Is Being a Health Expert Bad for Your Health?

Jack Lalanne: an exception to the “rule” that health gurus die younger?

It’s a rather shocking observation that health gurus  that those who write diet books and give advice on how to live healthy longer appear to live shorter lives than the average person.

Top Health Gifts for 2017

Every year, I post my top 10 list of “health” gift ideas. This list might be an excuse to give yourself something for all the hard work you’ve done this year!

Who Can Eat a Fruitarian Diet?

Over my past 20 years of interest in alternative nutrition, I have met a few individuals who have lived on fruit exclusively for years on end.

Tips for a Successful 36-Hour Fast

I just broke a 36 hour fast with fresh apples and a few dates.

I try to fast at least 24 hours regularly, but in the past few months, I haven’t managed to do so.

Refuse to Choose: Are You a Scanner?

Let me describe the total opposite of me:

Imagine someone who early in life discovers that he has some time of passion or interest for something.

A Quick History of Ketogenic Diets

“The Ketogenic Diet” is the latest buzzword in the nutrition world, but this is an approach to weight loss and dieting that has existed for over 150 years under different guises.

The Ketogenic Diet Craze Exposed

Many readers asked me recently to review what they call the “ketogenic diet craze.”

“The Ketogenic Diet” seems to be the new buzzword in the Paleo community this year.

The Myth of Variety and a Balanced Diet

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been eating the same meals over and over. Initially, this experiment started out of practical considerations.

Saturated Fats and Heart Disease Not Linked? Think Again

The public view of saturated fats and heart disease is rapidly changing, thanks to paleo bloggers and the media that have been riding the wave of attention of a few new studies on the link between cholesterol, saturated fats and heart disease.

The Dangers of NOT Eating a Vegan Diet

Many articles have been written about the dangers OF a vegan diet.

Many of the points made in those articles are valid and need to be raised.

The Healing Power of Music

Can music influence our minds to the point of recovery healing?

I think it’s entirely possible, and this is because listening to music can be like meditation.

My Digital Detox on a Remote Tropical Island

If you found the most beautiful island in the world would you tell others about it or would you want to keep the location of this paradise to yourself?