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The Ann Wigmore and Hippocrates Diet

Ann Wigmore was one of the first authors to promote the concept of raw eating. She introduced the public to the benefits of what she called “living foods.” She was also probably the first to juice wheatgrass.


Could Humans Live on a Chimp Diet?

One of the myths spread by raw foodists is that we’re fruitarian creatures. As proof of this, they cite the chimpanzee, with whom the human being shares a considerable amount of DNA.

The Apple or Grape Cure

In 1928, Johanna Brandt, a naturopath, wrote a little book called “The Grape Cure.”

She claimed that this “grape cure” cured her cancer.

percentage of fat

What is the Ideal Percentage of Fat in the Diet?

There are vast differences of opinion as to what is the upper limit of fats coming from healthy foods in the plant-based diet.

The Truth About the “Liver Flush”

Imagine drinking an entire cup of olive oil and half a cup of lemon juice.

This overdose of fat supposedly causes your liver to “flush” stones that are stuck in in it.

My Meeting with a “Breatharian”

In 1999, I heard the word “breatharian” for the first time, when someone told me about a man named Wiley Brooks who lived on air and sunlight.

migraine solution diet

The Migraine Solution Diet

If you suffer from headaches, you may want to try this. It has a 95% success rate in just a few weeks.

The Appeal to Nature

The “appeal to nature” is the concept that the wild state of nature, or perhaps the way humans were living thousands of years ago should be a guide for telling us how to live our lives today.

Common Vegan Problems

By reviewing the stories of ex-vegans (people who used to be vegans but have publicly admitted to now eating meat), I have identified a few common problems that are easy to fix.

Watch Out for These 4 Essential Nutrients

A vegan diet is not as difficult to follow as some nutritionists make it out to be. You don’t have to be endlessly obsessing over every vitamin or mineral you take in.

The Dangers of Dogma

When I first published my book “Raw Food Controversies,” I had to remove some content from the book at the last minute because some of it was just going to be “too much.”

I had already spilled my beans in the book and told my story.

Last Year’s Top Worst Health Trends

In this day and age of “fake news,” it’s becoming even harder to see clearly in the world of health and nutrition.