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Raw Vegan Mentor Club

Gain Access to My Daily Planners, Motivation and Personal Support and Make it Impossible to Fail on the Raw Food Diet

  • Patricia Swords

    “Last September I Came in Second in my Category for a 5K Race!”

    I am a fairly energetic older woman who loves to work out and take part in outdoor sports. But with arthritic shoulders, it was getting increasingly harder to maintain my level of activity. After four cortisone shots, the doctor told me the next step was surgery. My daughter had mentioned the raw food diet to me and suggested that I go to Frederic’s web site and have a look. Well, I was shocked and amazed that there was this whole new world out there and I found it very appealing.

    I am a member of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club and I feel fortunate to have Frederic in my life. He is my personal life coach. The monthly meal planner is worth it’s weight and mine in gold.

    I have been raw for over two years now and last September I came in second in my category in a 5K race. I had not been in a race for over 10 years and it was so exciting to receive my first medal. I have maintained my weight, even after the holidays. My skin is radiant and people constanly comment on how good I look, how I seem to have found the fountain of youth. My husband and daughter are raw as well and none of us take any medications at all. My husband is finally free of his reflux and his arthritic toe is working once again.

    I have many raw food prep books, but I haven’t found anyone to compare with Frederic Patenaude. He balances the low fat with fruits and vegetables and has the most delicious recipes I have ever tasted. Thank you Frederic. Leave Your Own Testimonial about The Raw Vegan Mentor Club…

  • Michael CheahPersonal Trainer Singapore

    “The Raw Vegan Mentor Club Has Helped Me Increase My Energy Levels”

    The Raw Vegan Mentor Club has helped me increase my energy levels. I have active seronegative arthritis only in my left knee and right wrist. I am also thalassaemia minor. The raw vegan lifestyle has helped me reduce the swelling and inflammation in my left knee dramatically.

    My favorite part is the monthly menu planners. These really help me to organize and plan what I’m going to eat! Left to my own devices I’d be more likely to stray into cooked food. I also love the e-books and interviews, and the other members-only exclusives. Leave Your Own Testimonial about The Raw Vegan Mentor Club…

  • Judy PattersonConway, SC

    “Advice Good for Both Beginners as well as More Experienced Raw-Foodists”

    I love the common sense tips that I have gotten from the Raw Vegan Mentor Club. I appreciate that there are no torturous procedures or other over the-top-items that are pushed with his ideas.

    Fred’s mentoring is very well balanced and makes sense without being so complex to turn people away. His advice is great for both beginners as well as more experienced raw-foodists. Leave Your Own Testimonial about The Raw Vegan Mentor Club…

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Raw Health Starter Kit

What You Should Know About the Raw Food Diet: Secrets That Can Save Your Life

  • Sarah WilsonSalt Lake City, UT

    “I Could Not Believe that I was Actually Doing it!”

    I purchased your book about a month ago, when I decided to change my diet to improve my health. I had, for a long time, wanted to eat mostly raw for health reasons; but it always seemed too difficult and out of my reach. After reading your book (in one day) I decided to just ‘see if I could do it for one day.’

    After one day of eating all raw, using the advice and helpful tips from The Raw Secrets, I felt so good inside, that I decided to keep going for as long as I could.

    I could not believe that I was actually doing it, and it really gave my self confidence a boost. It was nowhere near as impossible as I always imagined it would be to eat this way. I noticed an improvement in my skin texture right away.

    I have suffered from acne since my teenage years. I kept waiting for it to go away, but it never really did. But after eating mostly raw for just a few days, I noticed a drastic reduction in the oiliness of my face. And it has only continued to improve over the last 5 weeks since I began this journey.

    I have also lost 15 pounds so far. I still have about 15 more to lose, but I am confident that it will happen.

    I have also noticed an unexpected change in my attitude toward life since I changed my diet. I am more positive more of the time. And I feel more alert. Others can see a difference in me as well.

    One friend asked me how I lost weight so quickly, and when I told her, she decided to change her diet too. I am a living example of the powerful effect of the foods we eat. I am so grateful to have found your books and website to help me transition into a mostly raw diet with very few problems. Leave Your Own Testimonial about the Raw Health Starter Kit…

  • Kate SturgessBuckingham Bucks, England

    “A Truly Great Book”

    The Raw Secrets literally transformed my life. I’d been spending a fortune on recommended supplements and ‘superfoods’, and following a 100% raw diet, but I didn’t feel healthy and felt disillusioned.

    Your book was like a ray of sunshine. Suddenly everything made sense. I’d been eating far too much fat, and not enough fruit, and life was a misery trying to make complicated recipes all the time – which didn’t even hold enough calories.

    Your book has made the raw diet much more attainable and enjoyable. Eating simply really makes sense. Thanks for a truly great book. Leave Your Own Testimonial about the Raw Health Starter Kit…

  • Danica RadovanovLos Angeles, CA

    “Fred’s Observations and Advice are Spot-On”

    After having a mixed experience eating all-raw foods and reading numerous websites and cookbooks about the subject, I decided to give the Raw Health Starter Kit a try.

