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Water Fasting vs. Juice Fasting (Interview with Loren Lockman)

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– Video interview with Loren Lockman

– The health benefits of water fasting


Greetings from Costa Rica!

Recently I was in Panama City and got the chance to visit Loren Lockman’s fasting center, the Tanglewood Wellness Center. This center is the only water fasting center that I know that also promotes a raw food diet. Check out the two interviews I recorded with Loren.

In the first video, we discuss the benefits of water fasting versus juice fasting, or juice “feasting” as it’s often referred to nowadays. If you’re interested in undergoing a water fast, make sure you also watch the second video to learn more about Loren’s place in Panama.

I also have a great article for you from Loren himself on the benefits of fasting.

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Loren Lockman on Water Fasting Vs. Juice Fasting

More on the Tanglewood Wellness Center

Raw Health Starter Kit

Fasting: the Natural Way to Perfect Health

Empty PlateBy Loren Lockman

If you’re suffering from health challenges of any kind, you may want to take a look at the ancient, and amazing practice of fasting. Not well understood by many today, fasting has been used for time immemorial to address problems of all kinds.

Virtually all animals employ fasting in times of sickness or injury.

You may have seen a cat or a dog (or any other animal) lie down and refuse food when ill. Though people often believe that this is a “bad” thing and that the animal will be harmed by its stubborn refusal to eat, in fact, the animal is simply following its instincts and nature’s dictates and giving its body the optimal conditions in which to deal with virtually any problem.

Rumi, the great 11th century poet and mystic extolled the virtues of fasting. Pythagoras understood the impact that a clean body has on the brain, and insisted that all prospective students fast for six weeks before he would tutor them.

After Gandhi was assassinated at 77, his doctors commented that his organs looked like those of a 35 year old. Their only explanation was the extensive fasting he had done.

Plutarch said, “Instead of medicine, fast for a day.” This remains excellent advice. At the first sign of a cold or flu, or any other acute illness, if you will take to bed and cease eating, your body will have the opportunity to cleanse and heal itself much more quickly.

The benefits that can accrue to us via fasting are numerous and varied. Fasting is not magic, though it often seems so. It is simply nature’s way of allowing the organism the best possible conditions in which to cleanse and heal itself.

Heart disease affects 50% of all Americans. Last year, a peer-reviewed study published in a medical journal proved that fasting is three times as effective as hypertension medications at reducing high blood pressure.

It’s helpful to understand that virtually all symptoms that we experience are evidence that the body is attempting to heal itself. Sinus congestion, fever, swelling, even pain, are created by the body on purpose, and are nothing more than evidence that the body is working to address some problem and restore balance, or homeostasis. When the body is given an opportunity to cleanse and heal, all manner of symptoms may arise, and they often do.

Sometimes, those who don’t understand this will believe that the fast has made them sick. In fact, by ceasing to squander the body’s energy on unnecessary activities (including, temporarily, eating!), much more energy is available to cleanse and heal. The appearance of symptoms simply indicates that these processes have begun.

It is always the body that heals itself. Remedies of all kinds generally treat symptoms, not causes, and it is only by eliminating the cause of a problem that we can expect to solve the problem.

Taking a decongestant may relieve the discomfort, but it does nothing to eliminate the actual problem, which was a toxic substance in the body. With its means of elimination paralyzed by the drug, the body is forced to store these toxins, furthering the body’s build-up of them, and eventually creating chronic disease.

If you’ve been eating a Standard American Diet for 20, 30, 40 years or more, your body probably has a lot of stored debris. Additionally, as the body becomes overburdened with the toxins brought in from outside (exogenous) sources from our diet, water, and the environment, it’s also becoming overburdened with toxins created inside the body (endogenous). These endogenous toxins are the waste products of cellular metabolism. When a system is heavily burdened, it’s unable to process and eliminate the cellular wastes quickly enough, and these wastes build up.

Many years ago, French scientist Alexis Carrel won the Nobel prize for keeping the cells of a chicken heart alive for 32 years. He accomplished this by keeping the cells’ fluid bath clean, changing it twice a day. In fact, the cells only died when a research assistant neglected to change their bath one day.

