The All-Potato Diet: What Science Has to Say

White potatoes are a food that seems to get picked on a lot in many health circles. Some will say they simply lack the color and phytonutrients of other starchy vegetables, while others insist they are nothing but a giant wad of starch who’s sole purpose is to make you fat and sick.

Of course, there are parts of the world like the mountains of Peru and parts of Europe where people eat a diet based on potatoes and other starchy vegetables, and have done so in good health for hundreds of years.

Some people have taken this idea to the extreme and adopted potato-only diets for extended periods of time. Check out this short presentation from Dr. John McDougall and you’ll discover:

• Why some people can actually lose weight and get healthier doing a “crazy” potato-only diet
• How the absence of unhealthy foods is the critical component behind getting healthier on these mono diets
• Understand why many plant foods are nutritionally complete by themselves
• Why all large populations of healthy people on the planet get most of their calories from plants and starch

Now I don’t recommend you go out and adopt an all-potato diet. You might do fine for a while, but to be truly healthy we need to eat a variety of plant foods.

And as long as you’re not frying or drowning your potatoes in butter and cheese it is perfectly fine to include potatoes in your diet, be it white, red, yellow, purple, or sweet. Also read my article on this topic.

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