July 4

A must-watch video on fasting

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Dr. Alan Goldhamer and Dr. John McDougall are two doctors and experts in plant-based nutrition that I have a lot of respect for. They’ve both been teaching the virtues of plant-based eating for optimal health and healing since the 70’s and 80’s.

Over the years, thousands of people have dramatically changed their health for the better under the simple principles these two doctors espouse.

Today, the discussion is on water-only fasting and how it affects your health.

Check out the video and you’ll learn:

  • How fasting, or complete and total rest and relaxation, can completely transform a person’s health
  • What care has to be taken when going into a fast
  • How learning to eat immediately after and following the fast is at least as important as the fast itself
  • The reason why some foods act just like drugs in some people
  • Why the key to good health isn’t anything revolutionary or even all that new

Fasting isn’t something that I would recommend to absolutely everyone. The proper considerations, monitoring, and professional aid all need to be in place. But the one thing more powerful than a fast is eating a good diet so you don’t have to fast in the first place!

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5 Responses to “A must-watch video on fasting”

  1. Guy Proulx says:

    Hey Frederic – this video was fascinating. Are you a proponent of the starch based diet as proposed by Dr. John McDougall?

  2. Henri D says:

    Brilliant succinct video, thanks for sharing. I’d like to open a water fasting retreat centre in the U.K. one day.

  3. LaRue Kappler says:

    iHAVE DONE WATER Fasting and everthing they say is true. I have studied and practiced Natural Hygiene since 1980 when I first met Dr. Goldhamer and other Hygienists at their conventions. Happy you are getting the info out. Great film.

  4. nell says:

    excellent program, thank you for sharing with us .

  5. Great video. Thanks Frederic. This is great. Thanks for passing on this information.

    We have a fasting expert in Australia, Dr. Alec Burton, at his Arcadia Health Centre in Sydney, who studied and worked with Dr Shelton. My mum and I fasted under his supervision in the mid 80s. I would think there would be others around the world as well.

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