October 24

An All Fruit Diet: Why it Sucks

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Have you ever heard of the all-fruit diet? Do you know what a fruitarian is?

Believe it or not, there are some people in the world who believe humans should only live on fruit.

What will happen:

From what I’ve observed, here are the most common problems that occur when one tries to live on an all fruit diet:

Dental problem — The excess acidity in acid fruits will eat away the enamel, and the high concentration of sugar will cause dental decay.

Wasting away — If a person is unable to eat a sufficient amount of calories on the diet (for example, eating low-calorie fruits such as peaches and cherries), he or she will eventually lose too much weight and waste away.

Inability to maintain it — Eventually, the person will no longer be able to maintain the diet and will have to go back to eating more solid food.

Digestive Problems — Liquid stools and the inability to digest fatty foods or other types of “heavy food” will eventually be the fate of the fruitarian. I knew one fruitarian in Spain who got to the point where he could no longer eat “heavy” fruit such as bananas. He lived on just juicy fruits and quickly wasted away, until he came back to his senses one day and ended the insanity of the fruitarian diet.

Mental problems — Some fruitarians I have known ended up with serious mental problems. One guy in particular was found naked on a bus station, singing the opera, in Costa Rica, after having lived for 9 months on papayas and coconut water. I’m not kidding! He was sent to his home town of Germany by plane and after a period of refeeding he recovered.

Another example of a “mad fruitarian” was Johnny Lovewisdom, a spiritual guru who lived in Ecuador and attempted the fruitarian diet all of his life without any apparent success. I wrote an article on him in the Raw Health Compilation.

So the moral of the story… don’t try to live on fruit! But don’t be afraid fruit either!

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3 Responses to “An All Fruit Diet: Why it Sucks”

  1. Rob Johnson says:

    You work a lot with Douglas Graham who propmetes a fruitarian diet not 100%. 90% fruit then greens and seeds and nuts. I have his 80/10/10 diet. Over 50% fruit is considered fruitarian I thought. Do you now disagree with Dr. Graham? Or 100% you are talking about.

    [I meant 100% fruit-. Fred]


  2. Rudy says:

    We are FRUGIVORES…which means our diet should conist of mainly fruits and leaves…..cooking food denatures the protiens as well as the vitamins and minerals….dont forget avocados, coconuts, bananas, etc…..stop trying to tell people what to do and what to eat…look at the anatomy and compare carnivores to herbivores….

  3. Frederic says:

    The point is simply that a diet consisting of 100% fruit is unhealthy. Not that a high fruit diet is.

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