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More Confusion About Dental Health!

My last article, “Why Raw-Foodists Have Such Bad Teeth and What to Do About It” caused a big shock among my subscriber database!

Protein Content of Breast Milk

Hello Frederic,

I’m a researcher by training. So when you said that human breast milk contains only 6% protein, I had to investigate this claim.

Why Raw-Foodists Have Such Bad Teeth and What to Do About It

What I’ll share with you in this article may come as a shock to you, but there are some things that need to be said about the real *weak link* of the raw food diet.

Mexican Cilantro Corn Soup

What are the Best Superfood Supplements?

People sometimes ask me, what is the best superfood or supplement your recommend? Or what do you think of this product or that product?

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Are There Raw Foods We Should Avoid?

Is there some fruits and vegetables you should avoid, or are they all good for you? The surprising answer is that some vegetables are actually toxic.

Raw Food As a Natural Cure For Acne

Is it possible to clear acne using only natural methods? Adult acne can be a problem for a lot of people.

Where Diet Gurus Are WRONG

Why Joining the “And Club” Instead of Blindly Following Gurus

It’s shocking to realize how most people like to follow gurus.

Metabolic Types and the Raw Food Diet


Are you familiar with Metabolic (or more, recently, nutritional) Typing as recommended by doctor Mercola? I suspect that your recommendations are accurate for a carbo type but may not be accurate for protein type or mixed type.

Green Smoothie Benefits

What is a green smoothie and why should you add some to your diet? I’ll try to answer that quickly here.

Goji Berries and Raw Chocolate

I have received the following question from a reader:

Hi Frederic,

I have followed your website off and on for years.

An Easy Way to Cut Your Food Bill by at Least 30%

Let’s face it, eating a healthy diet with lots and lots of fruits and vegetables DOES cost more money than living on rice, beans and potatoes.

What the 4-Hour Workweek Won’t Tell You

You probably have heard of the book “The 4-Hour Workweek.” Extremely successful book by previously unknown author Tim Ferriss. Amazon best seller, and recently New York Times #1 Bestseller.