Like the chicken heart cells, we can improve our health and extend our life by providing our internal organs with a clean environment. Fasting is the most effective and efficient way to allow the body to cleanse itself of all wastes, both exogenous and endogenous.

Fasting means different things to different people. I use the textbook definition: “the complete abstinence from all nutrients.” Though people talk about “juice fasting” or “fruit fasting,” these terms are misnomers. Because fruit and vegetable juices contain nutrients, taking only juices is more appropriately termed a “juice diet.” The same is true for long monodiets like the melon or grape diet.

Though many believe that juices and certain foods are “cleansing,” this isn’t true. Rather, simple diets of juices or water-rich fruits allow the body a much greater chance to cleanse itself than it has while eating a typical diet. Though the body detoxifies more than usual while consuming a lighter diet, this is very different than what happens while truly fasting.

There are beneficial physiological changes that occur in the complete absence of nutrients. The body goes through a series of steps to meet its constant glucose needs, looking first to the digestive tract, next to glycogen stores in the liver, then to muscle tissue to create glucose, and finally, to adipose tissue. This last step doesn’t happen if there are any nutrients coming in.

This is important because we retain toxins primarily in the adipose tissue – our long-term fat stores. With nutrients coming in, the body never switches to burning adipose tissue as a primary source of fuel. The result of this is that so-called “juice fasts” are generally much easier on the body because there is much less detoxification going on.

Though one can expect to experience some discomfort while fasting, the degree varies greatly and depends on the specific conditions of the faster. Most people enjoy the process and find it relatively painless.

There are some typical symptoms that one may expect to experience. As mentioned earlier, fasting is the most effective way to treat high blood pressure. Within days of beginning a fast, most people will see their blood pressure begin to drop. In cases where there is a lot of arterial plaque, blood pressure may go up first, as these fatty deposits are broken down and released into the bloodstream, thickening the blood.

There is no cause for concern in either case. However, when fasting, you are very likely to experience dizziness upon standing up quickly, and this can be dangerous if you pass out and hurt yourself when you fall. Take the precaution of sitting up first when getting up from a lying position, rise slowly, and brace yourself if possible.

Aches and pains, cold and flu symptoms, congestion, headache, and many other symptoms may also arise. One thing that often happens is that people find their internal organs. Many people are not really aware of their internal organs, and don’t know where they are. When fasting, it is not unusual to feel some aches in these organs, especially the liver and kidneys, which are the primary organs of detoxification. They will likely be working much harder than usual, and you may feel some pain there as a result.

It is also not unusual to experience aches and pains in old injuries. Injuries that healed improperly or incompletely tend to improve while fasting. When given a chance, the body goes back in and begins the work of completing these repairs. They may hurt while this is going on. This is the body’s way of reminding us to stay off them while they are healing.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve supervised people with almost every condition imaginable through fasts ranging from a few days to nearly 10 weeks. The results have been almost uniformly very positive. This should not surprise us though – the human body is incredibly resilient, and given the opportunity and ideal conditions, is almost always capable of healing itself.

How long your fast should be depends on your conditions. The average person has a six to eight week reserve of nutrients, and can safely fast that long, if she does it properly. Few people ever need to fast that long, though most would undoubtedly benefit from it.

Fasting properly means following the natural model: the sick animal lies still throughout the fast. Fasting means complete physiological rest, so this is the ideal way. I encourage my clients to spend as much time as possible resting comfortably with their eyes closed. Attempting to fast while continuing one’s normal routine is a recipe for disaster, as the body becomes quickly exhausted.

If fasting is a safe and natural process, why would anyone need supervision? No one does. However, many people find that they fare much better when in the proper supportive environment, and under experienced supervision.

There are some contraindications for fasting, though they are few and far between. I believe that almost everyone can safely fast, and will benefit greatly from doing so. Some exceptions to this are women who are pregnant or nursing, anyone who is emaciated for any reason, or anyone with extreme nutritional deficiencies.

