. My skin has no winkles and this is a mixture of genes and healthy raw lifestyle.

I have been into this raw eating since 2003 and has really embraces this way of eating. When I listened to Victoria Boutenko talk about her experience and her knowledge I have learnt so much and has giving me the encouragement to contimue in this path.

Thankyou again for all you are doing Frederic in educating people to be really healthy.

My family and I came to Australia long time ago from Chile.
This new chapter in my life is wonderful because feeling healthy feels natural.

Patricia Miranda

pmi21490 @ bigpond.net.au

"I feel so much more alive and whole"

I just started on the greens since I heard Victoria Boutenko and Frederic Patenaude describe the process and benefits a few days ago. I must say that this is definitely the right food. Everything they said just fell into place.

I had been on a raw food diet for over a year and felt that I was missing something. My nails were getting brittle and I was often sleepy. In the few days that I have been following the recommendations, I feel so much more alive and whole. I really thank the two of them, Fred and Victoria for not getting stuck in a raw food dogma rut, but having the courage to experiment and see what really does work. It's all about our health, not our egos! Both of them live that principal. 

Stephanie Burns

stephanie_burns @ yahoo.com 

“Victoria's New Research May Transform the Health of the World”

After changing the lives of thousands of people by teaching the power of raw and living foods across the country, Victoria is now on to something new.

Over the last two years, she's been hiding in universities and libraries trying to answer the ultimate question, “What is the ideal nutrition for humans?”

She hasn't done this in an effort to make quick bucks or come up with a revolutionary health product. She's trying to provide people with the missing key, the lost piece in the puzzle that SO MANY OF US NEED to be truly healthy. She's made some astounding discoveries and is having a dramatic impact on health and nutrition as we know it.

I am extremely honored to announce that in conjunction with Victoria Boutenko we have recorded an exclusive teleconference, in which I have dug for as much information as possible about her extensive research. This is a one-of-a-kind program called:

Green for Life 


"The Green for Life Program"

Introducing the Green for Life Revolution That Will Transform Your Health No Matter What Diet You're on!

In this program, you will learn:

CheckmarkA surprising, new discovery reveals why greens are the most overlooked and missing foods we need for our health (it will surprise you!)

CheckmarkWhy just eating organic lettuce, spinach and celery as vegetables might not be enough to get you the nutrition you need.

CheckmarkA shocking discovery reveals why, after several years, many raw-foodists reach a plateau where the healing process stops and even begins to go backwards.

CheckmarkHow Victoria's discoveries can make your cravings for heavy or cooked foods go away.

CheckmarkWhy most people have a hard time eating enough greens and how to reset this natural instinct.

CheckmarkWhy it's *very unlikely* that you'll maintain your health in the long run without sufficient quantities of greens in a way that is easy to absorb for the body.

CheckmarkA step-by-step plan for incorporating Victoria's Green for Life Program (which is compatible with other programs such as the Perfect Health Program, the low-fat raw vegan diet, and even any diet that includes cooked food).

CheckmarkHow a deficiency in certain nutrients found in greens can lead to depression, lack of energy, lack of focus or concentration, and cravings for sweets, starch, chocolate and caffeine.

CheckmarkDiscover the critical importance of hydrochloric acid. Find out why most people (including raw-foodists) produce too little of this acid in their stomach and consequently suffer from conditions such as: indigestion, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, food allergies, weak or cracked fingernails, adult acne, hair loss in women, iron deficiencies, and chronic yeast infections.

CheckmarkHow to finally restore your body's alkalinity. This is essential if you want to maintain your health in the long run!

CheckmarkA surprising fact reveals why so many overweight people are not succeeding in losing weight (hint: it's not because they are eating too much food).

Free Online Mini-Course

"The Power of Greens"

---> Learn how to use the power of greens to increase your energy, eliminate cravings, overcome and prevent deficiencies, and achieve your ideal weight.

In this mini-course, I will show you how to use the power of greens to achieve radiant health and boundless energy. I will share exclusive information that I've never revealed before! In it, you will learn:

The Power of Greens Mini-Course
  • The most important recipe that can help you eliminate dental problems and help you achieve your ideal weight (Day 2)
  • How to eat more greens, including tasty recipes (Day 4)
  • Some surprising facts about greens: how they literally give you "supernatural powers" (Day 6)
  • Why "greens" are the missing link in most raw food programs (Day 1)
  • And more!

The subscription is FREE and only available through this offer.

Join below and receive your first lesson immediately without any delay.


