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The Ann Wigmore and Hippocrates Diet

Ann Wigmore was one of the first authors to promote the concept of raw eating. She introduced the public to the benefits of what she called “living foods.” She was also probably the first to juice wheatgrass.

How Should You Eat Your Veggies?

One reader recently asked me a question in regards to what I think of about published Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s stance on raw foods versus cooked foods, stating that all cooked food is not created equal.

Simple Raw Food Recipes Now: Raw Vegan Sushi

by Brian Greco

Are you getting started with raw foods? Need some new recipes for your healthy diet? Or, maybe you’re an old-timer looking for something to spice up your menu?

Why People Fail on the Raw Food Diet

Last week I was giving a conference on the raw food diet in Montreal, Canada. This is my home-town, but I haven’t given a talk here in a long time.

Raw and Vegan Foods in Miami, Florida

Eating Raw, Vegan and Vegetarian in Miami and Southern Florida

by Veronica Grace

In April 2010 we spent 10 lovely days in Miami, Florida.

Did We Adapt to Cooked Foods?

Did We Adapt to Cooked Foods?

Recently, a book was published that seems to contradict a lot of the established raw food theory.

The Evolution of the Green Soup, Energy Soup, Blended Salad and Green Smoothie

Last night, I was enjoying another delicious Savory Veggie Stew, and I was thinking about everything I learned over the past 12 years since I started a mostly raw food diet.

100% Raw, or Steamed Vegetables?

I also have received a lot of questions that I’ll be answering below. You can comment on them here.

Candida I was recently diagnosed with candida albicans and told to eliminate fruit for at least 3 weeks.

High Fat Or High Fruit

Hi Fred! I think your article on which raw diet to follow, high fat or high fruit, is misleading. It is entirely possible to thrive on a low fat plant based raw diet with minimal fruit, such as the Hippocrates regime or that recommended by Dr Gabriel Cousens.

Getting Started on Raw Food: a 5-Minute Crash Course

Want to know what a raw food diet can do for your health and energy? Take this 5-minute crash course!

What is a raw food diet?

Raw Eating: The most radical book ever written

I first go interested in the raw food diet by reading a very radical book by Arshavir Ter Hovanessian called “Raw Eating”.

ann wigmore sprouts

Are There Raw Foods We Should Avoid?

Is there some fruits and vegetables you should avoid, or are they all good for you? The surprising answer is that some vegetables are actually toxic.