January 28

How to Cut a Pineapple (and Pick a Good One!)

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Do you know how to cut a pineapple? Do you know how to pick a good one? Most people get it all wrong! (Hint: pulling the leaves on a pineapple has ZERO meaning on its ripeness). Watch out the video below to discover how to pick a good pineapple and cut it the right way.

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28 Responses to “How to Cut a Pineapple (and Pick a Good One!)”

  1. Swayze says:

    Oh wow, what a nice presentation! I usually cut mine the second way you showed, but the first would be perfect for entertaining. šŸ™‚

  2. RawFitness says:

    great tip for picking a pineapple, i would always pull the top stem

  3. Sandy says:

    Great video, Frederic! I love how you focus on very important, and often overlooked aspects that enhance living as a raw fooder. I’ve never seen anyone teach on how to cut or even choose a pineapple (yet how important is it!), and your observation on how the eyes appear in clusters, to be cut without waste, is excellent. Thank you again!

  4. amber says:

    Lovely! thank you so much. I was pulling out the leaves….haha. Now I know!

  5. anneeta says:

    thanks for the update on how to chose & cut a pineapple. we all need a refresher once in a while. do keep up the good work. Maybe it might be helpful to do videos on other fruits and vegetables. Especially some of the one we are not familiar with.

    Blessings of health,

  6. Jannine Harper says:

    Thanks, that was helpful! I’ve always taken my best guess when picking pineapples. Also, good tips for cutting as well!

  7. maria says:

    Wow, that was nice to see you in Panama. Welcome to Panama. If you want superb pineapples, you might try the little shop named Fruteria Minimax by Plaza Paitilla. I do not remember the name of the Plaza where the Minimax is located. The Minimax is near the Sub-way sandwich cafeteria.

    Thank you for the tips on choosing pineapples.

    Mari Pily

  8. Louise Marie says:

    Dear Frederic, I get your emails and want you to know that you have helped me so much to learn correct healthy eating that i have not been able to find anywhere else. Altho i was surprised to see you toss aside with the scraps of the pineapple in this video. I have chronic lyme disease and alot of joint and muscle aches,soreness, and pain and i have found that if i eat the cores of pineapples consistently and often it really does help my pain alot. altho i
    am not sure why.. i know it works combined with your plan for raw n healthy eating n lifestyle.
    Some tell me it is the bromeline in the cores that helps so much, i dont know about that all i know is that it works..and also helped my mom with pain of severe crippling arthritis to be able to straighten out her fingers so she would write again after only 6 weeks by eating pineapple cores plus the pineapple too of course but PLEASE dont ever suggest to anyone to throw the cores away ..i
    believe they are the healthiest and best part of the pineapple .
    thanks for listening and the help on choosing and cutting the pineapple.
    In Gratitude n Affection
    Louise Marie

  9. Lala72 says:

    Cool video; thanks for the info.

    How about a tour of Panama City??? Are you living in PC this winter???

  10. Lauren says:

    Fred, thank you so much for a wonderful and very informative video on this topic. I’ve struggled through cutting them just “any old way” before, and you make it look so easy so I’m definitely trying one of your ways next time.

    This may be a little off topic, but is it true that pineapple is a useful food to help us combat worms and parasites in the body? I’ve heard that, and since our family eats a lot of watercress and other baby greens (sometimes wild), it would make me feel even more appreciative of eating my lovely pineapple fruit. Again, thank you so much!

  11. PJ says:

    Thanks for that great tip! I love to eat pineapples, but I had a hard time cutting it so as not to waste any. I will certainly try your method next time!

  12. Jeff Ferguson says:

    Thanks Fred. Very informative.

  13. Annie Huntington says:

    I just purchased your RAW FOOD DIET PACKAGE. Looking forward to all the good info
    I am a nutritionist and specialize in weight reduction and eating healthy. I am 90% raw myself and feel healthier at 50 than I have all my life.
    I love pineapples, but they make my tongue swell, lol

  14. Tressey says:

    Thanks for the demo. It will help me to eat more of my pineapple from now on.

  15. maxine cummings says:

    if you want to waste a little less…use the tip of your potato peeler to pop the eye out.

  16. Courtney says:

    Love the new video blog! It looks so professional, too.

    Also, I loved this video, as I think fruit ripeness is an under-appreciated issue, so it’s so helpful to see how to pick a ripe pineapple. Thank you šŸ™‚

  17. Melissa Maze says:

    Hello Fred ~ I love your videos. Thanks for sharing this information because I love pineapples too!

  18. Frederic says:

    There is a huge difference between an underripe acidic (standard) pineapple and a fully ripe non acidic pineapple. The first type which is usually underripe and shipped to North America is very acidic and I can’t eat more than a few pieces without it burning my tongue. The other day we bought some pineapples from the Panama City farmers market and they were completely not acidic, we could eat two without our tongues burning at all. They are much sweeter and juicier and not hard and tart. It really depends on the pineapple.

  19. Rae says:

    Great video! I confess I sometimes buy pineapple rings that have been treated with sulfur dioxide. Is the sulfur dioxide terrible for you? (I know they also have sugar, and that’s pretty bad.) The last package I got was imported from Thailand and had tiny rings that were only about an inch and a half in diameter with one-third-inch holes. Have you ever seen this variety of miniature pineapples? It’s sold by Vons under the Davis Lewis brand name.

  20. Julia D says:

    Loved the first way you cut it. The rest I had figured out on my own, but appreciate the confirmation.

  21. Guylaine says:

    Nice to see you in Panama. Thanks for the video. Like the way you cut it first time, good presentation. I also try to cut the eyes one by one to save most of the flesh. More time consuming.

  22. Dawn says:

    Recently purchased a pineapple and in the process of eating it I thought I would phone the number on the label and ask if it has been irradiated. The answer was no not iradiated, but they have been sprayed up to three times with Etherol. Google that….and then google the other words that come up. I do not like it. I will have to find an organic grower.

  23. Catherine says:

    Thank you for this video, Fred. You are always so full of helpful information that you are willing to share with us. You are my favorite raw food educator.

  24. i really had no clue how to pick pineapples so this is really helpful. thanks so much. i wouldn’t mind more videos on how to pick fruits! and i didn’t know about that first way of cutting it, the presentation is really nice, i’ll give it a try.

    thank you! šŸ™‚

  25. Frederic Patenaude says:

    Just testing some features of my new blog. Hope you like the new design!

  26. very nice design, i like this better than the previous one.

  27. by the way in the top menu, testimonials, affiliates and contact don’t change colors like the other ones when you go over them with your mouse… just in case you didn’t notice.

    that apple looks really good. šŸ˜›

  28. Dreadchic says:

    Loved the video. Getting a good pineapple here in Michigan has always seemed like playing the LOTTO.

    I am one of the last responders to this because I just got my highspeed internet connection and can at last open all videos (YEAH!)

    Can you do a video on picking a good mango? It really “smarts” to buy a case and find that even tho they looked good they are brown inside or “hairy” etc. Loveya kiddo

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