October 23

The Top Worst Foods You Can Eat, Revisited

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I often get the surprising question: what are the worst foods you can eat? Obviously, in the world of nutrition, certain foods are much better than others. And some foods will certainly sap more energy out of you than they can possibly give you.

So let’s take a look at my list of all-time “worst foods” you should avoid at all cost. Please note that I won’t go into the obvious “junk” category. We all know that a plate of French fries isn’t the healthiest meal around.

Instead, I’ll look at many foods that many people actually think are healthy, including well-known diet gurus.

Caffeine — If someone came to me and said, “Fred, tell me only ONE thing I can change it my diet that would make a dramatic and positive difference in my health, I would, without hesitation, tell that person to quit caffeine and quit drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages (which includes soda, tea, and even chocolate).

Contrary to the popular belief, caffeine does NOT give you energy. Instead, it saps precious energy out of you, while giving you the impression of getting a “lift”.

If you whip a horse, does the action of whipping give the horse “energy”? On the contrary, it forces the horse to exhaust its current energy. The horse may appear more energetic, but it will eventually have to lie down to recover.

But Fred, I’ve read in the newspaper that caffeine is actually good for us! Well my friend, I call that complete nonsense. There’s only two reasons why a “researcher” might say that caffeine is good for you:

1- That person is completely addicted to caffeine
2- That person is paid to do it by people who profit from caffeine

Caffeine is a drug and just like any other drug it has dangerous side effects. Inform yourselves. You’ll find more articles on that subject here.

Cheese & Concentrated Dairy Products — The second type of really bad food many people think is healthy is the concentrated dairy product category. This includes most cheeses. Cheese is laden with saturated fat, and contrary to the popular belief, will not make your bones stronger. (In fact, the countries that have the highest osteoporosis rates also are the biggest milk consumers).

You’ll get more benefits from giving up dairy products that you will from giving up meat. So that’s why I recommend that people transition off dairy products first before they become vegetarians.

Now, if you have some light cheese occasionally, such as goat’s cheese, it won’t be a problem. But the habit of eating cheese on a regular basis (which is out of proportion in the USA), is definitely one to give up if you want to experience greater health.

For more information on the topic, go to www.notmilk.com

Alcohol — Alcohol is not a healthy product. No, a “glass of wine” a day doesn’t keep the doctor away. I wrote in a previous article:

According to toxicology (the branch of pharmacology that deals with the nature and effects and treatments of poisons), alcohol is classified as a protoplasmic poison, because it is poisoning to both plants and animals – from the smallest microbe to the most complex animal. Alcohol kills microbes but also kills the cells of a complex organism, such as the human being. It is an intoxicant that ruins millions of lives and kills people by the thousand each day, directly or indirectly.

A glass of wine or beer that you have occasional in social events isn’t going to harm you. But the daily alcohol habit ultimately saps a lot of energy and life out of it.

Grilled and Barbecued Meat — If you want to protect yourself from cancer, avoid some of the worst, cancer-causing food on the planet: grilled and barbecued meat!

When meat is in contact with intense heat, a series of unhealthy chemicals are created. The black stuff on barbecued meat that tastes so good actually contains cancer-causing elements called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs.

So if eat meat, instead have it stewed, steamed or stir-fried at a low temperature.

Restaurant Food — Typically, food served in restaurant in rich in fat, sodium and pretty much everything that’s not good for you. Home cooking is not only healthier: it’s also cheaper.

If you eat out occasionally, there’s no need to start worrying about it. Enjoy. But if you’re the type who eats out several times a week (as most Americans do), you might want to reconsider this habit, or at least have a plan of what you’re going to order at a restaurant (there’s no law that says that you cannot order just a simple salad and a juice at any restaurant).

The last category is the obvious junk that everybody knows is not healthy: pizza, fried foods, and so on. A particular attention must be placed on avoiding fried foods as much as possible!

Please don’t view this article as negative. As I’ve noted before: your health will improve inasmuch as you’re able to remove certain unhealthy food from your diet, more than by adding healthy foods.

So start by handling those top “worst” foods, and then you’re ready for the next step… which is to add more healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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8 Responses to “The Top Worst Foods You Can Eat, Revisited”

  1. I totally agree about caffeine..my diet has been very good for 20 yrs..but until i finally gave up coffee 1 month ago i now realise how much energy i really do have all day instead of the roller coaster ride of coffee…i also have done 90%raw food for 6 weeks now after dabbling with it for 20 yrs and at 45 people say i look 30 and ive never felt so amazing….im passionate about this and giving up grains was my last food to have to give up …thinking i needed them i see them doing me more harm than good…im studying nutrition and plan to write a book too and love finding these inspiring websites like yours..they help me on my journey…my first book i ever read at 19 on nutrition was viktor vulkarnis survival in the 21st century and it changed my life..then at 23 i learnt about raw foods at a week stay at hippocrates centre in qld aust…and that too changed my life…but dabbled with many if all different ways of eating for 22 more years till i finally have landed back to the raw way and its the best way….but the journey enabled me to fully come to my own innate wisdom with it and confirmed by other people like you and your journey….keep up the good work

  2. Starr Spencer says:

    I had a thyroid problem for years, and even though I was an 85% raw vegan, a single cup of coffee daily added to that diet landed me in the hospital! It overtaxed my heart and gave me an atrial fibrillation and irregular heartbeat which are both serious and dangerous health conditions. It completely cleared up when I stopped coffee. Later that year, doctors performed a heart catherization on me – that’s where they run a tube up your groin and look directly inside your heart – and found it to be completely free of any problems and no plaque.

  3. Guylaine says:

    Frederic, As you talk about caffeine, i would like to have your comments on marijuana. Thank you.

  4. WigNSword says:

    Of course, if one experiences no energy problems then raw sinful foods like organic sulfite-free wines and organic raw chocolate are an ENHANCEMENT to life. When one reaches a vegan/raw vegan level and lives on whole foods, then some decadence may be life enhancing…excuse me? 😀

  5. Frederic says:

    My point again is be clear about foods that are not healthy, and not fooling ourselves that they are. Having a glass of wine or some chocolate on occasions will not be a big deal and may indeed enhance your life as you said. My point is that regular consumption will bring great harm, and this is to fear as the media and so-called “health news” are pushing consumption.

    Marijana: I don’t see anything positive in it!

  6. WigNSword says:

    There is little I can assert as fact because I need more experience & study personally, but there is also little I CAN TAKE as fact with this subject of ‘kick-your-ass-chemical’ foods like organic wine, raw chocolate, &c. &c. Consuming them OFTEN is different from consuming them CONSTANTLY WITH DEPENDENCY. One should not become dependant on any food for joy, which is free, or happiness which comes from wholesome life experience. While dependancy (in the serious sense) should be avoided, PERFECTIONISM or HEALTH PURITANISM should be too. it is suspicious and the masses can never be drawn back to Raw Foods thru it! That said, I still remain open.

  7. Birgitte says:

    Why should we not eat grains?

  8. Kate says:

    No. You won’t necessarily live longer without these foods.

    Life will just seem longer.

    “If you do not eat cheese, you will go mad.”
    French Proverb.

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