January 22

Healthy For A Century

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Many people’s aim for eating a healthier diet isn’t just to feel and perform better NOW, but also with a mind towards the distant future.

How far? Many people say that living to a hundred years isn’t that hard to manage, given you take care of yourself.

Check out this video clip today by John Robbins as he shares some of his basic principles to eating and living in a way that keeps you healthy for your whole life and you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s so important to have not only a healthy body, but a healthy emotional body and mindset if you’d like to live longer than the norm.
  • How everyday choices that you make greatly impact the rest of your life.
  • How to easily integrate better choices into your mind so you automatically make better decisions without having to think them through every time.
  • The differences between individual cultures that live into their 100’s, and why those differences are important yet not the determining factor in their total health.
  • Why eating a plant-based diet ultimately offers the body more nutrition for fewer calories.

John brings up some great points, and I think it’s particularly good to recognize that each culture that tends to live well past world standards of life expectancy don’t all eat one specific way.

While they all eat a plant-based diet, they all have little differences in the types of foods, amounts of animal products, and cooking methods they use.

What are your thoughts on living into your 100’s? What have you learned in your years so far?

One Response to “Healthy For A Century”

  1. Jean says:

    The cultures that live into their 100’s have apparently been taught and developed the habits that keep them in good health. This is what all of us must do if we wish to stop being sick and tired. Not so easy to do, but the premise is simple. Eat the best organic fruits and veggies as well as some meat, eggs, grains according to what your own body needs. It’s impossible to follow someone else’s diet and expect it to affect us the identical way. Trial and error sometimes, gut instinct sometimes, and proper attitude toward what goes into our mouths. I’ve been there, had some good success, but not without frustration along the way. So many bad old habits! I’m writing a book that will help people with Multiple Myeloma live happy and well, based on my years of research and experience.
    I’m confident that we will all do better in our future at giving our bodies what they need.

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