March 16

Raw Water Wars

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Last week I created some controversy throughout the raw food movement with a video that I posted about a type of bottled water that has come out labelled as “raw”.

The video generated a lot of responses both positive and negative.

Some people were really happy that I take the time to expose some of the absurd claims that are out there in the raw food movement, while others were VERY angry about my criticism of their “living” water.

Although I don’t intend to bring up the specific product in question, I haven’t said the last word on the subject and I will be launching a new website in the near future debunking many claims made about water in general.

  • Is water living?
  • What kind of water is best to drink?
  • Do I need “alkaline” water?
  • Should I be concerned about the quality of my water?

These are some of the things I will be talking about soon.

One thing that’s for sure is that there’s a lot of BS out there, and the complete state of confusion of the raw-food movement makes it very difficult for a newbie to find out what to do.

Some people might sound very convincing in their speeches, but upon further analysis you’ll quickly realize that they have no substance behind their claims.

When someone claims that drinking a particular type of water will give you a “completely new bloodstream”, and that unless you drink that water your “spinal fluid is not really alive,” I believe something ought to be said!

Regarding water, one point I did not cover is the following:

When you follow a raw food diet and eat at least 80 to 90% fruits and vegetables, the type of water you drink doesn’t matter as much as we’d like to think!


Because your requirements for drinking actual water will be greatly diminished.

Unless I’m living in the tropics or engaging in particularly strenuous types of activities, I don’t even need to drink that much additional water.

In fact, many animals in the wild (including gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos) drink almost no water, because they get all the liquid they need from fruits and greens.

The main thing you want about your water to be is pure. That is, reasonably free of impurities, inorganic minerals, organisms and toxins.

Beyond that, there’s actually very little real evidence to prove that any other kind of water will make a major difference in your health.

Even drinking “alkaline” versus “acidic” water is not something you should be worried about when eating mostly fruits and vegetables, because that diet in itself is extremely alkaline-forming, and the PH of your water will not affect the PH of your body the slightest bit.

More important than the water you drink (assuming you have reasonably pure water) is the food you eat, the amount of sleep you get and your levels of stress in your body.

Remember to enjoy superior health, you need to be eating *at least* 80 to 90% raw fruits and vegetables.

That way, you’ll be getting most of the water you need from your food, and your requirements for water will be way less, ensuring you are sufficiently hydrated and well nourished.

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21 Responses to “Raw Water Wars”

  1. Carol K says:


    For a more Scientific view on debunking ‘aqua quackery’ you just might want to check out & get in touch with Dr Stephen Lower (formerly of Simon Fraser University BC)

    At his website you’ll find a lot of debunking surrounding this water subject. He’s helped me from a scientific point of view, always taking the time to explain & answer any questions not found on his very informative website.

    I’ve been researching the subject of water for over 7 years now. “Alternative/Natural” & Science both have their place. I don’t think either one has all the answers exclusively.

    Nature isn’t complicated.

    Thanks for everything Fred!

  2. Dot D. says:

    Hello Frederic,

    I’ve been reading your every word since I joined your program for over 2 weeks ago. This topic of Raw Water is really strange. First I’d like to say that everything that comes from Earth is “alive” (stones, sand, underground water) such as the planet itself is. If you need more convincing, just read a few of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s books on the subject of water. He is a scientist who has studied water crystals for many years now and has shown some miraculous and astounding occurrences with water! That also is coming from a spiritual vantage point.

    That said, I do wish you to continue your investigation into these claims about water, to keep us all posted….and I thank you for doing so.

    I am in agreement with you that IF our intake of fruits and vegetables is substantial, we don’t need to drink much. I think this ‘new’ water is for those who don’t have a healthy living diet intact yet, and need to drink water to help their organs move and float rather than stagnate in their bodies.

  3. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Saying that a stone is “alive” is either completely misunderstanding science or having a very loose definition of the word “alive”. I will talk more about Mr. Emoto’s claim in a future post.

  4. isabella says:

    Thank you for all the information you provide for us. I look forward with intense anticipation to the upcoming discussion about water. I am completely confused and so frustrated about water. It it seems like all of a sudden it is not enough to drink pure water–now it has to be Ironized water. What’s up with that?? Well, I love your courage and thank you for keeping us informed. Can’t say thank you enough Thank you so much. I look forward with much

  5. John Thomas Harris says:

    Please go to:
    Enagic , Kangen Water, 32 year old Japan company
    Kangen water used in Japan’s Hospitals, health of Japan’s
    people better than USA people. I eat 90% raw still have
    trouble with Gout. So I think PH9.5 alkaline/Micro Cluster 5-7
    water would work for me. The price is $3980.00 for SD501 Home
    version so I want to be sure before I buy and maybe become a distributor.

