December 18

Eating Ourselves To Death

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Many people are aware of the very real dangers of poor diet and lifestyle. We’ve been witnesses (or victims!) to the downfalls of these types of behaviors since we could even think about it.

The Standard American diet hasn’t been doing anybody any favors, with the exception of “big business”. The truth is, unhealthy diet and lifestyle has real effects on not only the individual eating and living unhealthfully, but on the entire world as a whole.

Check out this video today where Dr. Dean Ornish explains just a few of the dangers behind eating your typical Western diet, and how making simple changes to our diet and lifestyle can radically change our entire world for the better.

You’ll learn:

  • Why in just a single generation certain Asian families have gone from having the lowest rates of chronic diseases to the highest.
  •  How a simple change in diet and lifestyle is translating to tumor reductions and healing in once sick people.
  • The surprising truth on how ill people actually are: why this generation may live shorter lives than their parents!
  • How healthy living and eating can actually be good for business and the strength of the economy.

I think that Dr. Ornish brings up some great points, and it’s actually a little shocking to learn how poor the Western world’s health is becoming.

But just as he mentioned, it’s also just as easy to make the diet and lifestyle changes necessary to bring about the best health you can for yourself and everybody around you. It just comes down to a matter of actually doing it!

What have been your experiences with changing your own health with diet and lifestyle? Let us know in the comments section below.



2 Responses to “Eating Ourselves To Death”

  1. Tito Alvarez says:

    Cannot see video. My flash and silverlight is updated. Any suggestions?

  2. Christian E says:

    For some unknown percentage of a population it comes down to what your body allows/wants you to eat and not what you think is ideal, what the vegan societies preach and what some doctors and health gurus may tell you is good for you.

    The case is, I have been eating a healthy vegan diet for a couple of years. Yet I have never been sicker in my life as a result (and don’t tell me that I was probably just detoxing). I now know that my body do not tolerate sulphur-rich foods (think broccoli, onions, garlic, asparagus, kale, spinach, cabbage, spirulina….), high amounts of insoluble fiber, bananas and more. Foods that are supposed to be SO healthy and foods that in fact I loved eating (the taste).

    Despite the fact that a large number of veggies made me sick, not healthy, still I am a big proponent of a healthy vegan diet. My lesson is, however, always listen to and respect your body and STOP if the diet never makes you anything but sick. And if so, do not feel bad about it! The world is not black and white. Compromise and eat as much of the remaining vegetables (and fruits) as possible; E.g. I easily eat 1 kg of potatoes each day.

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