    I was skeptical after participating in some other raw food programs, including a local delivery service, because although I felt a million times better than when I was eating cooked food, I was still getting sleepy and sluggish at times.

    The Raw Health Starter Kit is honestly the best $99 I’ve spent going raw, and I wish I had found this website first. I think Fred’s observations and advice are spot-on and the way to be a healthy, supercharged raw-foodist.

    His recipes are fantastic and incredibly simple; even my non-raw fiance has taken to making some of the salads and smoothies.

    Perhaps the best thing about Fred is that he is non-dogmatic about raw food, and at the same time firmly rooted in science and practical common sense. Anyone who wants to eat more raw food would definitely benefit from this kit, not just raw-foodists, and given how poor the nutritional information is out there I recommend this to anyone who simply wants to eat better. Leave Your Own Testimonial about the Raw Health Starter Kit…

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The Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs

Here’s How Your Can Learn Dozens Of the Easies, Simplest, Healthiest, and Most Delicious Raw Food Recipes – Ever!

  • KatUSA

    “There is Nothing out There as Good as These!”

    Frederic, I just HAVE to email you to compliment you on the FANTASTIC job you did on these DVDs!!! My husband Joe and I are so impressed! You are absolutely correct. There is nothing out there as good as these. (We own several.) Some of the many things we especially love about them are:

    • No distracting music
    • Your lilting accent
    • Great eye contact
    • Pleasing attire and background
    • Great public speaking manner…no ums, uhs, etc.
    • Great recipes
    • Perfect organization of recipes–no overt fat recipes, low-fat recipes
    • Great use of ingredient charts/tables–easy to follow and well organized
    • Perfect number of recipes included
    • Perfectly priced
    • Great bonus DVD slide show (which is also WONDERFUL)
    • Great explanation of cooking tools (I immediately ran out and purchased the chopper and pineapple slicer, as we already own the Vita-Mix, dehydrator, spiralizer, etc.)
    • Wonderful choice of ingredients–great mix of common foods, which a dash of exotic/new ones

    Thank you SO MUCH for making the recipes/slide show, etc., available on-line. I downloaded and printed them immediately. My next stop was another Whole Foods trip and the stop at Williams-Sonoma for the new tools. Having to write down recipes while watching a DVD just does not work!

    Delivery was on time/as promised, perfect timing. I would have hated to have to wait much longer once I knew about these! I could go on and on….

    Congratulations!! GREAT JOB!!! Leave Your Own Testimonial about The Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs…

  • Mannon MaloBrossard, Quebec Canada

    “This is a Must Have DVD Set”

    I loved the simplicity of recreating the recipes in the Low Fat Raw Vegan DVD Series and the tips & tricks to adapt the recipes to your own preferences. These DVDs helped me in meal planning and preparation and in selecting good quality tools. This is a ‘must have’ DVD set for beginners to establish a sound base, as well for raw foodists for elaboration and various types of recipes. I also enjoyed the raw food recipes to support colder climates and ingredient selection during these times. Leave Your Own Testimonial about The Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs…

  • KimberlyRaffensparger Glyndon, MD

    “These DVDs Brought the Food to Life”

    I thought the DVDs were well produced and very inspiring.

    They brought the food to life in a way that a book just cannot. Furthermore, there is just no denying how easy and quickly the food can be prepared and everything looked very delicious. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who is interested in raw food preparation. Leave Your Own Testimonial about The Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs…

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Perfect Health Program

How to Finally Put an End to Confusion About Health and Nutrition and Find a Diet Program That Works for You!

  • Maurice OtteyLas Vegas, NV

    “What I Needed was Solid Information, and that is What I Got”

    After listening over and over just a few times to the Perfect Health Program, I’ve brought my blood sugar levels to 135. Now, that’s great for someone who is 51 years old and who used to average 270 daily. I’m on target to move it down to even more respectable levels.

    Dr.Graham cut through all of the confusing language and conflicting media and taught with everyday language that just plain folk like you and I use, making everything so easy to understand.

    You probably should have charged more for this information; it really is an all-in-one convenient package. I couldn’t get this any place else out there! Leave Your Own Testimonial about the Perfect Health Program…

  • Sally NegusLMT/Colon Hydrotherapist Central St. Husson, NH

    “The Perfect Health Program has BLOWN ME AWAY”

    Since the program, I have been 90% raw and following Dr. Grahams 80-10-10. The results have been nothing short of miraculous! Energy level, bowel functioning and an unfamiliar sense of calmness are beyond welcome.

