November 8

The Raw Food Diet Transition: How to Do It Right!

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Let’s say you are now sold to the benefits of eating more raw foods. How do you go about it to transition to a more raw diet?

Transition to a raw food diet can be difficult because you’ll have to make some radical changes to your diet, often after years of established habits.

The first thing you should do is be clear about what you want. Do you want to simply improve your diet? Do you want to transition to a 100% raw food diet? Do you want to transition to a 75% raw diet?

Be clear first so you’re not constantly focusing on food and forgetting about the other important aspects of your health and your life.

There’s also a lot of misconceptions and lies about the proper transition to a raw food diet. First of all, simply “adding” good foods to your diet (like fresh juices and smoothies) won’t have a big positive influence on your health unless you first work at *removing* the foods that are harming you the most.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you just add good stuff to your diet. Your health will be directly influenced by the bad stuff you still consume.

Here are the items you should consider eliminating first:

– Coffee (the regular habit, not the occasional cup)
- Dairy products
- Fried foods
- Junk foods
- Flour products (bread, pastries, etc)

Once you’ve done that, you want to take big steps, one a time. You don’t want to try to improve a little bit everyday. Instead, make some radical changes in your diet, but not all at once. Here are some first steps:

First Meal to Change

The first meal you should change is your breakfast. The reason is that breakfast is the easiest meal to control. My recommendation: start green!

Start your day with a green smoothie. This will help alkalize your body and give you enough energy to get through lunch.

For more information and sample recipes, make sure to sign up for the free green smoothie mini-course at

Second Meal to Change

The second meal to change, surprisingly, is not lunch, but dinner. Why? Because it’s the hardest opponent. Lunch is easy. But dinner is difficult. However, it also is the change that can make the greatest impact in your overall health.

Why? Because if you eat a raw dinner, you’ll clear your system for the entire night, providing your body with better rest and increased energy.

So that’s why dinner should be your next target. Replace your dinner with the following:

– Start with a fruit entree or snack
- Make a raw food meal (including lots of greens and a light dressing)
- If desired, include some lightly steamed vegetables.

With this transition, your daily schedule could look like this:

Morning: Green smoothie, fruit

Lunch: Cooked meal

Snack: Fruit or smoothie

Dinner: Raw food meal, lightly steamed vegetables

The next step after that, if you want, is to tackle lunch! But once you’ve done the changes I talked about, you’re already doing 1000% better!

If you’d like to get a complete raw food menu planner with lots of suggestions on what to eat, I suggest that you check out what’s available in the Raw Vegan Mentor Club.

Raw Vegan Mentor Club

6 Responses to “The Raw Food Diet Transition: How to Do It Right!”

  1. Thank you Frederic, for your great post on transitioning to raw foods. I have got the morning green smoothie under control, but I was struggling with staying raw all day. Your suggestion to tackle the evening meal next is giving me new hope that I can do this! I appreciate the simple and to-the-point manner that you deliver your knowledge. Keep it coming!

  2. Dennis Clark says:

    Thank you for all your fabulous and very constructive information.
    I have suffered with a bleeding problem for many many years (from school days – I am now 74)and with nose-bleeding. Even a scratch on my arm would let blood dribble down and drip off my fingers. I would have to go to hospital every 6 months to get vitamin K injections. After reading your books I bought I started about a year ago to take my Greenie (Spinach – plenty of Vit. K)every morning. Guess what? Problem solved!! Why were you not available 70 yrs ago? 🙂

  3. Frederic says:

    Glad to hear about your results! 70 years ago other much greater teachers were around… but that was before the Internet. Read Herbert Shelton for GREAT insights about health and nutrition. Good book to start with is Superior Nutrition.

  4. WigNSword says:

    Frederic 🙂 I hope you will answer this one: I don’t have the means personally to order any book/package online yet. Elsewhere in this website you appeared to recommend something like cooked yam/sweet potato/other potato/butternut squash, some type of cooked starch as a balancing element over and above some raw item. I must be brief: I am now thirty, I lost sixty pounds on the raw food diet, c. 1999–2001, kept with it till 2004, but then went off it that year due, in brief, to deep lying emotional problems not food related (I couldn’t take the ‘quickening’). Now I’m back on with more open mind. Problems: I CANNOT HANDLE COOKED STARCH, I GORGE MASSIVE QUANTITIES IF I LET MYSELF EAT IT; I RELY ON CAFFEINE IN THE MORNINGS; I HAVE SUPER-LOW TO NO-FUNCTIONING THYROID (HASHIMOTOS DISEASE). [Don’t worry: I do not consider your recommendations medical advice!] I eat pasta twice a day on Thursdays, otherwise I’m 90% raw. *I WANT TO BE ON A FLOURLESS 90% R.V. DIET WITHOUT COOKED STARCH OF ANY SORT* PLEASE HELP please help me!

  5. WigNSword says:

    Alright, I think the correct prerogative is explicit: it was staring me in the face all along. That is why I did not see it. Silly me! Thanks for the website.

  6. Esperanza Pabon says:

    Hi, Frederic since I did the cleansing program last year I’ve been having problems with the greens in the smoothies. It doesn’t matter what combinations I used my tongue gets a stingy feeling and if I drink something hot my mouth burn. Do you have any suggestions.
    Thank you

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