  6. Frederic Patenaude says:

    I believe you would be wasting your money with this machine. Alkaline water is not of much importance, in spite of the unsubstantiated claims made about it. Japanese people live longer than Americans for many reasons and water is not one of them.

  7. Wayne Gendel says:

    i totally agree with Frederic that ‘ionized’ water is NOT recommended. Ionized water is not only outrageously priced!! but it is not even purified water! i can tell you i have talked with people who have owned water ionizers and they agree, long term they are not happy with the units.
    They do not feel good after using them long term, their pH did not change.
    Ionizing uses electronics to alter the pH and that is far from natural.

    To me its like a synthetic vitamin. vitamin c from an orange is not the same as synthetic vitamin c in a bottle made in a lab! a stimulating energy vs. a ‘life force’ energy. Again while their are some beneficial elements in ‘some’ good quality spring waters…the bottom line is you CANNOT digest rocks or the minerals from them like you can from fresh whole raw food!
    With all the contaminants in the water today, ‘medical grade’ reverse osmosis is the only system i know of that removes 99%+ of all contaminants! as well our system restructures the water. Restructured water does not mean the water is purified!
    DIET and fresh juicing will change your pH… water should be purified and energized and neutral to slightly alkaline pH. Cheers!

  8. lola says:

    The only reason I would try this water is because I read that it is bottled in glass. I prefer that to plastic bottles which is the only water I can find when I am away from home besides regular tap water. Plastic bottle water tastes funny to me but I am afraid to drink tap water with all that chlorine & fluoride.

  9. Nancy Zare says:

    This was posted on the wrong blog article so it has been moved to here:

    Dear Frederic,

    When you formulate your opinion about water, be sure to take into consideration that the majority of people who are reading your comments are not 100% raw or even high raw. Many are just beginning and have very acidic bodies. So when you state emphatically that a person is getting enough water from their produce or that a person is already alkaline from the foods consumed, you may not be addressing the typical reader.

    Think about this. Since the body is 70% water, the quickest most efficient way to alkalize the body is by changing the water to one that is alkaline. In my experience I’ve observed that once a person becomes alkaline, the food choices change. Cravings diminish. So while I myself eat nearly 100% living foods, I do encourage newcomers to drink alkaline water. It supports and enhances their overall commitment to improved health.

  10. Bianca says:

    For those who want to drink water because it’s in glass instead of plastic:

    Have you ever tried water in a non leaching plastic? Personally if I have to buy water when I’m out I enjoy Fiji water because you cannot taste the plastic at all, not even the lip or the cap. Cheap water bottles leave that nasty taste and smell but Fiji bottles are much higher quality and it just tastes like pure tasteless water, which is what I need and enjoy.

  11. Cindy says:

    I have no access to a spring like some people suggest. We live in the country and have a well. We had to put in an iron filter. I still don’t drink the water especially after I found out that my neighbor’s well was full of earwigs!!! Disgusting. I have no other option but to buy bottled water. Any suggestions? Even medical reverse osmosis(which I cannot afford) still would not get the thought of earwigs out of my head.

  12. Richard says:

    Very interesting reading from all the comments and from Fredric.
    I have been studying and researching water for a few years now.

    I agree with Nancy. Our bodies are about 70% water, if we continue to drink acidic and chemically treated water, we will continue to have an acidic body.
    We need to start with Alkaline water, I don’t think it is the only thing you should be doing, but a great start to a better, healthier pH balanced you.

    I am totally against ionized water, it is NOT natural. I know of a few people who have the machines and they made no difference, and once they started drinking Saka Alkaline Water, they can’t go back to these machines any more.

    As mentioned earlier, science, natural or alternatives don’t have all the answers, however no one can ignore their own feelings or the testimonials after drinking a premium quality natural alkaline mineral water.

    If you are in search of a water you can feel the difference from and enjoy its smooth taste, I highly recommend you to search for and research Saka Water.

    As for Fredric, I don’t think you’ve come across a really good water to say that you don’t need so much water. I think your body knows if it’s getting what it needs and would want more of it, especially if you feel better drinking it.


  13. Melinda says:

    Unfortunately you have missed the mark on this one Frederic.
    I would love to speak with John Thomas Harris.
    Is that allowed?

