March 21

Where Do Cashews Come From?

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In this new video, I show you the amazing cashew fruit! This is how people eat cashews in the tropics: eat the juicy fruit, and throw away the cashew!

Not everybody loves cashew fruit, but to me it’s one of my favorite treats which I eat fresh, in season (March until summer), about once a week at the farmer’s market in Costa Rica when I’m there for the winter.

Cashew fruit juice is also popular in Brazil everywhere.

In Malaysia, young cashew leaves are sometimes eaten in salads.

Also, in case you missed this video, here’s a 10-minute excerpt from a seminar I gave last September in Calgary, entitled “High Fruit or High Fat?”. The full presentation can be found at:, including the complete slides used in the one-hour presentation.

8 Responses to “Where Do Cashews Come From?”

  1. Sharon says:

    It’s very interesting to learn about fruits in other countries and quite motivating to get out of Canada too. Keep these coming. Thanks!

  2. lola says:

    that intro is so loud, every time it blows up my eardrums. I wish I could try all these exotic fruits, they look amazing. Love the fruity videos!

  3. Fita says:

    My kids like cashew fruit blended with mango and banana and made into Popsicles. Do you know how to safely open the cashew fruit?

  4. Allison Hill says:

    I’ve lived on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands for 15 years now. I learned that cashew trees grew here several years ago and had the opportunity to pick the fruit on Jost Van Dyke. It is not as plentiful as mango or ginnep but local people find where to get them if they want them. Re: obtaining them in other countries: it may be possible to get them at an ethnic market. Try Caribbean/West Indian or South American.

  5. jo3hn says:

    Is the cashew nut at the end of the fruit or in the inside of the fruit?
    Please let me know by sending to

  6. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Guys the cashew fruit and cashew nut are 2 different parts of it. The cashew nut is the black c shape at the end of the fruit. The fruit itself has no nut inside of it. The cashew is inside the dark hull at the bottom, it is slightly sticky, strong smelling and toxic. That is why cashews are highly processed or must be carefully handshelled, they can be toxic raw.


    Are you meaning you blend the dried cashew nuts with mango and banana. I’m sure you wouldn’t be blending the cashew fruit or the raw cashew nut. I don’t reccommend eating raw cashew nuts and hand shelling them yourself. You need to wear gloves and have experience because it can be toxic to eat.

  7. Raw Action says:

    Great video on Cashew nuts. Someone asked me about these this week, so I’ll share this with them.

  8. jo3hn says:

    Are there seeds in the cashew fruit?
    If yes, how do the seeds look like ? How big are the seeds?
    Any image or picture of the seeds ?

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