The Top 5 Reasons To Eat Raw Foods

Over the years of being in the raw foods scene, I’ve heard a lot of crazy theories as to “why” people ate a raw food diet and didn’t cook their food.

Why You Shouldn’t Follow “A Diet”

Many people tend to get a bit scrambled when it comes to following a new diet, or even just changing their diet in the simplest of ways.

The Top 6 Bad Reasons To Eat Raw

I’m a big fan of raw foods.

Whether or not you eat an entirely raw food diet isn’t really my biggest concern.

How To Be Happy and Healthy

Chances are that you’ve been eating and living in a much healthier way than most people in the Western world ever have, especially if you’re reading this right now.

Don’t Order The Salad

A couple of weeks ago I was out of town on business and needed to grab a bite to eat. I spotted a health food restaurant that offered a giant buffet, including a salad bar where you could pay by plate size instead of by weight.

Mark Haub’s junk food diet

Mark Haub is a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University. Back in 2010, he made the news for his “Junk food diet” experiment.

How To Make Your Costs Per Calorie Count

Okay, okay. I’ll say it: following a healthy raw foods diet is more expensive than eating your typical, standard Western diet.

Eating Ourselves To Death

Many people are aware of the very real dangers of poor diet and lifestyle. We’ve been witnesses (or victims!) to the downfalls of these types of behaviors since we could even think about it.

Lessons From the Mistakes of Natural Hygiene

Many people don’t really know what Natural Hygiene truly is, yet many have been enjoying its benefits without even realizing it.

The Case Of The Fat Vegan

We’re all familiar with how a plant-=based diet is great for the planet. It cuts down significantly on your carbon footprint by using far less water and fossil fuels to produce the food, and this is great for the environment as a whole.

How Should You Eat Your Veggies?

One reader recently asked me a question in regards to what I think of about published Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s stance on raw foods versus cooked foods, stating that all cooked food is not created equal.

I Hated Being a Health Guru 

I became a health guru accidentally. 

Back in the late 1990s, early 2000s, I was young and enthused about the raw food diet.