Note: I greatly respect your privacy and will never sell or share your email address with anyone. Never.

Are You Eating on a Raw Food Diet?
Then Read This:

From Victoria Boutenko:

"After several years of being raw foodists, however, each one of us began to feel like we had reached a plateau where our healing process stopped and even somewhat began to go backwards.

A burning question began to grow stronger in my heart with each day "Is there anything missing in our diet?" The answer would come right away: "Nope. Nothing could be better than a raw food diet."

Yet, however tiny, the unwanted signs of less than perfect health kept surfacing in minor but noticeable symptoms such as a wart on a hand or a gray hair that brought doubts and questions about the completeness of the raw food diet in its present form.

The truth is, in my family, we were not eating enough greens. Moreover, we did not like them. We knew that greens were important, but we never heard anywhere exactly how much greens we needed in our diet.

I noticed that many of the wrinkles on my face went away and I began to hear compliments from other people about my fresh look. My nails became stronger, my vision sharpened and I had a wonderful taste in my mouth, even upon waking in the morning (pleasure I hadn't had since youth."

“The Green for Life Revolution” Includes:

“Greens Can Save Your Life”

Green for Life Program

This conference Is saturated with ground-breaking new information, presented in a clear and simple way!

Victoria reveals her new research about the importance of greens and will outline an easy-to-follow plan for getting on the Green for Life Program (which is compatible with all other diet programs).

Value: $50

Here are some topics that are covered:


Arrow The one crucial part of the diet that almost EVERY raw-food enthusiast skips -- with often tragic results!


Arrow Ingenious tricks to consume greens for optimal assimilation.


Arrow Exactly how much to consume each day for optimal health.


Arrow How you can LOVE greens even if you've never been able to eat much of them before.


Arrow How to improve your gums and avoid or overcome gingivitis.


Arrow Surprising new research that Victoria has never revealed before that can increase your energy by at least 20% (HINT: this has nothing to do with green stuff!)


Arrow Why most people have trouble with their weight (either to lose or gain), and how to use green smoothies to reach your ideal weight.


Arrow Which greens to grab at your local market (discover the nutritional bombs!)


Arrow Learn about a simple method that can prevent or reverse dental problems such as cavities.


Arrow What to think of green supplements.


Arrow The worst mistake you can make when you eat greens.


Arrow Two medical doctors share their experience and research with the Green for Life Program! (PS: this is pretty exciting stuff!)


Arrow How to evaluate if you are getting enough greens.


Arrow And more!

Questions & Answers with Victoria Boutenko
The Green for Life Program in Details!

Green for Life Program

If any of your questions haven't been answered in the teleconference, they will be in this 40-page long, digital e-book.

This is one of the most valuable parts of the program. After Victoria's teleconference, I basically grilled her for 2 hours on every possible aspect of the Green for Life, and the result is this really useful 50-page e-book that will answer any question that you might have.

Value: $50

Here are some topics that are covered:


Arrow Practical information on how to make the Green for Life program work in your day-to-day life.


Arrow How to tell if you're eating enough greens, and how to determine the right amounts.


Arrow Two easy ways to determine if your digestion is optimal, and solutions to improve it!


Arrow How to rotate the foods in your diet for optimal health.


Arrow An ingenious way to survive (and stay healthy) without food or money in extreme circumstances.


Arrow How to tell if your body is acidic.


Arrow How to feed children on the raw diet for optimal health.


Arrow Surprising new research reveals why we are addicted to certain foods!


Arrow How to get rid of candida while eating and enjoying fruit.


Arrow And more!

Bonus #3

"Transcript of Teleconference"

Green for Life 

ProgramThe teleconference is also available in a professional e-book format (it's gorgeous!) and available online for reading or printing.

This will be especially valuable for reviewing the information in print, and also if you suffer from hearing disabilities.

Value: $20

Bonus #4

"Green for Life Book"

Green for Life 


As part of this program, you will get a copy in the mail of Victoria's long awaited new book about greens and green smoothies.

In this book, Victoria approaches human nutrition from a new angle, comparing the human diet with the diet of chimpanzees.

“Green for Life” is written in a clear style, illustrated with anecdotes, diagrams and pictures.

The results of the Roseburg study conducted by Victoria and Dr Fieber, reveal the unique healing potential of green smoothies.

List Price: $14.95 (186 pages)

Bonus #5

"Event: The Green for Life Cleanse"

Green for Life Cleanse

This special bonus is actually worth the entire price of registration! With this program, you will get to put what you've learned in GREEN FOR LIFE into actual practice!