Fasting in pregnancy or lactation results in an overload of toxins to the baby. Because fasting means that the body is living on nutrient reserves, those who are emaciated for any reason literally cannot fast. They can refrain from eating, but rather than fasting, they will be starving. In the first case, the body is being fed on non-essential reserve tissue. In the second case, when no reserves are present, the body will consume vital tissue. The body is intelligent enough to distinguish between the two.

The emotional component to this process is also very important. Fasting is an opportunity to clear out long-suppressed emotional “baggage.” The results of this part of the process can be amazing, and coupled with the rejuvenative physical effects, make fasting a very powerful tool.

If you’re having any trouble sticking to your chosen raw diet, you will also benefit from fasting. When you eliminate all of the toxins from your system, you will cease to crave any of the non-foods that still have a hold on you.

If you’re not already experiencing perfect health, you may want to investigate fasting. You’ll want to examine all of your diet and lifestyle choices to achieve this lofty goal, and fasting is a good way to start.

Loren Lockman directs the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Panama, where he supervises fasts, counsels clients one-on-one and teaches the principles of natural law. Loren can be reached by going to: www.TanglewoodWellnessCenter.com.

30 Responses to “Water Fasting vs. Juice Fasting (Interview with Loren Lockman)”

  1. Frederic Patenaude says:

    If you’d like an image to show up with your comments, go get a Gravatar at http://www.gravatar.com

  2. Rose Vasile says:

    I really appreciate your interview of Loren. The timing is excellent. In 6 days I will be doing a 2 week water fast, preceded by 4 days of green smoothies. In this busy world, I find the hardest part of fasting is resting completely. I understand more why complete rest is so important. I borrowed some inspirational audio books from the library so that I can just lay back sometimes and listen, rather than read.

    I’d love to have that watermelon picture that was behind Loren. Not sure I’d want to see it during a fast…it looks so luscious 🙂

  3. Guylaine says:

    Thanks Frederic for this informative interview. I’m glad to see that there’s such a place for fasting. We don’t seem many around. I understand that it’s not very practical for most people to leave jobs and kids to go for a fast. I would say it needs to be done at least once in a lifetime and more importantly if you’re chronically sick. Something to plan ahead. It’s worth it.

  4. lola says:

    thanks for posting this. I have only done juice fasts, never a water fast. I am going to try this for a day but it will be hard without reading a book or going on the internet! I look forward to going to one of these fasting centers one day. this one seems very nice, thanks so much for the tip!

  5. lovefrontiers says:

    Thanks for posting this excellent interview Fred, really great and inspiring information and timely for you to post it, I’ve been contemplating the idea of attending a fast sooner or later this year and feel more drawn to the watery version after having seen this video. The place and location really look perfect, inviting to be there. Thanks again, gracias!

  6. Laurie says:

    Thanks for posting the videos about fasting. I found them fascinating. But Loren Lockman looks like he’s been in a Siberian prison for the past thirty years. Unless he’s 95 he’s old, he’s not exactly a walking advertisement for fasting. He looks emaciated, drawn and sickly. You Frederic, however, look like the picture of health. I think I’ll stick to my raw vegan diet and maybe just do the master cleanse fast for a week once a year.

    Thanks Frederic,

  7. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Loren is about 50 years old, and I’m only 34. His body fat is very low, but he likes it better that way. It may come across differently on the camera, but I can assure you that in person Loren is a vibrant man, with very healthy skin and looks well.

  8. Webb says:

    Thank you for the informative interview. Excellenet questions and answers!

  9. lola says:

    Before I clicked on the video I thought Loren didn’t look healthy either. After watching him talk, he appeared healthy but I kept wondering about his age. I thought well, if he is 80, he looks pretty good. He is only 50…maybe he is fasting too much. How often should a person fast? I heard twice a year. I also heard you should not fast for more than 10 days..but he suggests weeks…maybe that is too much. I can’t imagine laying in bed for weeks unless I had to cure something awful.

  10. Frederic Patenaude says:

    I’m finding that a lot of people seem to always want a chance to criticize the looks of raw food gurus or health experts. It seems everybody thinks that on this diet, everybody will look ageless at age 50.