  14. Ed says:

    Hi Frederic,

    Very interesting topic. Water is so basic to our health that I look forward to more discussion about it. I agree that the best water is what one gets naturally from fruits and vegetables (organic). As to “living water,” we are talking about vibrations, energy. Anthroposophists (following Rudolf Steiner) have done a lot of research on this and distinguish between free flowing water in Nature and water that sits in tanks, or is moved through angular pipes in urban systems, etc. The two have very different energies. Whether one wants to call it “living” or not is a moot point.

  15. Michael says:

    Hi Fred!

    Ed has stated it very good. Water does have different vibrations and one can feel or “taste” them. Even my mother who smokes and lives not very healthy notes the changes in her water when m-water is added to it. Besides that m-water has been investigated scientificly in 3 studies and they have a lot of testimonials.
    I do not drink m-water, but i write this to show that there is more to water than what mainstream science is up to.
    You are right some of the claims some people make about water are ridiculous and their products are very expensive, but your point (i feel) becomes to narrowed in mainstream science. Even your friend Mr. Gendel says that water must be energized…most people who are not all in the mind (and in science) but are open to intuitive perception know that.
    Here in germany they have watered plants with the same water (tap water from the city stuttgart). one plant with just the tap water and the other with the vitalized tap water and the differences are really amazing. (pictures can be found on the mentioned website).

    Much love

  16. Alchemilla says:

    Frederic is absolutely right.

    I’ve been a raw food purist since 2 years and lately became a 100% fruitarian and drunk water rarely in summer when I wasn’t hungry (I live in Italy, Rome) or when I was fasting or when I ate too many nuts and ate too salty (very very rare occasions).

    Remember, water is food for trees.

  17. Alchemilla says:

    Frederic is absolutely right.
    Remember; water is food for trees and grass.

  18. Wayne says:

    When i am travelling or run out of my purified water i use the best quality bottled water if i cannot get fresh pressed juices.
    Fiji water is decent and i like Dasani. it is reverse osmosis purified. the plastic bottles are 30% plant based. So i give CocaCola (shocks me to say) credit for a decent alternative water.

    I also use a special water bottle that has magnets, zeolites and in our testing showed to increase any non chlorinated water pH.
    Magnets are one of the simplest ways to restructure water and erase the negative memory in the water.
    Magnetized water will enhance sprouting, plant growth and even be the choice for pets, cats, dogs vs the same water not magnetized.
    Cheers! Wayne

  19. becky person says:

    hahah Hi Frederic, and thank you for your interesting thoughts on water — ‘is it raw?? can it be ‘raw’??’ etc.

    I am sure you are voicing many people’s silent thoughts as they ponder over all the raw community is tossing their way lately.

    One thing though, I did speak to a gal who had an outrageously high blood pressure and in spite of being vegetarian her ‘numbers’ soared….I am not quoting them as I don’t recall them exactly but seem to remember a figure in the 200’s if that is possible. Anyway, she described a dramatic and almost
    instantaneous change of her blood pressure, after years of going to docs, etc. She attributes it to the Kangan water’s ability to be absorbed and its alkalinity. I could not ignore that.

    Other than that, your point about the great water content of raw foods is excellent. Thank you for writing interesting and amazing things…I can’t bring myself to delete any of your many informative emails.

    Sincerely, Becky Person/Costa Mesa, CA

    P.S. Did you have any success on the Steve Jobs issue??

  20. Deb says:

    I was a bit taken aback when I saw Raw Water just because of the sustainability issue. But it sounds like Daniel has found a top quality spring and is basically selling bottled water that caters to the raw foodists who are water connoisseurs and cannot find what they want at a local spring.

    I have kind of stepped away from shopping at raw sites because they are full of supplements and powders and extracts, all costing $30-$100, many making extraordinary claims. I think it can feed into an obsession with eating the ‘perfect’ diet if one isn’t careful.

    I like your 95-5 rule because it is common sense and helps one to not go bonkers on fancy speciality foods and supplements.

  21. Wayne says:

    Water Alkalinizers range in price from $2,000-$4,000 and unfortunately another sad deceptive product.
    1. The pH is a short term benefit for some
    2. the pH is not buffered. meaning electrolysis plates alter the water dividing
    the acid and alkaline water. Diet is the way to change pH and using green
    3. here is where it really starts and ends. $4,000 and it has only a carbon
    block filter. the unit is not even close to being a water purifier!
    Purified medical grade pure restructured energized living water is the best alternative.
    Cheers! Wayne

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