March 10

Spring Water vs. Reverse Osmosis

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Recently I created some controversy with a video on a particular product of “unprocessed water” that some people took personally, which was not the point of the video. The essence of the discussion however revolves around water and finding a pure source that still fits within your budget while maintaining a health lifestyle.

As a raw foodist I still believe the best source of water for proper hydration and mineral content is from fresh fruits and vegetables including juicy fruits and fresh coconut water. When you are consuming water rich foods your body will obviously require less actual drinking water as well.

Right now my fiancee and I are in Costa Rica, as we have been for the past 4 months, enjoying local produce and young coconuts daily.

I want my readers and viewers to take the responsibility of health into their own hands and not rely solely on others to tell them what to buy and how to live.

Critical thinking is key with regard to a healthy lifestyle and mind.

I’m releasing an interview I did recently below with my friend Wayne Gendel from Forever Healthy in Toronto. We covered some interesting points about water, including:

– Is spring water safe?
– What is the best way to purify water?
– Can you assimilate rock minerals in spring water?

Wayne and I will be doing a teleconference soon for people who want to know more about water and the best purification methods, so stay tuned for that. Make sure you’re subscribed to the list for an announcement.

Listen to the Interview Below

Click the play button. Click here if you’d like to download the audio to your computer.

10 Responses to “Spring Water vs. Reverse Osmosis”

  1. Jean says:

    I went to and tried to watch the video on their water purification page. Real Player said the video was out dated and would not play.
    I wrote their webmaster and the email came back saying reason: 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. What’s up! I am really interested in learning more about their product.

  2. Ileen Johnson says:

    What exactly is reverse osmosis water?

    Also, could you comment on water ionizers–alkaline versus acidic water. What is the ideal pH?

  3. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Wayne is aware of this and has talked to his webmaster and it should be reposted within the next few weeks. If you want to ask questions about his system contact
    We’ll be posting more information answering your questions about water soon!

  4. RichG says:

    I also had a prob w the video playback but went to youtube and watched it there.
    I agree with the RO system but 1500.00 is a bit steep for me. I have a great 99.00 distiller that won the award for best new product recently and it is great. Takes about 4 hours to do a quart. I do not agree with Wayne on distillation mainly because I see no reliable science to prove the white blood cell count info he spoke of. Here are two good links that also dispel lots of mis-truths about distilled water:
    and this table for contaminant removal:
    The cyber-nook site has good info and science to back it up. RO is great but distilled is also a good lower cost alternative.
    Rich G

  5. Erik says:

    Great interview, Frederick. I always enjoy your posts.

    I have a question perhaps you might answer if you get the chance. You mention above about drinking the water of young coconuts. What is your take on the meat from these same coconuts? I know it is high in fat. I love to drink the water but I always feel bad about throwing the meat away. Is the meat safe to eat? If so, how much is ok? Thanks!

  6. Eric says:


    I have heard that the RO process actually causes the water to become more acidic. Do you know anything about this? I recently purchased a system that purifies the water (3 stage filtration and UV) and then ionizes it. So, the result is purified alkaline water that still contains trace minerals. I decided to go with the ionization system as opposed to the RO system due to its ability to produce alkaline water. I’m trying to create a more alkaline environment within my body. Any thoughts on this Fred?


  7. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Acidity in water is not as important as people think. Even in nature the PH of water varies greatly from one water to the next. Even many spring waters sold today (including the ones touted in the raw food world as “raw”) are on the acidic side of the scale. Rain water is slightly acidic. But even that does not matter.

    The PH of the water essentially has to do with the mineral content in the water and the presence of certain mineral ions (mostly sodium, calcium or magnesium).

    Once water hits the stomach, the acids will neutralize the PH so it actually doesn’t matter and won’t affect your blood or body PH at all. Even if you drink acidic water, once it reaches the intestines where it is absorbed, it is made alkaline by pancreatic secretions along with the rest of the stomach content.

    So essentially the concept of “alkaline water” is a scam.

  8. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Coconut meat is fine, Erik. I sometimes eat it but most often I only drink the water. A favorite dessert in our home consists of blending coconut meat with some coconut water, dates and vanilla. Follow your instincts for eating coconut meat. I’m sure after you’ve eaten it for a while you will get tired of it!

  9. Erik says:

    Thanks, Frederick.

  10. ANA says:

    Years ago we used an RO water purifier in our house It takes out the nasties but also the goodies So how bad this is depends on how good your diet is Later on it has become fashionable to add minerals to the water via a tiny bit of celtic salt and to add a herb leaf or two to bring it back to life I can read the energy of the water with my hand or a pendulum as can many people Tap water just goes back and forth So does bottled spring water Mineral water put thro an alkalizer filter made of rock dusts makes a complex harmonic pattern which is characteristic of healthy water and food and it seems any living thing Sea water has a good pattern So does water that has been energised with a thingo on the tap or put thro a vortex. Also if you take any water and energise it with your hands for a while. Water is a medium for carrying information See Victor Schauberger or Callum Coates

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