    Having experimented with other raw food gurus’ programs that clearly did not work, I finally found something that actually works! The value in dollars was SO much greater than what I got. What an amazing gift. Leave Your Own Testimonial about the Perfect Health Program…

  • Bernie GursteinHayden Lake, ID

    “74 Year Old Man Regains 20/20 Vision After Years of Myopia”

    Yesterday I went to my optometrist physcian for an eye examination. I have been on the raw vegan diet for 2 years and that’s when I had my last eye examination. My vision was 20/30 and has been for a few years. This time my vision was 20/20! The doctor and I were both taken aback. On my last examination I had a slight tendency toward macular degeneration. That also disappeared. The doctor was so amazed that he hinted at doing a study, especially since I’m 74 years old.

    Since starting the new way of eating 2 years ago, I have lost and maintained a 20 lb loss, my blood pressure dropped 18 points. My hair is thicker, my nails are better, my urine is clear, my energy and endurance have improved. I play racquet ball 2 times a week and easily keep up with the younger player. I also play golf twice a week during the playing season. My wife has also noticed that my complexion is so much better. Thanks to your books and the Perfect Health Program! Leave Your Own Testimonial about the Perfect Health Program…

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How to Make Living in the Natural Health World

How You Can Create Passive Income Doing What You Love in the Natural Health Movement

  • Rian TorresEngland

    “I Have My Dream Job!”

    This time last year i was a very dissatisfied, burnt out teacher. I had built a lot of trust in you because your explanations in your raw courses were so clear and so rational. I decided to give it a go.

    I was nearly totally computer stupid so I needed a lot of trust to believe that your course would work. And I just did it.

    I loved the course. As well as obviously learning tons, I ENJOYED how very well done it was. IT WAS SO TRULY CLEAR!!! Following your crafted indications, I took some bitesize steps and created my own company.

    Gradually I reduced my teaching hours. Now i cannot believe the transformation in my life!

    I have stopped that horrid job all together, I have written my first book, and my new lifestyle has allowed me to manage my time in a way I truly enjoy. I can go to the gym and play tennis whenever I want to. I can decide how many hours I work. Sometimes I don’t work much. Sometimes, however, I see myself putting a lot of hours into my new business, but I really do not mind this. Often it is a joy and cannot wait to have time to carry on with my project as I enjoy doing what I do so much!

    Fred, you know how grateful I am to you for my life change. When people now ask me what I do for a living, I can hardly even believe my own words as I feel I have my dream job. Too good to be true, yet YOU have made it completely possible!!! Leave Your Own Testimonial about How to Make a Living in the Natural Health World…

  • Maryse Leroux

    “I’ve Already Sold Over 80 Copies of My Yoga Product in a Short Period of Time”

    I have a degree in business administration and I am a chartered accountant. I always dreamed to have my own business but never had THE idea. In fact, I never knew how to build a business by myself, even though I helped business owners to continue and grow their own businesses.

    I followed the course How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement almost 2 years ago, and I now manage a website on yoga, which is my passion.

    I have developed 15 yoga, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation downloadble sessions and I did joint ventures with yoga teachers and subscribers to write a vegetarian recipes ebook and to publish an ebook on how to have a successful yoga practice.

    After a year of operations, I have made more sales than I expected on the different products offer

    I also have a lot of ideas on the next products I will develop. That’s something from someone who never had THE idea! Thanks Frederic!

    People are very important for me and, with different projects, I have built a list of 8,000 people interested in products I sell and events I organize. Frederic gave me a lot of ideas on how to organize and lead the events.

    All of that would have been impossible without the course “How to make a living in the natural health movement”. With this course, I was able to determine what I would love to do. I learned all the necessary actions to take in order to build a successful online business

    Frederic’s constant support and availability helped me tremendously to achieve the results I have. Additionally, Frederic was a very good coach by giving me good strategies to increase the sales and improve my website.

    I am not yet making a full-time living with my yoga website, but I am about 50% there, and Frederic’s coaching helps me a lot to go in the right direction.

    In the course How to make “How to make a living”, everything is designed to help the participant to succeed. Leave Your Own Testimonial about How to Make a Living in the Natural Health World…

  • M Reha Ozalp

    “My Income from Daily Sales is about to Reach my Salary”

    I want to take opportunity hereby to express my thanks to Frederic for his wonderful course, Weekend Website Course, which is a part of his Do What You Love Products.

    Being inspired by this course, I have written an e-book with a friend of mine on curing sinus problems. As I have investigated virtually all books and e-books on sinusitis, I am confident that we have succeeded to create the best. We have gathered many many positive responses from our readers. Now, we are selling our book at and

    We have just entered the online business, but my income from daily sales is about to reach my salary. And, I believe we will do much better since we proceed in light of Fred’s instructions.

    Fred’s course is terrific. It covers almost everything you need to know if you are to make sales online. I could not believe in the number of tips he gave in the set. Apparently, Fred spilled years of experience all over the course material. Also, I am personally delighted to have created a book which I would never imagine before getting Fred’s course.

    It is an honour for me to be an author of a health book which I believe is very good. Many thanks to Frederic. It was his inspiration and step-by-step guidance what enabled us to create such a book and sell it online. And, we are now working on two others. Leave Your Own Testimonial about How to Make a Living in the Natural Health World…