March 9

The 95-5 Rule to Health Success (Based on 80-20 Rule)

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Have you heard of the 80-20 rule? You probably have. If you haven’t, it’s pretty simple and powerful:

An Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto came up with what is known as the “Pareto principle” in the 19th century.

What he found was that:

80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population

He discovered that this disparity was widespread. For example, he observed that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas!

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Later the Pareto Principle has been expanded to business, and it’s commonly understood in business that:

80% of your sales will come from 20% of customers

Or computer programmers know that if they fix 20% of the most commonly reported bugs, they in turn fix 80% of the crashes.

In health and in life, I’ve also found the Pareto principle in action. But instead of being 80-20, the proportion seemed to be even more extreme, more like 95-5.

Here are some observations:

– Only 5% of the things you can do could bring you 95% of your long-term health and happiness.

– We generally spend 95% of our time on things that bring us no real long-term results!

Generally, we spend too much time on little things that don’t matter that much, and not enough time on things that REALLY matter.

And what’s crazy is that almost every single health author out there wants you to believe that this 95% that only brings you 5% of your results is SO important. And they make you forget about the 5% that really matters.

What’s this 5% that really matters? Here are some of my finding:

Your diet. Mostly or all raw. Low fat, fruits and vegetables —  avoiding grains, meat, dairy, refined foods, oils and salt.

Your exercise program — getting in at least 30-45 minutes a day on average and paying attention to all elements of fitness (cardio, strength, flexibility, etc.)

Your sleep — Getting enough (usually 7+hours for most people).

Access to clean water, pure air, getting enough sunshine, etc.

Avoiding drugs and stimulants —- prescribed, or illegal. Including coffee, cacao, alcohol, etc.

Emotional poise, healthy relationships, love, etc.

Eliminating stress from your life

Expressing your creativity, your talents, doing something you love

There are a few more — these are called the “essential aspects of life”. And these are the things that really count! This is the 5% that gives you 95% of your results.

But what do other authors want you to spend your time on? Largely on unproven practices and techniques, and little things that can bring you tiny benefits, but nothing in comparison to the “big guns”.

Here’s a few of these possibly time-wasting health practices:

– Seeking a particular kind of “special” water

– Many superfoods and supplements

– Insisting on consuming all-organic foods, while taking other drugs and stimulants

– Walking barefoot on the grass at dawn

– Eating clay

– Seeking organic beef, organic fish, organic dairy (instead of not consuming these products in the first place)

– Drinking wheatgrass juice, without changing the rest of your diet

– Drinking your own urine

– Using colloidal silver

– Getting your mercury fillings removed (for the most part, it can be more dangerous to remove them)

– Ear candling

– Powdered vegetable mixtures

– Supplemental enzymes

– Colonics and enemas

The list is endless actually. Most of these practices are either unproven, and some can be downright dangerous. Some of them can be beneficial, but the benefits are so small compared to the essential elements of life I mentioned previously.

But the main thing is that they distract you from what’s *really important*, which is the 5% that makes all the difference!

Are you getting distracted?

Are you spending your time and energy researching things that don’t really make a difference?

Instead of spending your afternoon researching on the Internet about the latest supplement that could *possibly* improve your health, why not go for a hike?

Instead of spending $300 a month on “superfoods”, why not hire a personal trainer to get you in shape? Or spend that money on fruits and vegetables?

Why not actually make some changes that will *really* make a difference?

And by the way, the reason why these things are not popular is that most people already know about them, but are not doing them!

Focus on the 5% that matters, and health will follow.

Yours for health and success,


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14 Responses to “The 95-5 Rule to Health Success (Based on 80-20 Rule)”

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Fred!
    Good point and i agree with you…mostly. But then i have seen people with really bad allergies and after they have removed their mercury fillings they healed that (and of course there are others who have not felt any different after their mercury removal).
    Also with water as far as i have researched the only clinical proven (3 studies) water is M-Water (sold in europe under the labe Plato H2O) and that made a big difference with some people (healing ulcerus etc.). And if that helps people it is a good thing, better than taking drugs. It is the first step to responsibility. Most people are not able to make the jump from mainstream to full responsibility. But through that the begin to understand that they have power over their health..everyone starts with the first step.
    Keep doing the good work Fred!

  2. Swayze says:

    I think it’s human nature to fall for miracle cures. We want so badly for all of our problems to be solved with little to no effort. I consider myself a fairly reasonable, rational person (maybe even a downright skeptic) and yet I’ve still succumbed to this in the past. I just didn’t want to do the work it takes to get the results I wanted!

