September 13

Green Smoothie Benefits

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What is a green smoothie and why should you add some to your diet? I’ll try to answer that quickly here.

Green smoothies are fruit smoothies made with fresh fruits and greens. By fruit I mean bananas, apples, pears, pineapple, and every other juicy fruit. By greens I mean romaine lettuce, celery, kale, chard, and other green leaves.

Now why would you combine both in one smoothie? First of all, it does taste a lot better than it sounds! A green smoothie can be delicious. There are lots of great recipes to try. And once you start drinking them, you’ll be hooked.

The real benefit of green smoothies come from the added nutrition from blended leaves. As you know, a lot of people add lots of powders to their smoothies. I’m talking about protein powder, bee pollen, and so on. As nutritious as they appear to be, these powders will never beat the nutritious power of green leaves in green smoothies.

Green leaves are filled with:

– Alkaline minerals
- Vitamins
- Antioxidants

And other goodies! But the real value comes when you can blend them with other fruits. That way, the greens become much easier to digest. And contrary to popular belief, greens combine perfectly well with fruits (but other starchy vegetables like carrots don’t!).

The benefits of green smoothies include:

– More energy
- Improved dental health
- More stable blood sugar
- Improved mood

To learn more about green smoothies, click here.

3 Responses to “Green Smoothie Benefits”

  1. BETH AL says:

    yep! you’re so right! Green Smoothies are a GOD SEND!!!! All my life ive hated green veggies, even green peas. I didnt like veggies period accept on a cheese burger…maybe. Now I cant beieve i am digesting Green Chard, Turnip greens, Collard Greens, Kale, Parsly, Spinach and more. The OLY way i can get these into my system would be the green smoothies. now im getting the nutrition my body needs. I thank you for this webpage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait to lean more about the power of the green smoothie!

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  3. erica washington says:

    Green smoothies will change your life. It did mine I had severeal bursitis and I suffered so badly every day all day. When I started eating the Raw diet and consuming 32oz of Greens twice a day I not only lost weight but I lost the pain and even when I stopped doing the diet for six months the pain did not come back. So I am back on my smoothies. I love them I mix spinach and kale with banana’s pineapples and grapes and blueberries. it taste so good. I finished mines and even though I was full I couldn’t wait to make another. I wish they made them at work. I have no ideal why they do not.

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