January 8

Why You Shouldn’t Follow “A Diet”

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Many people tend to get a bit scrambled when it comes to following a new diet, or even just changing their diet in the simplest of ways.

Why? Because there are so many different people out there all saying that ONE specific way to eat is the only sane, healthy way to eat and live.

See the contradiction?

Today Dr. McDougall sheds a bit of light on the topic by sharing his experiences with people following what they considered a “vegan” diet, and his own experiences with
“starch-based” diets.

Check it out and you’ll learn:

  • Why all vegan diets are not created equal, and why “vegan” doesn’t automatically mean healthy.
  • The differences between starch-based diets and the typical plant-based diet you may think of, and what this means for your health.
  • Why the food industries hardly give consumers a fair chance at choosing the right foods to eat for their bodies by using confusing terminology to cloud the truth.
  • Ways that you can educate yourself so that you can understand what you are eating just by changing how you describe your food.

Many of us have had personal or second-hand personal experience with somebody following a vegan diet, and we’ve also had different experiences with vegan diets.

I think the important thing to remember with following any diet is to remain free-thinking so that you can learn and grow along with everybody else.

What have been your experiences? Let us know in the comments below!


3 Responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Follow “A Diet””

  1. Bottom line: Those who have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of nutrition (calories, macros, etc.) will always succeed in erasing ALL CONTROVERSY with ALL DIETS and food programs and plans, and can easily sort through and TEST them.

    It then all boils down to experience… there is no substitute for experience. The ones who achieve optimum health and fitness are those who just buckle down and try “the diets” for themselves… Once you get enough experience, then you can read all these books and such not so much for the “knowledge” or “recommendations” anymore, but to see if those people writing actually know what they are talking about.. You will find that 98% in the internet world and 100% in the commercial (TV and print media) world are totally out os touch with biological reality. For example, In my 35 years in the fitness and nutrition vocation I soon discovered that the vast majority of ALL doctors (McDougal and company excluded) including and especially “natural ones” are seriously misinformed and stubborn and arrogant. Just watch what they eat…. And monitor their health… and you shall be saddened…. In my line of work in the last three decades I have witnessed first hand natural doctors who preached all kind of mumbo jumbo supplements, herbs and “treatments”… and even attended my seminars (they were always very arrogant in adding their two-cents worth…) succumb to serious diseases… all the while bragging about their “Great Diets”… I remember one here in Glen Cove NY who came to a 2-day raw food workshop I did, and months later bragged to me when I would see him (and her) in the local health food store that “Hey LOOK! I am 100% raw and I am not even losing weight!” First clue. Then he lied about a serious “accident” from “exercising” when in fact it was a lethal disease caused by his poor diet (I had several mutual friends who knew the couple for years and saw the truth inside their fridge and pantry)…

    Heck, I have countless stories I could share about how local “health advocates” and business people that I know are grossly misinformed… and thus grossly misinforming otheres… Every day I must “undo the damage” …. when the solution is so simple… experience without faltering. Like McDougal, Esselstyn and Campbell… BE STUBBORN… but do it right! And listen to nobody but yourself.. it is your body after all.. If you get even slightly sick (even just a slight headache, stomachache, sore throat, conestion, toe fungus YIKES etc… even once in ten years then you are not experiencing health nor is your diet supporting health. One you are past the healing crisis – if any- then you do not need drugs of any kind ever, including coffee to wake up… I wish I could write more but the topic “Don’t Follow a Diet” is endless…

  2. Peaches Q says:

    I don’t call it a diety… it’s a lifestyle!

  3. I really agree with your comment about being free thinking. What may be right for you may not be right for someone else. If we want other people to respect our choice of diet we should respect theirs too.

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