    If you want to get healthy, obey the 95-5 rule. Most importantly, imho, learn to manage your stress and/or your emotions. In my own life, if I’m out of control stressed out, every other aspect of my life suffers. I can’t focus, I can’t sleep, I can’t maintain a solid exercise regimen, and I certainly can’t stay raw.

  3. Leila says:

    Hi Frederick, great post. It took me years to discover the truth you’ve written here.

  4. Ryan says:

    great article frederic.. i like your recent approach in trying to dispel the aspects of the “raw food movement” that make the more rational ppl think it’s total mumbo jumbo.. these things not only make the diet look ridiculous, but they make it unrealistic to practice long-term

    keep up the good work

  5. Lana says:

    I agree – great post, thank you!
    Think of it also this way: If you do 95% of the time the beneficial things that the rest of the people spend on only 5% of their time, you would be in the 5% of extraordinary people on Earth! 🙂

  6. Vicky White says:

    Hi Frederic – I agree with you.

    But I’m curious about the 95-5 thing.

    Feels like the things you’ve listed are more than 5% of my actions – these are BIG things!

  7. Tressey says:

    Awesome. Great reminder. Question, you stated that one should eat a all or mostly raw diet, excluding grains, meat and dairy-then what non raw foods are left to eat (ones you eat yourself)?

  8. Dot D. says:

    For Swayze ~ You are so right-on about emotions! I meditated a few months back and asked how do people get so sick? What is the underlying cause? I thought it might be the food they eat…..but surprisingly, the answer came back as “unresolved emotions”. That blew me away! But as I recall, when I was younger, I had many a migraine due to stress levels over-the-top trying to work at home and outside the home, raising a family and well, you get the picture – SuperMom! I am much calmer these days and my number one priority is taking care of me. Raw is something I can truly sink my teeth into! Have a good one…….. Like this post, too.

  9. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Steamed vegetables. I don’t consume meat or dairy or grains as they have too many side effects for good health.

  10. Heather says:

    Thanks for another great and informative article Frederic!! 🙂

  11. Pamela says:

    Hi – I tend to agree with your way of looking at the Raw Food movement. I’m about 80-90 % raw myself (have been for nearly a year). I’ve been very sceptical to all the “miracle” foods and suppliments out there. I do eat some kelp and nutritional yeast and put fresh ground linseed in smoothies etc in order to get some added nutrition and feel that these things are “food” and not mechanicaly produced suppliments. But I DO have one concern: I recently had a medical checkup and was told that nearly everything was exceptionally good (B12 and other vitamin levels were very good. Blood pressure and cholesterol were exceptionally good for my age – I’m 50). BUT – my vitamin D levels were very low. I live in Norway and we don’t get any good sun for vitamin D for about half the year and our summers aren’t exactly sunny every day. So I’m now trying to decide what to do about “D”. I can’t see any way around taking a suppliment. Any thoughts?

  12. Frederic Patenaude says:

    I agree in your case living in Norway, unless you can leave for a reasonably long period during the winter to get some sun, you need an alternative to get the vitamin D. A supplement is the easiest way to get that. There are many options, your main consideration is whether you want it animal-based or vegan. You can do some research, I’ll have an article soon on that.

  13. Hare Krishna Fred !
    I’d just like to say a big THANK YOU for your common sense advice. We hear so many things about health etc from various sources – it can get confusing for us lay folks ! Thanks for keeping our feet on the ground with this down to earth 5% article. Great reminder.

  14. shelly says:

    i have to admit that this has really spoke to my heart and soul. i have been researching and researching and still have yet to start any raw program because i cant afford to lose anymore money and really want to make the right choice, where i can get all the info i need and not just parts only to get charged more and more to get the rest of the info… i am very ill and i keep looking for the right person since everyone in this field can have such varying views, i find hope in this article and KNOW i have been paralyzed by research research research…

    my indecision is a decision…

    it is diheartening to want to feel well and not know where to access all the tools you need in order to get well or ppl sending out vats of information to confuse and scare you…like if you cant eat organic than u might as well not even bother. how can it be better that i eat the crap i eat than veg or fruit even if i cant afford organic. that is where they scare you into confusion i think…at least for me. this is just one of many examples…

    i appreciate your forthrightness and common sense the most i think. breaking things down into understandable and reasonable bites. thank you for the bit of hope that i feel at this moment. hope has been so far and few between for me lately that this feels like reaching the top of a mountain. hopefully i will be able to stop being paralyzed by fear and try a raw program out…maybe yours?!

    much lv and appreciation for all of your years of hard work and willingness to share it with others…

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