October 18

Protein Content of Breast Milk

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Hello Frederic,

I’m a researcher by training. So when you said that human breast milk contains only 6% protein, I had to investigate this claim. If you check the American Pediatric Association website, you will find that it contains between 60% to 80% protein. I’m curious from what source(s) did you learn that human breast milk contains 6% protein? I’ve heard from Loren Lockman who owns Tanglewood Wellness Center in Panama claiming that human breast milk contains .025% protein. With due respect, I think your credibility would be enhanced if you would cite the sources of your findings.

Respectfully submitted,
Judith Fruge’


Thanks for writing Judith. You will see that I did not get my facts wrong! The only proper way to look at the percentage of protein in foods is to look at the percentage of calories. The website you mention probably listed the percentage of protein by dry weight, which is completely misleading. If you enter “human milk” in any food database you will see that the percentage of protein per calories is only 6%. It would be impossible that this percentage be 60% as even cow’s milk is only 26% of protein per calories (and we all know it contains more protein than human milk, which is sweeter). Here’s from fitday:fitday

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