What Is The Truly Healthiest Diet?

There always has, and possibly always will be, debate within even the health community itself regarding diet.

Person A says that the program that they created and wrote about in their book is infinitely better than Person B’s similar-yet-different program they wrote about in their book. The theories and ideas proposed vary immensely.

Even niches within the health food world you will find disagreements and passionate debates. The interesting thing is that each party is completely convinced that they are correct.

Check out this video featuring a short debate between several plant-based doctors, including Caldwell Esselstyn, John McDougall, and Joel Fuhrman. You’ll discover:

• Why all successful populations of peoples since the beginning of civilization have lived on starch-based diets.
• When it may be appropriate to consciously limit the amount of starch you eat.
• How including more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet really makes you healthier.
• What you can learn by traveling and seeing what people eat around the world and how this can relate to your own health.
• How eating from and avoiding certain food categories can ultimately lead to a simpler, and healthier diet and lifestyle.

Despite all the disagreements and what we could even call “bickering” amongst people in the health field, most people can agree on at least a few things. Being active on a regular basis, emotional poise, fresh fruits and vegetables and foods in their natural form are all good for you.

Whether or not you eat 100% raw vegan or 100% organic and GMO-free really isn’t the biggest determining factor in your health. The whole totality of you as a whole human being is what determines your overall health. Try stepping back from all the disagreements and work on finding your own truth!