    I live in an area where there’s a lot of retired people. Almost 99% of these people (past the age of 50) have the following in common:

    – The are at least 20-30 pounds overweight
    – They have at least one serious existing health condition and take drugs for that
    – They worry about their future and already envision themselves being seriously sick soon, but try not to think about it by drinking and eating gourmet food
    – They have absolutely no cardiovascular ability and very little strength left

    So I wonder, when we meet people that have been eating well for a long time, that do not at all experience any of the above, that are over 50, 60, or 70 years of age… but don’t look like they’re 20 anymore, aren’t we confusing “health” and “youthful appearance”?

  11. Laurie says:

    I see what you mean, Frederic. I’m living in central Mexico and see those same types of unhealthy retired people gorging on meat. But my friends who are vegan really do look healthy and vibrant no matter their age. I’m surprised Loren is only 50 when he looks much older, but I’m sure you’re right that the video didn’t capture his true appearance.

    Do you have any thoughts on the “master cleanse”?

  12. Sylvain Miljours says:

    I already operated a fasting center and I can assure that everybody had good results while and after a fast. It is very good for the body and also for the soul. When you start eating up again it is amazing the tastes you re-discover. A grape is a feast, and the energy you get out of it. The benefits of a fast last for at least a year. It is also very beneficial for the willpower. After one or two fasts it is much easier to wait before eating instead of snacking on junks. I would be able to speak for days about it…
    I closed my retreat because in northern Quebec it is hard to make a living out of it. But it was an experience that will stay in my head for all my life.
    When you know about fasting you become free and you do not worry about desease because you know the way to cure yourself gently whitout hurting yourself. I have to go for lunch goodbye Sylvain

  13. lola says:

    Fred, you are right, but I know people who are over 50 who are not so healthy but they work out & look a lot younger. Maybe it’s all that laying around in bed (while fasting over a month) that takes it’s toll? It’s weird that you can “look healthy” but not really be healthy. I guess as a society we often judge people on how they look instead of really understanding what health means.

  14. paola mariotti says:

    I’m italian and don’t write good English…. I’m 72 and very happy to have meet frederick’s rawfoodism which is joyful and appealing.
    30 years ago I did a water fast of 60 days in France with Mr. Mosseri, wich is a Frederick’s Mentor. It was awful as I had acetone (Ketose) crises, but I got many benefits. Unfortunately I was not able to follow Mosseri’s raw food diet because I should have eaten unsalted lettuce, unsalted tomatoes, unsalted onions, unsalted potatoes. Two months ago I did a water fast but from the forth day I was sick with acetone and I had to mitigate fast drinking veggy clear soup. So I endured 3 weeks and was weak but very happy. Now after fasting I am boulimic and I can’t manage.
    Any suggestion for stopping eating? goodbye paola

  15. lola says:

    I think it’s obvious he is not fasting since he is not in bed. Everyone is a critic. I think only two people said anything. Just stating the obvious, he looks older than 50, I don’t think you can change my mind about that. Regardless of what he eats or does, he still looks older. Why is that so horrible anyway? Why is looking older a put down? If it is so painful to hear you look old, keep your age a secret.

  16. Pat Godinez says:

    Hi, Frederic, I water fasted at Loren’s Maryland place for 3 consecutive years during the wintery holidays starting in 2002 for 21, 28, and 21 days respectively under the direction of some amazing people…Robert Snaidach and Tim Trader, and some amazing aides. The second time, I brought my boyfriend. They were transformative experiences…each was different and unique and more intense. (I even took 3 small white granite rocks from his Maryland property to remind me of each experience, which is on my office PC.)

    The first time, I met Arnold Kaufman of Arnold’s Way, who started his fast at the close of mine, and he remarked that I looked 30 y/o even though I was 50. The last time I fasted in 2005, my boyfriend’s roommate said with astonishment that I looked like a model.

    It takes patience to let your body take over using its own intelligence. However, since that time, I’ve gotten mixed reviews about water fasting from Fred Bisci PhD when I visited him in 2008 and 2009 in NYC and Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, who last month discussed here in the SF bay area the negatives to water fasting.

