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Have a Cold Beer

I’m writing this in the middle of a heat wave in Quebec, where the temperatures are reaching 42 Celsius (107 Fahrenheit) with humidity, which for some of you guys living in the desert might be nothing, but for us Northerners, calls for one thing… a cold beer!

Beer is often maligned, but there’s one type of beer that’s not so bad after all. It may even offer some health benefits.

Did you know that this beer helps with recovery after exercise?

Some preliminary research also points out that it might improve sleep and lower anxiety levels.

It’s also perfect for hydration.

But there’s only one catch: it has to be non-alcoholic!

For this reason, many athletes drink non-alcoholic beers instead of Gatorade for recovery and hydration. You can even get it from vending machines in some gyms in Germany!

The New York Times  reports:

“Scherr conducted a double-blind study, financed by a brewing company, in which he gave runners in the 2009 Munich Marathon non-alcoholic beer every day for three weeks before and two weeks after the race. These runners suffered significantly less inflammation and fewer upper respiratory infections after the race than runners who had been given a placebo.”

So there you have it: beer without the alcohol is an excellent beverage, which is also much lower in calories, as most of the calories from beer come from the alcohol itself.

Nowadays you can find many excellent non-alcoholic beers, including IPA, from local breweries or imported from Germany. The ones produced by the main beer manufacturers are not of the same quality.

Another benefit: you can find non-alcoholic beer in most pubs and bars these days. It’s the perfect drink to order to “fit in” yet being fit to drive after.

So if you feel like it, have a cold one!


Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude
Frederic Patenaude has been an important influence in the raw food and natural health movement since he started writing and publishing in 1998, first by being the editor of Just Eat an Apple magazine. He is the author of over 20 books, including The Raw Secrets, the Sunfood Cuisine and Raw Food Controversies. Since 2013 he’s been the Editor-in-Chief of Renegade Health.

Frederic loves to relentlessly debunk nutritional myths. He advocates a low-fat, plant-based diet and has had over 10 years of experience with raw vegan diets. He lives in Montreal, Canada.