how much sugar is safe

The Outrageous Things McDougall Says About Sugar

We’re not addicted to sugar. We’re addicted to the combination of sugar and fat (with a preference for fat).

In a recent webinar, Dr.

The Inconvenient Truth About “Carbs”

If there’s a trend that drives me nuts, it is the obsession with avoiding “carbs.”

When someone says something like, “Oh, I don’t do fruit because they’re full of sugar” I almost want to hug them and cry.

Have a Cold Beer

I’m writing this in the middle of a heat wave in Quebec, where the temperatures are reaching 42 Celsius (107 Fahrenheit) with humidity, which for some of you guys living in the desert might be nothing, but for us Northerners, calls for one thing… a cold beer!

Ciguatera: The Killer Toxin in Fish

I had never heard of Ciguatera until I traveled to the South Pacific, where it is a public health concern. Ciguatera is a food poisoning disease caused by ingesting fish contaminated by a certain micro-algae.

Living in the City Revisited

A couple of years ago, I published an article on “living in the city vs. living in the country” that generated strong reactions.

The 20% That Leads to 80% of the Results

In my last article, I talked about the numerous health practices, that in my opinion, do not matter in the big picture.

How Health Headlines Lie to You; Relative vs. Absolute Risk

Are you worried about your cancer risk? Are you confused by the studies you see mentioned in the media about how certain substances and behaviors affect our risk of contracting cancer or developing certain diseases?

Why I Don’t Take Cold Showers or Seek Wild Foods

If you ask me what makes my health philosophy different from other authors, I will not say that I came up with some revolutionary theories about nutrition or have designed the “best ever” program.

So Healthy, It’s Sick

A few years ago, I did an interview with Dr. Steven Bratman, M.D., who wrote the book “Health Food Junkies,” which was his personal story of how he became so fixated with healthy eating that he wound up hurting himself.


The Dangers of Fasting (At the Wrong Place)

Intermittent fasting, or very short fasts (2-4 days in length), are usually safe for most people who do not take medication.

Clueless About Caffeine Withdrawals

Most people drink caffeine daily but are clueless about caffeine withdrawal symptoms and when they are likely to show up.

We wrongly assume that caffeine withdrawals only occur when giving up caffeine entirely.

My Experience with a Treadmill Desk

Although I got a treadmill desk four years ago, it took me quite some time (a few years!) to figure out how to use it.