    In my opinion, water fasting must be done with COMPLETE rest to get the optimum results. Later, one must engage in physical activity/exercise to regain strength. However, I believe that juicing is the way to go if we’re unable to pull away from life’s craziness.

    I did a wonderful 21-day juicing for the first time in Brooklyn, NY July 1983 under the leadership of Helen Torain of Heal Thyself Educational Center. She (aka Queen Afua; she’s on youtube) taught me everything I know about juicing, elixirs, high enemas, colonics, neti pots, gentle exercise, journaling, and the use of liver/kidney cleanses, spirulina, and nutritional yeast etc. which was shortly thereafter enhanced by another wonderful teacher, David Fastiggi, ScD. I also read books by Arnold Ehret, Paavo Airola, Dick Gregory, etc. as suggested then.

    Of all the things I’ve learned over the years, I think being a high if not total raw vegan focused on nutrient density is the best one can do for oneself. I would also add that eating an excellent natural mineral source food e.g. small amounts of seaweed(?), the source of which is still a mystery to me, is very key to nice skin and even greyless hair. I’ve heard putting it into our organic gardens optimizes the mineral bio-availability in the actual veggie and fruit and know someone who uses his pond water in his garden.

    BTW, Loren has a great 6 (8?) pack due to his years of physical work around his property and gardens!

    @ paola, I respectfully suggest joining an overeaters anonymous group, if there’s one in your community, since it seems you have a serious eating disorder.

  17. donna says:

    I am wondering would short fasts a week of a couple of days be beneficial if you are already on a low fat raw diet?

  18. Frederic Patenaude says:

    I will talk about this more on a future video blog. When it comes to fasting, this is not a contest! It’s not about how often you can fast, or routinely doing it because you set a day in your calendar. I skip a meal (or 2 or 3 or 5) when I feel the NEED for it. I recently did a 3-day water fast and documented my experience. Last long fast I did (23 days) was in 2005 — so five years ago! I might want to do another one in the future, but again, it’s not a contest.

  19. Sharon Blixt says:

    I have fasted with Loren Lockman at Tanglewood. My experience there was amazing. I truly transformed my body/mind/spirit. Giving an entire moth to myself with the sole focus on healing was the greatest thing that I could do for myself.

    Physically, I had uterine fibroids (very large) that shrunk, I regained a healthy vibrance, my eyesight improved, I had a suspicious spot on my nose that was there for at least two years, which occasionally bled. My aestheticism said I needed to get it checked out by a doctore (I hadn’t yet). It dried up and fell off, completely disappeared.

    Emotionally, I achieved a much greater sense of clarity. Through the duration of the fast I processed and purged many pent up emotions and now fell a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

    Loren Lockman was great, very professional and kind. He was available when I needed him, but left me to my own process. The place is very beautiful and comfortable. All of my needs were met; his housekeeping staff were so sweet and caring. It is cheaper than any other the comparable centers. I looked into a fast with Doug Graham and it was three times the price!

    And about his appearance, Loren looks great. He has the energy of a 20 year old. His face is young looking. He has a muscular, lean body. He does have gray hair, which ages him, but if you were in his presence you would see how much younger he is than his age.

    I encourage anyone to go through a water fasting experience!

  20. Allison says:

    Thank you for posting this, Frederic. The timing could not be better as I am beginning a juice “fast” today. My goal was 5 days on juice but I am now planning on transitioning to water only after 2-3 days on juice.

    I don’t agree at all with the people posting that Loren does not look healthy…he seems very healthy and vibrant to me! It is ironic that I read these posts about his appearance today as I was just contemplating my hesitation in sharing my beliefs about a raw food diet’s ability to transform one’s health because I do not feel as though I “look” to be of perfect health. We are all on our own journey and are at different points along the way. Because we don’t look 20 years younger than we are should not be a deterrent to encouraging others to give it a try…unfortunately though, I think many people do look at that first and say either, “Hey, that guy looks great, it must be working!” or “That guy looks sick, he’s too skinny and doesn’t look like he found the fountain of youth so he must be wrong!”