This 7-day event will take you on a journey of cleansing and transformation, as the group who signed up GREEN FOR LIFE will get to go on a “Green Cleanse” each appropriate to her own health and desire.

In this Green Challenge, you will get specific instructions on how to conduct the cleanse from the comfort of your own home.

Each day you will receive an e-mail with additional information and guidelines which will help you make the most from this cleanse! I guarantee that the “group energy” will be awesome.

This program is exclusive to those who sign up for GREEN FOR LIFE now, and will take place several times a year... And if you place your order now you will also get to participate not just once, but EVERY SINGLE TIME a new green cleanse is organized. Of course, after you have participated once, it will be your choice. But many of our participants come back to do the green cleanse more than once and get even more benefits the second time around. Every time a new green cleanse is organized, you will be notified and invited.

A 7-Day Green Detox Cleanse takes place in April, so in order to organize it properly, we will only accept the next 38 people who order this program.

If you can't make it to the next cleanse, this is not a problem, because you'll be invited to ALL future Green Cleanses at no extra charge

Value: $50 (But Priceless!)

Here are some comments we've received from people who have participated in the Green Cleanse

"The Cleanse hasn't been as hard as I thought! I have lost 7 pounds so far and I have no detox symptoms.

I was telling a friend last night that I have had only one day off in the past month and that I was feeling weary. She told me that I didn't look tired at all.Not bad for a 54 year old!!!" Sandy
"I didn't think I could do it, but now that I've done a few days of the Green Cleanse, I feel so light and can really tell the difference with my digestion. My body feels good and I am in a really good mood. Thank you so much for this support. Your emails really help and your enthusiasm keeps me going (I need it). John
Thanks Frederic."
Your cleanse came at the right moment. Actually I have been doing the green smoothies ever since I got your Green for Life Program. This cleanse seems to be clearing up my jaundice and my energy levels are coming up each day. This morning I didn't wake up tired. I have been exercising on the treadmill and the trampoline and today I am putting in 50 laps in my pool. This is a great thing you are doing!" Sonia
"Thanks for everything Frederic. This has been a phenomenal experiment for me. With your support and dowsing for my smoothies, my body, mind and spirit feels just like it feels when I am at the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego for 2 weeks! I will be gone on a two day adventure to Southern, AZ to explore Kartchner Caverns but will take 2 qt. of smoothies with me to finish out the day. I look forward to whatever else you might have planned. Nothing like being 65 and feeling younger than I did when I was 45! Take care and my humble thanks for all that you and Victoria have done with promoting this green smoothie revolution! Love, Judie
( Sedona)

"I just want to say how much I appreciate your motivation during the Green Cleanse. I believe everyone wants to be healthy and eat healthy. Most people have the knowledge of what to do and eat to be healthy, it's the motivation that is the mountain-sized hurdle we must overcome.

Your e-mails are so uplifting and encouraging. I just want to say THANK YOU!" Petra

"Thank you for the Green Cleanse. This week has been incredible! Each day I looked forward to your emails full of support and great ideas. Thanks again!"

****Sign up now for Green for Life for only $67 plus shipping***

Questions & Answers About This Program

How will I be able to listen to the conference?

The 2-hour conference has been recorded. You can listen to it online or download it to your computer. We provide you 24-hour access to a private website only available to those who sign up for the Green for Life Program.

You will also get access to the professional transcripts as an e-book and the questions & answers also as a professional e-book.

When will I get the book?

The book will be shipped within 24-48 hours days after your place your order and shipping takes approximately 1 week. But with the teleconference and bonuses, you will have plenty of material to go through before you receive the book.

This is your chance to join in a program that is *guaranteed* to transform your health.

Order Now and get your questions answered and be a part of the Green for Life Revolution making big waves of health transformation.

If you can't make it to the next cleanse, this is not a problem, because you'll be invited to ALL future Green Cleanses at no extra charge.


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"Green for Life Program."

$67, includes recordings, e-book, FAQs, and bonuses

Green for 

Life ProgramAre you ready to discover Victoria's research that will skyrocket your health and that of your loved ones, no matter what diet you're on? We guarantee that after going through the Green for Life Program you will look back and realize how valuable it was — invaluable in fact!


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PS: If you think you already know all there is to know about health, think again. Victoria's program is guaranteed to open your mind to new horizons, inspire you to make great new changes or we'll give you your money back!

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