How Dense Are Your Nutrients?

Nutrient density is something that really is sort of the key to health and nutrition.

I mean think about it for a second: let’s say person A. eats around three pounds of food per day, and they get so many nutrients from that. Then let’s say person B. also eats just three pounds of food per day, only the food they are eating contains ten times the amount of nutrients in person A.’s food.

Each person can go through their entire lives eating the same amount of food, but the nutrient density and the types of foods they eat really make the difference.

I mean, eating 1,000 calories of white flour and sugar is going to effect your body much differently than 1,000 calories of sweet potatoes and beans.

Check out this video today with Dr. Joel Fuhrman and you’ll learn:

    • Why almost all of the traditional dieting tricks just don’t really result in lasting weight loss.
    • How nutritious foods feel to your body vs. foods void of real nutrition. This actually determines how full you feel after eating!
    • Learn which foods are the most nutrient dense (no, cupcakes didn’t make the list).
    • How many vegans and vegetarians can actually end up getting most of their calories from foods that really aren’t that healthy.

Nutrient density is something that I have personally been aware of for a while now, and is something that I feel is critical when it comes to eating well.

Much of the draw of a raw food diet is that many of the foods are by default more nutrient dense, but I think that you can combine the best of both worlds by eating both nutrient dense raw foods and nutrient dense cooked foods.