    It is frustrating how much weight our society puts on outward appearance isn’t it?

  21. zerofrontiers says:

    I so agree with your latest sentence Allison, it can be frustrating yes to just focus on merely outer aspects!

    Health isnt just HOW YOU LOOK, but freakn MORE OF IT, since We all have come a long way and from diff. background, doing different types of Work, and shaping ourselves in Existence choosing different Styles, So what…

    Look at the Man, his Body/Mind Language is all where you need to focus to get what you want too… Its the PERFECT MAN to run such retreats, and perhaps the reason he is so THIN is to exactly do the WORK he needs to do there, namely GET OTHER PEOPLE TO THE SAME POINT doing it too!

    He looks like a friend of mine actually, half-man/half-woman, sometimes one of the other shines more out of the whole AURA/RADIANCE…

    He lives there and does such work and the environment has shaped him to become like that… its great!

    People that judge others saying: YOU SO, YOU SO, havent understood the underlying factors behind Human Physiology and the messages of Nature and Life…

    They are just FULL-TIME Ignorant and should watch and observe Nature and stones, and rivers, as wood and all elements, how nature creates its environment and is shaped by it…

    So unless one understands this, one can continue to understand just plain five-sense-reality…

  22. c. h. says:

    Where can I find your transcripts for the numerous Deaf and Hard of Hearing raw foodists of your interview with Loren Lockman’s water fasting clinic?

  23. Frederic Patenaude says:

    We do not have transcripts of the free videos we offer on our website. We have plenty of other written content. If someone wants to volunteer to transcribing these videos, please contact me.

  24. jilene says:

    I am also wondering what Fred/Loren thinks of the Master Cleanse…??

  25. Frederic Patenaude says:

    People get pretty good results with the Master Cleanse, but I think some things recommended are not necessary (such as the cayenne). I find it’s better to go on a cleanse that actually teaches you how to eat.

  26. Aga says:


    I was reading about Mr. Lockman and this is what I have found on line, among other things.
    I am a big fan of water fasting myself, but just want to throw this information out there, b/c maybe this form of cleansing is not appropriate for everyone.
    Another thing; why was Mr. Lockman dishonest about his medical degree?


    “Unlicensed Practitioners Cited
    after Death of Diabetic Patient
    Stephen Barrett, M.D.
    The Maryland Board of Physicians has issued cease-and-desist orders against Loren Lockman and Timothy Trader for practicing medicine without a license and representing to the public that they were authorized to practice medicine. Loren was fined $320,000 for seven violations, each of which reflected what had happened to one client. Trader was fined $70,000 for two violations related to two of the clients.

    Documents in the case indicates that Lockman founded the Tanglewood Wellness Center, which operated first in Bethesda and then in Thurmont, Maryland. In 2005, he fled to Panama and relocated his facility. Lockman employed Trader in 2003 and 2004. The pair advocated a raw food diet and administered water-only fasting for lengthy periods for people whose health conditions were worsened or could have been worsened by such fasting. They also discouraged the use of prescribed medications. Both conducted themselves in a manner that suggested that they were trained health professionals, even though they were not [1].

    Documents in the case further indicate that Trader referred to himself as a “retired” naturopath. In the fatal case, he advised a 22-year-old woman with insulin-dependent diabetes to stop taking her insulin and undergo a water-only fast. After she became acutely ill with diabetic ketoacidosis, he administered huge amounts of insulin, but she lost consciousness and died soon afterwards. (Insulin alone is not sufficient treatment for diabetic ketoacidosis.) Three other clients appeared to have suffered impairment of their memory as a result of prolonged fasting. Another patient became emaciated and developed beriberi (a severe B-vitamin deficiency) as a result of severe fasting. Two other clients were dissatisfied with their experience and left within a week. One was a man with severe heart disease who could have been heading for disaster as a result of stopping his medications [2].

    Lockman still operates the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Panama, which offers treatment for $900 for the first week and $500 to $700 for subsequent weeks, depending on the length of stay. His Web site claims that his methods can enable people to lose weight, never be sick again, have abundant energy and mental clarity, and look younger —”all with no side effects, safely, easily, naturally.”

    Trader has relocated to California. Recent autobiographical sketches states that he obtained a naturopathy degree from Clayton College and in 1991 got a “Ph.D.” from the Life Science Institute. Clayton College is a nonaccredited correspondence school [3]. The Life Science Institute was a correspondence school that was never accredited or legally authorized to grant degrees. In the mid-1980s, a Texas Court prohibited it from marketing itself as a “college” and from granting academic credits or degrees [4].

    Final decision and order. In the matter of Loren Eric Lockman. Before the Maryland State Board of Physicians, Case No. 2005-0028. August 31, 2007.
    Final decision and order. In the matter of Timothy Scott Trader. Before the Maryland State Board of Physicians, Case No. 2005-0027. August 31, 2007.
    Barrett S. Clayton College of Natural Health: Be wary of the school and its graduates. March 20, 2007.
    Kenney JJ. Fit For Life: Some notes on the book and its roots. Quackwatch, Nov 12, 1999.”

  27. Arleen says:

    For the person who said Loren looks old, take a look at his skin it has a very smooth glow that older people lose. I have noticed people who are on raw diets, have very clear glowing skin, not wrinkly and dry looking.

  28. Cynthia says:

    This was great Frederic, thanks. I’ve done a few water fasts, one of 16 days, but they were in my home, upstairs from eating family members, and although my husband was supportive and read what I suggested, he just wasn’t a fasting supervisor. It must be so great to have that time just for fasting and staff to support and keep one on track, to keep one purposeful. And then to come out into that beautiful garden with all the mango, avo, bananas, citrus… wow! Thank you for introducing us to the Tanglewood Center.

  29. paola mariotti says:

    In my experience frederick is pretty right: what really matters is the way you eat in the long period, as an habit of life. It’s foolish fast and soon after restart with overeating and junk food, wich always very very
    often happens after fasting.

  30. Hi folks! I appreciate all of your comments and completely understand those of you who think I don’t look so good; frankly, I agree. I can tell you though that while it is true that blue lights in the dining room probably didn’t do much for me, I was tired and looked it. As those of you who know me stated, I tend to have boundless energy, am very fit and strong, and people usually think I am at least several years younger.

    In fact, many people have said I’m the best looking man they’ve ever seen. Well…just my mom. But I’m sure she’s completely unbiased.

    When Fred came by, my office manager had been out of the country for a couple of weeks, and I was attempting to do all of her work in addition to mine, and was not as well rested as I usually am. In fact, I’ve worked more than 12 years with hardly a day off, and have recently changed our internship program to allow me a bit more down time.

    My gray hair does make me look older, and is largely genetic; my 3 sisters and I all started to get gray hair by the time we were 11 or 12. Strangely, all of my sisters have dark hair now… I prefer to keep it natural.

    But my skin glows, my eyes shine, and I stay strong, fit and flexible. My waist is still 30 inches, my chest 41. I have a tiny frame (5.5″ wrists), and though I’m not trying to stay lean, I listen to my body and eat no more than I need (except for those rare time that durian, jackfruit, or a few other delicacies are on the menu…) My body fat tends to run just below 6%, and was closer to 4% when Fred visited. More importantly, where our average client shows up here with 51.9% hydration, (raw foodists only a little bit higher) I have consistently measured between 75-75% as long as we’ve been measuring this most important indicator.

    Like many people who have chosen this path, I went from being very sick to very well. Laid up for 3 years with chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis, candidiasis, and nearly 57 allergies, I made an amazing come back, became fitter and stronger than ever, and haven’t been sick a day in 25 years.

    Your body too, can be healthier, fitter, stronger, your mind clearer and sharper, and your emotions more balanced than ever before. And fasting is the most natural, most conservative, most effective, and most efficient way to allow your body to cleanse and heal itself so that this can happen. Contact us at info@TanglewoodWellnessCenter.com for more information about how you can relax in our spectacular tropical paradise while your body cleanses and heals itself.

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